Script Supervising and Continuity for Film and Television: Raindance Dubai

Script Supervising and Continuity for Film and Television – Dubai

Duration:  Two Wednesday Evenings (6pm-9pm)
Address: Raindance Film School, Al Wasl Villa 332-1195, Dubai, UAE
Price: AED 1100, AED 600 stand-alone
Next Start Date: June 30

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At a glance

  • Discover the basics of this essential film set crew job
  • Script supervising is a key film set job
  • Taught by professional filmmakers

The Script Supervisor’s role is important for filmmakers to learn but who exactly is a Script Supervisor and what do they do? The Script Supervisor ensures all aspects of the filmmaking process are performed flawlessly from script to screen. Sometimes known as “Scripty”, they are a key crew member who makes sure of continuity, keeping track of takes, timings and shooting set-ups essential for the editor, as well as checking correct dialogue, actions, costume, make-up, and props. As a “department of one” the Script Supervisor keeps the production on track and records all the infinitesimal details of the process to create a bible the editor uses to assemble the final work.

What you will learn

The script supervisor’s job is to create a bible – a detailed record of every single detail of the shoot. From the start of the process where the director makes pre-production notes – to the rigors of the shoot.

Session 1 – Maintaining the Vision

Learning the essential tools, on set etiquette, and techniques necessary to work as a Script Supervisor from pre- to post-production and ensuring the vision of the final work stays on track.

  • What is continuity?
  • Intro to film theory
  • A Supervisor’s role on (and off) set
  • Onset rules
  • What happens during production?
  • Tools and documents needed
  • Breakdown of the film and television script
  • The continuity of Storytime
  • The continuity of story logic
  • Shot list and location
  • Important terminology
  • Scene counts and scene numbering
  • Understanding coverage
  • The Axis of Action / 180° Rule
  • Preparing a script breakdown report
  • Tying in reports from the camera and audio department

Session 2 – The Essentials for Supervision

Usually hired as a one-person department, a Script Supervisor serves as a resource for every department for issues relating to continuity, the axis of the camera, and the blocking and eye lines of the actors. From script to final cut, the Script Supervisor makes an immense impact on the final product.

  • Working with key department heads
  • Note-taking: continuity
  • How and why to “line” a script
  • Actors and matching
  • Adapting to emerging technology on set
  • End of day reports
  • Handing over to post-production
  • Editors log/notes
  • Overview of Script Supervisor job in Film, TV and any media related field
  • Working with Lined Scripts
  • Working with a slate
  • Important roles on set
  • Crew member hierarchy
  • What are rehearsals?
  • Who says action? What usually happens before?

Who should take the course?

This class is a rundown of the key skills required to become a Script Supervisor for film and television. The course’s comprehensive overview of the technical aspects of filmmaking is a perfect introduction to anyone new to the industry, alongside experienced directors, editors, producers, and screenwriters as well. Anyone wishing to know more about how movies are made will benefit from this course.

Did you know?

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