Script Analysis for Directors

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Next Date: Saturday and Sunday 15th / 16th February 2020, 10:00-17:00
Location: Raindance Film Centre, 10a Craven Street, WC2N 5PE
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The film director’s journey begins with the screenplay. How we connect with and gain insight into the story on the page greatly influences the impact of the film we make. Once we have a ‘vision’ of the film we also need to make sure we can communicate this to our other collaborators effectively and with the knowledge that the script supports our choices. In order to organise his or her directorial thoughts a director needs to understand the fine art of script analysis. For the writer/director this is doubly necessary. It is all too easy to assume our team understands the story that we know so well. Unless they are psychic or know you intimately this is unlikely to be the case. Learn how to extract the important knowledge you have buried in your brain to help others help you. In this weekend workshop we will look at practical and dynamic approaches to working with the screenplay with a view to sharing our vision with others and in addition develop multi-layered and more engaging storytelling skills as a director.

The course is a combination of examples from existing films and practical hands-on exercises to better understand the techniques covered in script analysis.

Day 1 -The Screenplay And The Writer

  • Looking at the Screenplay as a Map
  • Working with the Writer
  • Working the screenplay as writer/director.
  • Communicating your vision to other Collaborators
  • The Director in Development
  • Working the script with the Producer

Day 2 – The Director’s Vision

  • Thinking Visually – sharing with the Cinematographer
  • Storyboards, shot lists and camera plans
  • Using Previs for shot planning.
  • The Production Designer
  • Thinking about Casting.
  • Casting Briefs
  • Planning for the edit – The Final Re-write.
  • What is a director’s vision statement and what is it used for?

The work culminates in the drawing up of a Director’s Vision statement. A valuable and often necessary tool to help both determine and convey the approach you will take to the film you are about to make.

This course is for all levels of directors, from beginner to advanced. If you have an interest in learning some of the most vital aspects of understanding and directing a script, come to this course! Similarly, if you’ve already directed and just want an inspirational re-tune, come along – we do those really well at Raindance.

Chris Thomas has been teaching and developing film directing courses for film directing with Raindance since 2000, with a strong emphasis on storytelling and communications skills. Chris learnt his key skills from acting and directing in the theatre where the focus was always on using limited resources and engaging the audience’s imagination; it was a natural shift for him into filmmaking. As a teacher, Chris prioritises the clear communication and encourages his students to harness their individual talents through the methods he demonstrates. He first and foremost believes learning is a two-way process, and as a filmmaker, it never ends. Recently, Chris has shot the teaser trailer for the psychological thriller, Dead of Winter and also short film Emma’s Last Date. He is currently in development with his dark comedy feature script, The Devil You Don’t.

4 reviews for Script Analysis for Directors

  1. Adrianna

    Script Analysis course with Chris Thomas was undoubtedly a very good learning experience – over 2 days we have covered the principles of the subject and practised on a number of different scripts. These exercises were invaluable and I have left with a more in-depth knowledge as well as a lot of useful notes and tools on how to approach and perform script analysis. I think the course not only benefited me as an aspiring director, but also as a screenwriter.

  2. Barbara Vonau

    It was a very good course on script analysis. I am a writer so not everything was relevant but 80% was certainly useful and applicable to my learning. As a suggestion for the future a choice of films to analyse from different background learners may be useful, as I felt the choice was mainly from a male/hero’s journey POV

  3. Michelle Morris

    As a Producer and past 1st AD of many years I found Chris’s practical tools to breaking a script down as a Director completely different. I deeply appreciated the learning as I head towards Directing. The exercises were extremely helpful to ensure comprehension and I enjoyed the open discussion throughout the class which kept me completely engaged and provided me the opportunity to learn what was important to me.

  4. Vanda Ladeira

    As a film director I really enjoyed the thorough approach Chris took us through when analysing a script. I found it particularly useful to see the application of each step into areas of production and post-production. It is a practical journey that will help me to have much more productive and good relationships with others and be more selective on the work that I do and how I do it. Very engaging and open to participation has given me the opportunity to learn what is important to me.

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