[NEW] Saturday Screen Acting School Masterclass

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Next date:
Saturday 5th October 10:00 – 17:00
Duration: One day
Address: Raindance Film Centre, 10a Craven Street, London, WC2N 5PE
*Concessions will have to show eligibility

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Calling all actors!
This is it! Your chance to experience what it is like on a film set.

This course is designed to bring actors and non-actors up-to-speed with the skills and techniques needed to successfully work as a screen actor.

The Saturday Screen Acting School will give you the experience of what it is like to work in front of a camera. You will also be given dozens of insider tips only the professionals know.  Build your confidence and enhance your skills.

Participants encouraged to bring in a headshot and a favourite snapshot *recommended but not essential

Morning Workshops

Bring a good notebook. Wear comfortable clothes. There are lots of group demonstrations and exercises!

1.The Truth is not your friend

Most acting techniques teach ‘truth’, but nothing in movies is real.
Let tutor Patrick Tucker take you through a series of exercises and tutorials that will explain how screen acting is very different from stage acting and why.

Cheating of Positions and Vocal levels and Reactions.

a. SHOOT 3 test scenes and PLAYBACK
More details of actual shooting procedures and solutions given.

b. SHOOT more test scenes with half a dozen participants.

2.Screen Business

LIVE SHOOT! Participants put the ideas into practice.


What it is and how it works
The plusses as well as the minuses.
Headshots and what they mean
Act your headshot
SHOOT participants using Typecasting
SHOOT other exercises including head turns and over shoulder listening.

Lunch 13:00 – 14:00

Don’t waste this hour!
Use the time to network with fellow participants and form new alliances and find collaborators.


If you’ve ever been to a casting session and not been booked, does it mean you weren’t good enough? Or maybe you were taught the wrong way to approach a casting.
In this session, Patrick Tucker will explain how to read and play for an audition.

SHOOT some examples.
Commercial casting explained
SHOOT an audition (2 versions)
Everyone does a commercial casting, and the results played back.
Acting sequentially (not simultaneously)

5.Getting Work

Learn how to take the skills you have learned so far today and create valuable marketing assets you can use immediately to enhance the chances of your getting booked for a job.

Create examples
Check Lists – review the days work and prepare for the future

Who Should Attend

In short, anyone wishing to be an actor, or any actor wanting to hone up on their screen acting skills. This intensive one day workshop is also recommended for writers, directors and producers at any level. It is essential for those who have attended a Drama School, but feel that they were not prepared for the real world of Screen Acting in their course, and what to do in their auditions.

About Patrick Tucker

Film Acting School London

Patrick Tucker started directing for the stage in 1968, and for the screen in 1976, and has been doing both ever since. To date he has directed over 250 theatre productions and over 200 dramas for the screen (including one feature) at venues in the UK and all over the world, including America, Canada, Denmark, Germany, Ireland, Israel, Jordan, Kenya, Latvia, South Africa, South Korea, and three productions at Shakespeare’s Globe London.

His last stage work was Measure, For Measure for the Blackfriars Theatre in Virginia, and on screen a Russian sit-com Olimpiada 80 filmed in Latvia (in Russian). He has lectured and run courses on the various aspects of acting and directing since the mid-1970s (presenting directing workshops for Raindance since 1997, and at Central Film School since it opened in 2009), and his books Secrets of Acting Shakespeare (Routledge 2nd Edition 2017) and Secrets of Screen Acting (3rd Edition Routledge 2014) contain many original insights – as do his workshops. He is currently preparing Secrets of Screen Directing – the Tricks of the Trade for publication in 2019.

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[NEW] Saturday Screen Acting School Masterclass

  1. Alex Bond

    Genuinely the best acting course on-screen acting I have attended. Made the whole process much less scary. I’m a theatre actor and the presence of a camera always makes me less relaxed but that’s because I don’t know the dynamic between all the moving parts, I now feel I do plus I have some tricks of the trade to help me perform better. Great course

  2. Richard strange (verified owner)

    A great introduction by Elliot started a wonderful full day of acting school. Patrick was hugely impressive and created an ambience of learning that was head and shoulders above anything I have been apart of before. It was great fun, throughly interesting and in Patrick we had a tutor with an abundance of experience and creativity. I would recommend this course to any budding actor confident that they will not be disappointed.

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