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(72 customer reviews)


  • Europe’s most popular filmmaking course
  • Four information-packed sessions
  • Followup email with additional tips and resources
  • Available on VOD for 30 days after class

Next date: Saturday 22nd May, 10:00-17:00 UK time
Address: Online with Zoom

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Welcome to Raindance
Welcome to disruptive filmmaking
Welcome to Saturday Film School online

Saturday Film School has launched the careers of hundreds of British independent filmmakers. The techniques and tools described in this information-packed day are the ones used by filmmakers like Edgar Wright and Christopher Nolan. It has been taken by over 15,000 filmmakers and screenwriters worldwide.

How Saturday Film School is delivered

  • You need Wifi or 4G to access the class.
  • The course is delivered on Zoom
  • Before the class you will get an email with the link to the class
  • Please check your Junk or Trash folder
  • Included is a 16 page PDF handout
  • The presenter will speak from their remote location and share slides and movie clips
  • You will be given plenty of time to ask questions

About the Course

The information-packed Saturday Film School will give you the tools you need to establish yourself as a screenwriter, director, producer or filmmaker. Divided into 4 parts, this course starts at the very beginning with Writing the Screenplay before explaining the processes, tools and jobs of actually Making the Movie for whatever budget you can achieve.

After lunch, director Simon Hunter takes the stage to ask So You Want To Direct? His entertaining and revealing session will uncover some of the secrets behind framing and directing actors, followed by Raindance founder Elliot Grove explaining how to Break Into the Film Industry, touching on CVs, pitching, negotiating and personal branding.

The speakers were amazing. They know their stuff and because of this they immediately put you at ease. The course was fun, engaging and informative. I learnt something new every minute, I just couldn’t get enough! If you’re looking for inspiration, look no further than Raindance. It’s the gift from the Gods!

Stephen Rae

Who is it for?

The Saturday Film School is the ideal class for anyone wanting to get to know the film industry, whether they have previous experience or not. Taken by thousands of students around the world, it’s Europe’s most popular filmmaking class. At our classes we regularly see:

  • Passionate young newcomers looking to break into the film industry
  • Interested fans coming to see what it’s all about
  • Independent filmmakers seeking inspiration and clarification
  • Film Industry professionals looking for a new direction
  • Other industry professionals hoping for a new career!
  • This event is aimed at adult audience. Under 16s must be accompanied by paying adults

The relaxed atmosphere and the welcome from the tutors. It was a very encouraging and inspiring day with lots of helpful hints and tips and I did not want to leave at all!

Lorraine Briggs

What will I get?

Every attendant is provided with a 16-page handout containing filmmaking tips, tricks, resources and more. The day after each participant will receive a followup email with additional links to valuable information about movies and filmmaking.

10:00 – 11:30am Writing The Screenplay with Elliot Grove

Have you ever had an idea for a movie?
Let Elliot Grove help you get that idea onto the page by explaining to you the basic principles of writing screenplays, and demonstrating the powerful storytelling tools used by the professionals.

  • Finding an idea
  • Creating memorable characters
  • Playing with story structure
  • Copyright and legal basics
  • How movies are bought and sold

Elliot Grove. The fact that he presented the course himself and didn’t send his deputy. I like his non-nonsense, myth-breaking approach, and his geniune encouragement for new filmakers to just get in there and just do it.

Sharon Coote

11:45 – 1:00pm Making the movie with Elliot Grove

Making movies is not complicated. It is hard work.

We tell you how movies are produced and will give dozens of shooting tips that will save you money and make it easier to get your movie made.

  • Creating a budget
  • Choosing a camera
  • Shooting on locations
  • Securing permissions for shooting in public
  • Guerilla filmmaking

The Saturday Film School course was practical, engaging, honest and encouraging. Conveyed with openness and a nice sprinkling of humour. Speakers interacted well with the audience, providing a clear emphasis on collaboration and utilization of skills within the room. I’d say it was the perfect intro. I’ll be back… and better than before!

Deborah Ghayas

1:00 – 2:00pm Lunch

2:00 – 3:45pm So you want to direct? with Simon Hunter

Why is it that everyone want to direct, but no one ever takes the time to learn how?
Our tutor Simon Hunter is a veteran of the British film industry and will outline the principle basics of directing, and how to get the actors and crew to do what you want.

  • Basics of film directing
  • Crossing the line
  • Camera placement and why it is important
  • Communicating with your cast and crew

4:00 – 5:00pm Breaking Into the film industry with Elliot Grove

If you would like paid work in the film industry, this is the session for you. Elliot’s back and teaches how to prepare yourself for work as a writer, producer, director, technician, editor or art director.

  • Showreels and CVs explained
  • Choosing your field
  • Marketing and promoting yourself
  • Negotiating pay and what you can expect to earn

5 – 7 Networking drinks

We retire to a nearby Zoom bar for networking drinks.
[This event has become very popular – bring lots of business cards and find a collaborator]

What they are saying

I came to your Saturday film course last year and left hugely inspired. I made one film that day and wanted to make more. I also wanted to propose to my girlfriend and because you’d shown me what was possible on lo-to-no budget I decided to do it  through the medium of film. I shot a retelling of the way we met (Though with the genders reversed and set in Brixton and not St Petersburg), called Jung Love, using actors that Natasha didn’t know and then screened it at the Ritzy in Brixton, telling her that it was part of a short film festival. This is what happened:
Anyway, I just wanted to thank you for the course, which far, far exceeded my expectations and for inspiring me to pursue my ambition to make a film (The first of many!)

Ed Greig

Enjoyed all of it, but found the director’s segment particularly enlightening.

BJ Holmes

The directing section at Saturday film school by Patrick Tucker was excellent – insightful, funny and definitely left me wanting more.

Wilson KM

I found the Saturday film school course very useful in what I learned. It taught me things which I haven’t been able to learn from books, or at university. It was great to hear from the professionals themselves and be able glimpse into the insights of what really makes a great director, producer, scriptwriter, etc. It was also a very inspiring course! It reminded me of why I chose to go into film in the first place.

D. Kadra

I thought the execution of all lectures were fantastic and the lectures themselves were informative, engaging and most of all fun. Even as a taster session, you are made to feel like part of the Raindance family and I fully intend to accept the invite. Overall I thought it was great and I have recommended to a few friends already.

Jamie Roberts

This gave me goose-bumps all over. Twice! A brilliant example of low-to-no budget film-making as taught at Raindance. I did their Saturday Film School course yesterday and, as usual, it was fantastic. Elliot Grove was inspirational and encouraging and Patrick Tucker (a brilliant director and author of ‘Secrets of Screen Acting’) entertained and inspired us by sharing and demonstrating many tricks and ‘cheats’ of his trade.
Now it’s time to make a movie or two!

Star Kennedy

About presenter Simon Hunter

hands-on film directing

Simon Hunter has directed over fifty tv commercials and three feature films.

His directing debut was the horror movie LIGHTHOUSE which was released theatrically in 2002.

Simon subsequently became a much sort after commercials director before returning to features with Edward R Pressman’s Mutant Chronicles in the Summer of 2006.

Simon flew to Qatar in 2014 to direct 20 episodes of a Sci-fi adventure series set in the desert. The filming took  place in Qatar, Jordan and India.

In 2017 Simon directed his passion project, EDIE which tells the tale of an older lady who climbs a mountain in Scotland at the age of eighty-three. The film has had an enthusiastic and successful theatrical release in the UK and has sold to multiple territories.

Simon lives in the German capital, Berlin. Since 1999 he has regularly lectured for RAINDANCE and other organisations.

About presenter Elliot Grove

99 minute film school

Few people know more filmmakers and screenwriters in Europe than Raindance founder Elliot Grove. He’s presided over the launch of some of Britain’s most interesting filmmakers. Edgar Wright was his first volunteer, Guy Ritchie and Matthew Vaughn met at a Raindance course in the mid 1990’s, David Yates (Harry Potter) Christopher Nolan and Gareth Edwards (Monsters, Star Wars) all launched their careers following film training courses at Raindance. Ken Loach and Mike Leigh are patrons.

Elliot founded Raindance Film Festival in 1993, the  British Independent Film Awards in 1998. He has produced over 700 short films, and 6 feature films. He’s written eight scripts, one of which is currently in pre-production. His first feature film, TABLE 5 was shot on 35mm and completed for a total of £278.38. He teaches writers and producers in the UK, Europe, Japan and America. He has written three books which have become industry standards: RAINDANCE WRITERS’ LAB: WRITE & SELL THE HOT SCREENPLAY(Focal Press 2008), RAINDANCE PRODUCER’S LAB: LO-TO-NO BUDGET FILMMAKING (Focal Press 2004) and 130 PROJECTS TO GET YOU INTO FILMMAKING (Barrons 2009). His first novel THE BANDIT QUEEN is scheduled for publication next year. Open University awarded Elliot an Honorary Doctorate for services to film education in 2009.

Elliot’s Saturday Film School is the most popular film class in Europe, taken by over 17,000 learners since it was launched in March 2011.

His 2014 feature, Deadly Virtues directed by Ate de Jong (Drop Dead Fred) has been released in 8 territories and reached number 12 in the UK. In 2019 He executive produced Alice, the SWSX 2019 Grand Jury Prize Winner

FAQ’s of Saturday Film School

  • How much experience do I need for this class?
    Past attendees have come from a wide spectrum from complete novices and emerging filmmakers to industry professionals. It is designed to be an introductory course. And inspirational too.
  • Is there an age limit?
    We recommend 16+ but we have have had 12 – 15 year olds when accompanied by a parent or guardian. The oldest participant was 74!
  • What do you recommend as a followup?
    Raindance offers a range of writing, directing and producing part time courses. Over 37% of our full-time students have opted for a HND, BA or MA Raindance course following the Saturday Film School.

Ask a question about Raindance full time film degree courses:



About Saturday Film School

  • Europe’s most popular filmmaking class
  • 4 information-packed sessions on writing, directing and producing
  • Followup email packed with additional resources
  • VOD available for 30 days

*Concessions available
*10% early bird discount
one month before start date
*Call us +44 207 930 3412 Monday – Friday 10 – 6pm

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72 reviews for


Saturday Film School London

  1. Seyed Mohammadreza Mofidi

    It was great and motivate! I really enjoyed.

    Raindance did a really good job of giving us a wealth of theory and practical experiences in a short period of time. I’ve got confidence in my abilities and my understanding of what it takes to make something that I feel is meaningful.”

  2. David Newton

    Saturday film school was fun and refreshed a lot of very useful information and new beneficial tips on moving forward with making films

  3. James Howard

    Very inspiring and a real taster of a world that always seems out of reach. It started me actually writing a screenplay which was worth it alone.

  4. Jil T

    Saturday Film school was great, I didn’t imagine I could learn so much in only one day ! Great overview on film industry and how to get started with your own project. Great mix between practice and theory, I really enjoyed the day!

  5. Palesa (verified owner)

    It was very informative. I gained wisdom from hearing about Elliot’s journey into film, and from the practical illustrations of director’s framing, and explanation of the images we see on screen. It taught me how much practical experience I needed before directing my own screenplay. I have since done an introduction to acting for film, and it helped me apply those principles as we also shot the scenes.

  6. Jackie G (verified owner)

    For being merely 7 hours it’s surprising how much information Saturday Film School succeed in squeezing in. It was really motivating, included great content I’ve not seen before as well as several opportunities to network.
    Overall, great introductory course to the industry with a good mix of theory and practise.

  7. James


  8. Simon

    A great introduction to people wanting to make movies and also get knowledge on the film industry.

  9. Rob Tovey

    The Saturday Film Course was a highly motivating and educational day. The speakers were very insightful, encouraging and delivered the content in such a way that people of all experience levels would be able to understand it. There are great opportunities to network and I have recommended it to friends.

  10. Christian

    A helpful overview and overall introduction. Would definitely recommend

  11. Neil Osborn

    Very worthwhile. Enjoyed the positivity and it motivated me to chase my dream of writing a screenplay.

  12. Abby Sethu

    Really incredible day. It was particularly engaging because both Elliot Grove and Patrick Tucker used their own personal experiences to teach us rather than simply providing us with technical information. It was very inspiring hearing from people who are passionate about filmmaking

  13. Nick Pelas (verified owner)

    Highly motivating , well worth it , not an ego on show just genuine contemporaries / peers and professional trainers

  14. Cain Aldred

    Great class. Informative and fun. Mixer environment at the Lyceum pub on a Saturday black-Friday weekend evening perhaps a bit intimidating for some as so many people as to be able to move or converse properly.

    Other than that, fantastic.

  15. Felix Kemp (verified owner)

    There’s never been a better time to learn filmmaking, with the resources available online and kit and software cheaper than ever…

    But classes like Saturday Film School – where you hear from real industry professionals like Elliot Grove and Patrick Tucker, and meet likeminded filmmakers who you may strike up a partnership with – remind you that the best place to learn is amongst others on the same journey.

    The class covers a wide variety of filmmaking lessons, from the basics to more technical explanations and insights. Elliot is highly engaging, friendly and seems genuinely invested in inspiring filmmakers to follow their passion, and Patrick was a real character who broke down some of the fundamentals of directing and acting that you might not have ever noticed.

    Highly recommended, good fun and well worth the money.

  16. Nick Clague (verified owner)

    Great Inspiring Day! Highly motivational, engaging…. Straight to the point ,bullet points ,to Kick start your creative Film making Journey……

  17. Laura Gregory

    I am a HND student with Raindance at the moment and this is one of the courses I have access to. If you can, please go to this as it is such an insightful seminar and expands your knowledge of film and most importantly gives you motivation to go out and make movies!

  18. Joseph Yeo

    Excellent class! If you’ve ever wondered whether you have a future in filmmaking, then this is the one to check out. A real mix of scriptwriting, directing and production and if something clicks, there’s a wide range of courses to springboard to. But even if you don’t, Elliot and Patrick are sure to entertain you with anecdotes and little snippets of behind the scenes secrets, so you’re in for an enjoyable day either way.

  19. Roxy Douro (verified owner)

    Enjoyed every moment of it. So much information packed in. Feeling very inspired and cant wait to get going! Thank so much raindance. I’m excited to join you on your other events! For anyone unsure about going to the Saturday film school, just go you won’t regret it! Highly recommended!

  20. Laura

    I really enjoyed this day! I learned so much and the lecturers were friendly, incredibly knowledgeable and helpful. Really good value considering how much I learned. Felt like going back to Uni for the day but in the best of ways 🙂

  21. Dave D

    I rated Saturday Film School a 5, because it seriously surpassed my expectations. I’m new to the realm of film-making and the info delivered over the period of 7 hours was immensely useful, practical, inspiring and motivating.
    Furthermore, it consolidated the fact that filmmaking is the definite direction I want to go in.

    Whether you’re a filmmaker or a beginner, this is TOTALLY worth the money and time!

  22. kim collison (verified owner)

    What a class, what a resource!

    I heard about Raindance for the first time while attending this years London Film Festival, and after researching for a couple weeks decided to check out the Raindance Saturday Film School. I had no idea what to expect, and walked into class with an open mind. It’s now 4 days after class and I am still smiling and blown away by the wealth of knowledge and experience that Raindance offers.

    This is the perfect starting point for anyone dreaming of making movies. Well worth the minimal cost and time to spend the day learning basic filmmaking concepts from these pros.
    Elliot and Patrick shared stories, tips and down & dirty practical info on the industry, highlighting the inner workings of writing, producing, directing and making films. Elliot immediately created an engaging and interactive environment, allowing students to experiment and absorb basic concepts throughout the day. It’s clear that both Elliot and Patrick have a passion and talent for teaching and developing future filmmakers. Students quickly relaxed and connected over filmmaking discussions, and by the end of the day we had made new friends and found future collaborators.

    The structure of the class and training materials are well organized, easy to follow and accessible for use later on. Raindance supplies a wealth of information and support to students after attending the class. I’ve been exploring the Raindance member website and using valuable info found there to further develop my projects.

    I walked out of the class better informed and prepared to make films, and am fully convinced that Raindance classes would be playing a part in my filmmaking journey. 4 days out of class, a weekend of filming in the books, and I’ve got a solid business plan, timeline and structure in place to make my film dreams into reality.
    For anyone looking to learn about the many aspects of film making in a rapidly changing world, Raindance Saturday Film School is the place to start! Highly recommend!

  23. Rhiannon Monks (verified owner)

    It’s rare to receive so much value from a one day course, however it’s clear Elliot and the Raindance team care deeply about the quality of course information and the ambition to help aspiring film makers break in to the industry or develop their craft. The inside tips and tricks, gleaned from Elliot and Patrick’s years of experience in film making is the type of information that I believe can save years of wasted effort, and many mistakes for a beginner. I’ve already booked my next course!

  24. Sara El J

    I got out of it exactly what I wanted. In essence I wanted to feel motivated, and be put in a room with people that are reaching for the same thing. Big bonus, from time to time at Raindance you meet a very interesting person with whom you could collaborate. And it happened, it’s a great way to spend a day if you want to stay motivated, get your creativity on, meet fellow filmmakers or even find where you fit in to all this 🙂

  25. Stuart Scott

    The Raindance Saturday Film School was an inspiring and informative day. Elliott Groves anecdote filled insights focused on the idea that you don’t need a big budget and film school education to make a film. You just need passion and whatever kit you have to hand. This pragmatic advice was complimented by practical film directing demos by Patrick Tucker that had me in stitches and left me analysing everything I’ve watched since. Following this course I feel inspired to stop thinking about film making and start doing. This was a brilliant introduction to the Raindance community and I’m confident that once I do have a project in mind they will be on hand to offer support and guidance.

  26. Carly Florentine

    I had such a fantastic day at a recent Saturday Film School. It was brimming with interesting information and amusing anecdotes, making a highly fun educational experience. Elliott Grove and Patrick Tucker shared plenty of tips from their wealth of industry insights and filmmaking experience, were amiably engaging and often hilarious. Beyond imparting knowledge on the practicalities and creative aspects of the craft, this densely packed day actually bestows a new way of thinking upon you, that is proactive and imaginative to the point that now a few weeks later, I am planning my first film and next Raindance courses.

  27. jenny (verified owner)

    I had no idea how qualified and experienced they are: my arm has carpal tunnel pains from frantically writing down so many insider tricks for brilliant filmmaking. Had high expectations, blew them out of the water. So generous with their genuine expertise. Have ordered both their books and actually (omfg) worked overnight since on a plan to make my first film

  28. John Burton

    What a totally excellent day. The time flew by so quickly as first Elliot and then Patrick regaled us with tales from their past interspersed with actual practical knowledge. Patricks into to directing was eye-opening & in an instant fixed an issue my wife and I had whilst directing (apparently it’s me ….). Elliot was both engaging and informative inspiring confidence whilst putting over the Raindance message ‘Making Film Makers, not films’. A fantastic intro to Raindance – would love to be on the directing course in Feb, but will be out there doing it on that weekend. The after class drinks is essential – the people are so interesting & you always need contacts.

    I’m now a film maker with a day job……

  29. Beverley Nderu

    This was one of the best decisions made in understanding the true nature of filmmaking and an intense insight into the many areas around it. Elliot Grove was both informative and a great speaker! I would 100% recommend this to people who need the kick up the butt to start writing/directing/making films.

  30. Larissa Saldarini (verified owner)

    Elliot Grove and Patrick Tucker are amazing. Each moment of those 7 hours is inspiring and they finally convinced me that I’m not far from making my first feature film. Elliot Grove is procrastination’s worst enemy!

  31. Missy

    Absolutely the best way to spend a Saturday when you are a fledgling filmmaker. We were given a lot of valuable information and industry stories which make what could be a daunting task (making your first film) into a completely doable project!

  32. Paul Bruce

    Fantastic, just fantastic. A great day with a massive amount of information, guides and expert tips on all things film.
    I came away inspired, excited and itching to get creative.
    Thank you so very much!

  33. Elliott (verified owner)

    Really great course; insightful, funny and truly inspiring. The kind of industry tips and tricks you learn on this from industry veterans are invaluable, an absolute must for any up-and-coming filmmaker!

  34. Vladislav Boshnakov

    Valuable insight, great passion and artistry is what I expected when I came into class that day. And I left with something more. You really cannot take enough notes, or make enough friends at the school.

  35. Daniel Higginbotham (verified owner)

    The Raindance Saturday Film School is an excellent starting point for anyone who dreams of making films. The course covers so much in one day and offers plenty of industry insight. Elliot was great at explaining how you don’t need lots of money to make movies and how he got into the business. He delivered it in such a down to earth way for someone with so much experience and connections in the industry. I learned a lot about the different roles on a set. Patrick also provided an energetic and fun class on directing, showing me aspects of some of my favourite films I’d never noticed before. I currently work in higher education as a writer/editor and wanted to rekindle my passion for screenwriting as it’s so easy to let life pass by. Thanks for the encouragement and I hope to visit Raindance again now I’ve become a member – even though I do live in Manchester!

  36. Timothy Cooke

    The course was a very entertaining introduction to film making, giving valuable insights and advice into the exactly what goes into creating a movie. A lot of it was quite daunting, but then if it was easy, everyone would be doing it. It’s a great opportunity to network and speak to like-minded people, even if it’s just to share your enthusiasm for the subject. I became a member at the first opportunity and will definitely be looking at attending some more courses. Highly recommended.

  37. Simon

    If you want to get into the film industry you really do need to go on this course. Great tips, ideas, a ‘you can do it’ feeling when you left.

    I cannot recommend this highly enough

  38. Brianna

    Cannot recommend it enough. Everyone has covered how much information you get in a short period of time, but almost more than that, you meet so many incredible creative people. There’s very few other situations where you’re surrounded by that many people with a common goal to get to know. And it’s a lot of fun! What more can you ask for than good people, good fun, and great information!

  39. Andrea Scott

    #SatFilmSchool is a must event to attend for anyone that is interested in getting to know the industry and finding out what it takes to make it.

    I loved the class – it was well organised and run. Elliot and Patrick were both brilliant at explaining various aspects of film-making and made the day fun but educating. Overall, the course left me inspired and extremely motivated to do what I love. And of course, meeting so many like-minded people and talking about all the exciting projects they are involved in was a great way to end the day!

    Can’t wait to get involved more and sign up for some other course.

  40. Christopher Kell

    I really didn’t know what to expect but I really enjoyed this course. I have a passion for film and cinema and this course has inspired me to pick up my camera (mobile phone) and start shooting. It was fun, informative and I learnt a lot about screen writing, directing and the film making process

  41. Rachel

    I got a lot out of the demonstrations that were done along with the many film examples shown. It was informative, I was able to take notes and was provided with a lot of resources as well. Overall, It was a great session. It was great to be in a room with like minded individuals with diverse film talent. I left feeling motivated, inspired and ready to start exploring film ideas.

    Full review here:

  42. Craig Thorpe

    Absolutely fantastic course packed with great tips and tricks that helped me and would certainly benefit any filmmakers. Was such a good laugh and was great to network with fellow filmmakers at the end as well

  43. Kallista

    A very fun and insightful course with various topics, tools and tips. I learnt so much in one day!

    Useful for filmmakers that are just starting to write their first script and those that already have some experience.

    This course provides guidance and also motivates you to keep going.

    Networking with fellow filmmakers, writers and actors is a great way to end the course. Great atmosphere and you’ll be surrounded by others who share the same interest.

  44. Klodiana

    I would love to give more than 5 Stars ! I am so impressed with the positivity , power and so much energy considering they both mention so many time as a joke “ When I was young “ for me ,they will never Stop being so energies and will never will be stopping doing brilliant things . Thanks to Elliot & Patrick! You Rock

  45. George

    It was a very good event. Good books and merchandise on sale, and Patrick Tucker’s practical demonstrations were extremely helpful.

    Theory and practical always works well together.


  46. Graham Walker

    Excellent event and tremendous introduction to film industry and production techniques. Very interactive and delivered by industry professionals with years of experience in directing films. A must for anyone wanting and insider’s view of the industry.

  47. Marcus Feher

    The Saturday Filmschool gave me more useful information than any single lecture at my University. It was absolutely fantastic.

  48. Anna C

    A great day that was fun as well as informative. In a few hours Elliot and Patrick managed to both demystify and challenge perceptions and by doing so, open up a world of possibility. Thank you.

  49. Nancy

    I did love attending this course! It was very inspiring! I discovered other tools to write a screenplay and to analyze movies. For example, yesterday, I watched ‘Late Night’ in theatre and I figured out that the screenplay perfectly follows the principle of a basic script (as Elliot taught us). Actually, the course was beyond my expectations because I learnt useful and complementary tips with Raindance Brussels’ courses. I hope that Elliot may come back to teach other courses in Brussels in the future.

  50. Julia Sudinsky

    The day was brilliant! Lots of very useful and detailed insights into actually making the film happen rather than waiting around thinking about it. This class really helped me get started and due to the networking opportunity afterwards I was working on a short film the day after with a whole crew.

  51. Claudio

    Saturday Film School is one of the best workshops you can choose.
    I learned some secrets about directing which they never teached me in school or other courses. A lot of tips, tricks and suggestions.

  52. Sabrina Ben Salmi

    It was a truly remarkable day filled of an absolute abundance of EduTainment. I highly recommend that you at least attend once as you’ll certainly return. I attended in support of my daughters passion and all I can say is that it felt like home. Elliot, his staff and guest speaker were all phenomenal

  53. Azz

    Go for the tips on film-making, stay for the stories about the industry! Incredibly fun and inspiring, it’s a must for anyone who loves films and wants to be a part of making them. Highly recommend!

  54. Serena

    It was a truly inspiring day! The course gives practical and useful tips which are not only for beginners, but to treasure forever! The class covers different topics, from storytelling/scriptwriting to best practices for directing and other, sometimes overlooked, aspects such as locations and lenses.
    Really recommended for someone who wants to start their filmmaking career or someone who would like to understand more about one aspect of filmmaking.
    It’s a morale booster!

  55. Rory Little (verified owner)

    As much as you can pack into a day’s overview, this course is well worth going easy on the Friday night.
    Fantastic content, delivered to the highest standard and in a welcoming and professional environment. It gave me the motivational boost I needed to start making films and I couldn’t recommend it more. I’ll be back.

  56. Will

    Well worth making the trip from Leicester. Packed with useful hints and presented well by people with an obvious passion for film. The ‘Get put there and dit it’ ethos shone through and I left full of enthusiasm for my numerous projects at various stages os development. Thank you for an entertaining and informative day.

  57. Karen (verified owner)

    So inspirational and great speakers! I’m so glad I went, although I was not sure how much I could learn in one day. It was my first time and I will definitely take other classes there again.

  58. Daniel

    I thoroughly enjoyed the day, both Elliot and Patrick were engaging and inspiring speakers with plenty of secrests to share. There was opportunity for involvement and plenty of demostration of concepts, but the most beneficial element for me was the chance to network with other creators, something that was really encouraged and resulted in me meeting some amazing people, future colleagues and new friends.

  59. Jodie

    It gave me the inspiration to start writing again! The day also offered lots of different tips and tricks that I hadn’t learnt through years of previous acting and film making courses – talking about things I hadn’t even considered. Incredibly interesting, informative day.

  60. John

    Fantastic Saturday film school. Funny, informative and inspiring.

  61. Ravi (verified owner)

    Lots of useful information and inspiration. Its definitely worth it. You would save lot of time learning from Elliot’s life time experience.

  62. Dónal (verified owner)

    As a novice to the industry (I’m an architect flirting with a career change), this one day course was a very enjoyable, concise and insightful introduction to working in the film industry and producing a 1st screenplay and film. Would strongly recommend to anyone and was very reasonably priced. Elliot was incredibly welcoming and engaging and treated everyone with respect. I am already planning on signing up to more courses after this amazing taster.

  63. Julia

    Engaging and insightful, the Saturday film school offers a great introduction to working in the film industry. This course covers many different topics, is packed with useful tips and is led by inspiring speakers.

  64. Henry (verified owner)

    Great value for money with the membership. I learned a lot over different subjects within the film industry. I feel more empowered and motivated to go forward as a film maker.

  65. David Beattie

    Brilliant, brilliant, brilliant! Hugely inspiring and very entertaining. You’ll come out with all the motivation you need to get your movie making career started. A must for anyone starting out.

  66. John Higgins (verified owner)

    A fantastic day of learning. Irrespective of whether you know a great deal, a little, or no film knowledge at all, this one day Film School will be the right introduction – and it costs next to nothing to learn something new. You can still be a film-maker come what may 🙂


    A very interesting day, a mixture of information, recommendations and practical experience, with many colourful anecdotes, about script writing, directing and producing, in other words how to start your first film or to carry on making a second one even better. Elliot Grove and Simon Hunter are obviously passionate about what they do and they certainly know how to inspire others and generate the vibrancy needed in such enterprises. For the debutantes like me, not necessarily easy to complete the first modest step but Raindance and their patient encouragements make it look worth the humble attempt.

  68. mm

    Elliot Grove

    Thanks so much for your kind words. And thank you for your questions on the day.

  69. Dina Prior

    Superb team of expert and dynamic filmmakers; sharing their wealth of knowledge using a multitude of methods. The course was interesting, informative and designed excellently. Not only did I learn a lot about the fundamentals of making a film, but I also retained a lot of information. Saturday film class is the perfect introduction or refresher. I especially loved the easy style and flow of the courses and the encouragement to ask questions. I just signed up for another short course… exciting!!!

  70. mm

    Elliot Grove

    Thanks so much for your kind words Dina and look forward to seeing you again soon

  71. Emily Stanley (verified owner)

    Fantastic session!

    It was great to hear from industry professionals, such as Elliot and Simon and was lovely to hear of their personal experiences. Their warmth and passion for film is clearly felt, even over Zoom. Saturday Film School covers all bases of filmmaking and the handout given along side the workshop is so handy. Overall, the knowledge gained is invaluable and very encouraging for up coming filmmakers. Would highly recommend

  72. Estee (verified owner)

    This is my 2nd Raindance course. They are always engaging and so professionally insightful. I am in my final year of a degree in Film and I still learn several things each time I didn’t know before. Great content!

  73. Edward Cowley (verified owner)

    Very inspiring. If you are someone who is serious about wanting to make films, then this course is what you need, in terms of the knowledge of the teachers and the passion and realistic insight they give you. Just like your favourite films, there is something magic going on here that is more than just dedication and hard work.

  74. Leisl Brown (verified owner)

    Absolutely loved Saturday Film School ! Learned so much ! Highly recommended !
    ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ 🎬📽❤

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