Raindance Party @TIFF

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When? TBC
Where? The Windsor Ballroom, King Edward Hotel, Toronto
This event is free for members of Raindance – book your place toronto@raindance.org


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The Raindance Party
Celebrate Independent Film
From 7pm!
Win Prizes!

The film industry is a people industry. Come and join the independent filmmakers in town for TIFF! Find out who’s hot, who’s looking for new collaborators.

7 Reasons to attend the Raindance Party @TIFF

1. Meet the Raindance Toronto Team

All new here at Raindance Toronto
Meet the tutors and the faces behind the fantastic events here at Raindance Toronto.

2. You can hear yourself think

No need for loud music at this Raindance party. We know you want to talk. And
exchange ideas. And find collaborators for your next project.

3. Grab a Raindance 2019 poster

The festival in London launches on September 18.
Grab a cool London graphic: the poster for this year’s 27th edition

4. Meet Elliot Grove

Few people know more filmmakers than Raindance founder Elliot Grove. He has waved the indie film flag in Europe, America and his hometown Toronto since 1993. Thats over a quarter century! Come and meet him and tell him what you are doing, and ask about the indie film scene in Britain.

5. Get some cool Raindance bling

We have some door prizes that will make you smile. You might even want to support Raindance and buy a goodie bag!

6. It’s time to network

With so many filmmakers in town from around the world for TIFF this is the place to network and see if you can find a collaborator. Bring your business cards!

7. The beer is cold and refreshing

The Windsor Ballroom, The King Edward Hotel, 37 King St E, Toronto, ON M5C 1E9,

We are currently looking for a drinks sponsor. If you know someone, or if your company would like to get involved please email toronto@raindance.org

3 reviews for


Raindance Party @TIFF

  1. Imbi Kannel

    Best Raindance @ Tiff Party ever!

  2. Jayda Woods

    It was a great opportunity for networking!
    While the band was a nice touch, it did make it difficult to continue meeting people and making connections. It became much more loud, and people seemed more interested in watching the band than chatting and networking.

  3. Risa

    This event more than others I thought was more open and friendly and I loved the band! there were 2 rooms so if you wanted to talk you could be in one and if you wanted to have fun and dance you could be in the other. it was a nice touch 🙂

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