MA/MSc Info Session

Next date: Wednesday, 10th January, 5.30pm-9pm
Address: Raindance Film Centre, 10a Craven Street, London WC2N 5PE

To book your place, email: masters@raindance.org



This MA/MSc Info Session will be a chance for you to find out about the MA/MSc in Film programme at Raindance.

Can a postgraduate film degree help you?

In a world where competition for work and recognition is fierce, a postgraduate degree from a British University can make a difference. Add the fact that creative industries are becoming increasingly diverse, it’s more important than ever to stand out from the crowd. Many of our MA/MSc students use this degree to specialise in a craft or skill, or develop their own creative project using the revolutionary techniques we champion.

Until 2013, when Raindance partnered with Staffordshire University to deliver this innovative degree, film schools world-wide pigeon-holed students into traditional boxes like ‘director’, ‘producer’ or ‘screenwriter’, without recognising how rapidly the film industry was changing, or understanding how quickly what it means to be a filmmaker changes.

Current Raindance Postgraduate Film Degree students are studying screenwriting, directing and producing as in other film schools, but there’s a difference. Raindance Postgraduate students also make films, webseries, TV, digital media, transmedia, 3D projects and more. They study crowdfunding, documentaries, animation, graphic novel adaptation and/or Virtual Reality. In this programme, every student charts his or her own course.

The range of our student work is as varied as our students. Over 150 students all over the world are enrolled in the Raindance Postgraduate Film Degree. That’s over 150 different perspectives and angles to look at developing knowledge, competency and a career: from traditional features and shorts; to documentaries from war zones; from digital distribution to online video campaigns to eradicate violence or expose ignorance. From traditionally funded business models to those funded using social media and digital outreach to develop audiences for your films. Our question to you is: What’s your big idea? How can we help you realise it?

Do you think a self-directed MA/MSc film degree is right for you?

There’s no building. No lectures. Just you, your WiFi, your mentors and advisors, plus you working alongside a strong like-minded community of creatives, sharing and supporting each other while working on your own film projects and career goals.

Could your career do with a rocket launcher approach?

Can you commit one year full time or two years part time to the most flexible and up-to-date postgraduate film programme there is?

Are you wondering if you can complete this degree and maintain a full-time job?

Why not join this upcoming MA/MSc in Film Info Session?

Bring us your questions, your ideas, your career goals, and discuss with the Programme Director.
Learn how this unique and totally 100% original programme can help you shape and achieve your career aims.

Learn how this innovative, flexible MA/MSc in Film can enhance your film career.
Book your free place. Email masters@raindance.org

Applications open for 2018 start dates.


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