Raindance Live Filmmaker Talks On Instagram

This class is Live Online each day at one pm London time
With Raindance founder Elliot Grove and special guests


Online Filmmaking Courses

Welcome to Raindance Live!

Join Raindance daily for talks on questions of interest to filmmakers!
Moderated by Elliot Grove, the founder of Raindance with special guests.

It’s easy. It’s free. It’s daily at 1pm London time. And it’s on Instagram!
Follow us! And Join us! @RaindanceFilmFestival

Raindance Instagram Guests

Below are the upcoming and previous Instagram Guests, click through to find their Instagram accounts.

Watch previous live chats on our IGTV.

Upcoming Instagram talks are subject to change.

31-Mar Bertie Watson
01-Apr Maz Bahceci
02-Apr Kira-Anne Pelican
03-Apr Sadie Frost
04-Apr Malaika Bova
05-Apr Joseph A. Adesunloye
06-Apr Tony Lee
07-Apr Ritchi Edwards
08-Apr Lucy Beresford
09-Apr Christopher Evangelou
10-Apr Tayba Mason
11-Apr Simon Hunter
12-Apr Covid Art Museum 
13-Apr Alex di Cuffa
14-Apr Elliot Grove AMA
15-Apr Giulia Gandini
16-Apr Ignace Aleya
17-Apr Jon Campling
David Misch
18-Apr Michael Wiese
19-Apr Huft Media
Jonathan Perry
20-Apr Bal Kang
21-Apr Panasonic
22-Apr Meryam Joobeur 
23-Apr Dejan Bućin
24-Apr Elliot Grove AMA
25-Apr Ed Farmer
26-Apr Indie Filmmakers
Kenton Oxley
27-Apr Phil Hunt
28-Apr Ate de Jong
29-Apr The Opposites Game
30-Apr Jurgen Wolff
01-May Ali Mashayekhi
May 2 Bertha Doc House
May 3 Exit 6 Film Festival
May 4 Mike Rogers
Stephen David Brooks
May 5 Richard Raymond
Denise Parkinson
May 6 London Flair PR
May 7 Festival Formula
Dave McKean
May 8 Kino Short Film
Denise Parkinson
May 9 Giles Anderson
May 10 Swati Chugh
May 11 Soraya Syed
12-May Mark Stirton 
13-May Vicki Lau
14-May Louise Salter
15-May MarBelle
16-May Thomas Ridgewell (Tomska)
17-May Patrick Tucker
18-May Paul Brett
19-May Fumi Gomez
20-May Ryan Kampe
21-May Vanessa Bailey
22-May Baptiste Charles
23-May Joel Stutz
Julia Verdin
24-May Paul Baichoo
Mars Roberge
25-May Jared Rogers
26-May Andrea Vinciguerra
Gina Hole Lazarowich
27-May TBC
28-May TBC
29-May TBC
30-May Ellis Howard

Jennie Griffiths

31-May Collab 19


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Raindance Live Filmmaker Talks On Instagram

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