Bring your script to the screen

In today’s industry, there’s no need to wait for someone else to greenlight your script. You can raise money, acquire investors, fund, finance, produce and distribute a film yourself. In this seminar, award-winning Indie producer Ramfis Myrthil will teach you the foundations of producing, as well as the do’s and don’ts that can determine your project’s success or failure.

Pitch your project

Pitch your project directly to Ramfis, whose award-winning indie films have screened at Sundance, Tribeca, and Cannes, and receive valuable feedback on making your pitch effective so you can attract financing, actors, distribution, and more.

Understand the intricacies of funding

You cannot make a film without money. But sometimes, money can be hard to find. Learn how to fund your film and develop a business plan that will draw investors and financiers to your project.

Develop the skills you need

Whether you’re a professional looking to learn more about funding or you’re brand new to producing and want to understand more about filmmaking, this is the class for you! The discussion will be open and all questions are welcome regardless of past experience. You’ll learn the foundations of pitching and networking, using different models of raising money, finding and attracting investors, creating a business plan, hiring the right people, attaching talent, and getting distribution and a return on your investment!

About the Tutor

Ramfis Myrthil is a New York-based filmmaker who loves telling New York stories. Applying an East Coast ethic to the world of film and media, Ramfis works to produce narrative features that reflect the best, most captivating parts of his community – passion, integrity, and honor.

A founding partner and co-President of Beast of the East Productions (BOTEP), the highlights of Ramfis’ career are ever-growing. He had the privilege to work on and produce the Mary Pickford biopic “Why Not Choose Love: A Mary Pickford Manifesto.” Most recently, Ramfis went to The 2018 Sundance Film Festival with “A Boy, A Girl, and A Dream,” which placed among the top 18 films for the entire festival, and has since been picked up by Samuel Goldwyn Films and will be showing in theaters this Fall.

“The Broken Ones,” which he produced, sold out the opening night of The SOHO International Film Festival 2017, and is currently set for domestic, as well as South African and Chinese distribution.

His previous film, “Good Business,” allowed him to work with Academy Award winner Mercedes Ruehl and went on to win Best Comedy at The Long Beach International and Manhattan Film Festivals. It has since been picked up by Shorts International.

Ramfis’ proudest achievements to date are producing “Any Other Way,” the very first music video for the legendary rock group, The Zombies, and premiering his short film, “Love and The Small Print,” at the 2012 65th Annual Cannes Film festival, where it was picked up by Shorts International for worldwide distribution.

His company, BOTEP, produced “Bridge and Tunnel,” which played at over 40 film festivals, earning a dozen awards and over thirty nominations. It would continue on to a limited theatrical run before being picked up by Amazon.


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