Post Production Foundation Certificate Toronto


When? tbc
Where? Urban Post Production 22 Boston Ave. Toronto, ON M4M 2T9
Four Tuesday evenings

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Everything you ever wanted to know about post but were afraid to ask

The objective of this 4-week Post-Production Foundation Course is to fully outline all aspects of post-production as it pertains to both the film and television industries, and demonstrate the purpose of each link in the post-production workflow. Aspects of both picture and sound are detailed, as well as the chronological sequence of how the many pieces of the post workflow fall into place.

From footage to finish, we dissect each step and clarify why each step is necessary. We consider the creative aspects such as colour grading or sound design, we delve into the technical aspects such as format conversions and DCP mastering as well as the final delivery requirements for broadcasters, producers, distributors and sales agents.

An overview of post budgets is also covered and gives attendees a chance to evaluate the real-world costs of projects in a range of budget scales from a large feature-length film to a low-budget factual lifestyle piece. Upon completion of this foundation course the student should have a firm understanding of every step in the post process and understand the basic terminology associated with them.

Week 1 – Post-Production Workflow Overview

Week 2 – Post Picture

Week 3 Post Audio

Week 4 – Finishing and Deliverables

Who should take this course?

Anyone who requires a solid understanding of the post-production process and current best practices: Directors, Producers, Cinematographers and Indie Filmmakers.


About Urban Post Production

Urban Post Production is a multi-award-winning post production facility located in the heart of Toronto’s film studio district. For more than 15 years, they have provided post-production services for large-budget theatrical features, TV series, MOWs, documentaries and short film productions.

About the Instructors

Tom Bjelic

As a founding Partner of Urban Post Production, an Emmy Award Winning Sound Designer, a Professor of Post Production Audio at Canadore College, Tom brings a wealth of experience,
knowledge and understanding of Audio Post along with the ability to teach the core elements to help understand the workflow and creative aspects of audio as it relates to film and television.


Roberta Bratti

As the Operations Manager of Urban Post Production, Roberta brings many years of experience to feature films, documentaries and television productions.  She is resourceful and thrives at strategizing under pressure, and focuses on collaboration and support of the team.  For over a decade, she’s managed and overseen internship programs, as mentoring students and upcoming talent remains a passion and she believes in paying it forward.

Oren Edenson

With 15 years of industry experience, Oren has proven a deep understanding of film operations. He has a strong desire to help tell stories with meaning and passion. Oren values honesty, precision, diversity and collaboration. He also enjoys eating snacks.


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Post Production Foundation Certificate Toronto

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