The Pitch Is Back 125 Word Story Competition At Raindance Film Festival


The Pitch Is Back: 125-Word Story Competition

The Pitch Is Back: 125 Word Story Competition
Entry is FREE
Deadline: Winner to be announced soon


*** Winner announced at Live!Ammunition! Monday 4 June 6:30pm

Over 250 short stories submitted and the jury had a difficult task in choosing the winners. Congratuations to everyone who submitted. Please comment below how we can improve this for the next time we run this!

The winners are:

Honourable Mention
Jennie Griffiths: Tattoo Come True

Jonah’s skin burnt and throbbed. Desperate not to appear a wimp, he nonchalantly enquired about progress.

“I done ‘a. c.o.u.p. d.e. f.o.u.” said the tattoo artist, slowly spelling out each letter. “You’ve only got d.r.e left. What’s it mean in English?”

“Love at first sight,” Jonah replied, his speech still slurred from drink. “The future Mrs is…. French. One stag sleep left before I’m safely home.”

“Everlasting love” smirked the tattoo artist “priceless.”

“Just remember lad, what happens in Glasgow stays in Glasgow.”

Jonah paid up and retreated to the next door coffee shop. As he examined his arm, he was met by a pair of green eyes.

“Loving the tat” said the barrista. “D’you believe?”

Without thinking, Jonah replied “I’d love to find out.”

2nd Runner Up
Hannah Raehse-Felstead: The Malakhov Inheritance

Hilde, a young woman trying to escape Germany in 1945, meets her doppelgänger at a station. When this woman is murdered, Hilde steals a suitcase full of money, jewels and, more importantly, a new identity.

Many years later, when she is on the verge of fulfilling her dream, she is seen by someone who believes her to be the murdered woman and tells the authorities for, unwittingly, Hilde had stolen the false identity of a woman married to a notorious Nazi and she is now set up to draw him out of hiding. But someone else sees her, a man whose family originally owned the jewels. And so Hilde is caught in a game of cat and mouse – not knowing who to trust.

1st Runner Up

Elsie Bath, The 7:45 To Bank

A man sits on the same seat in the same carriage, on the same tube line at the same time every morning and evening as he travels to and from work. He leads an unremarkable life but takes pleasure in his daily commute by watching the progressing lives of others. From a budding young couple to a banker turned artist and an elderly woman who buys a lottery ticket every day, the lives of those around him unfold in extraordinary and unpredictable ways. The film considers what it is to move forward in life with and without miles stones to pin point us in time and how and why we choose what we do when there is a fork in the road.


Ted Irving from Houston, Texas: Metered Dreams

Hollywood has run out of ideas for movies so it creates a new technology that monitors peoples dreams and records them…unbeknownst to them. The dreams become the next new movies, yet no one is paid. The studio thieves are called Hollywood Dream Siphons.

The beginning of the 22nd Century has started with peace and blandness. Most countries have eradicated their nuclear weapons including the U.S. and Russia. People are living longer and all is well, except for Hollywood. It has been a stagnant business until about five years ago when some very artistic, action packed, well written movies began to appear. The big studios are now hot again. Rumor has it that a Dr. Phineas Kennedy developed a technology that could siphon anyone’s dreams and that these new movies were based upon them. But no one can prove it. The FBI Los Angeles headquarters decides to hire a rouge detective to find out if these dream theft rumors are true. Her name is detective Susan Sanders.

We live in a world of information overload. Learning how to reduce your story idea to a short pitch is one of the secrets that professional storytellers use in order to attract interest to their project. This short, so-called ‘elevator pitch‘ is about 30 seconds or 125 words.

This is what The Pitch Is Back 125 Word Story Competition is all about.

Entry is FREE
PRIZE: £100 gift voucher towards Raindance products.
Two runners-up will each receive a £50 gift voucher.
Deadline: Next competition TBA

The Pitch Is Back Pitching Tips

Writing a short pitch means squeezing the beginning, middle and end into a few short paragraphs. It means that you need to choose words that create visuals in the mind of the reader. Writing the emotion of the story is probably the single most important element to consider.

Hone your writing and pitching skills:

The Prizes!

One talented winner will receive a Raindance Gift Voucher worth £100.00
Two runners-up will each receive a £50.00 Raindance Gift Voucher
All three will receive a One Year Raindance Membership.

And of course, Raindance will blast your stories from the parapets!


The Fine Print

Please take a moment to read the Terms and Conditions of Entry


Winners to be announced soon.

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The Pitch Is Back: 125-Word Story Competition

  1. Kokoe

    Excellent idea for a competition. Encouraging the best to come forward.

  2. Taryn

    This is a great way to practice reducing the big ideas and seeing if you can market them. Thank you.

  3. N. Robin J. Board

    Raindance, thank you. An excellent valuable screenwriter resource/marketing tool.

  4. N. Robin J. Board

    “Exposure is what it takes” – Raindance is an excellent resource/medium.

  5. Taryn Butler

    Thank you for this competition, to be able to practice writing such an invaluable marketing tool with a deadline to submit is great!

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