Pitch clinic with Michael Wiese at Raindance Film Festival


Pitch Clinic with Michael Wiese

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Date: 07 February 2018, 18:30 – 21:00
Cost: £57.60
Address: Raindance Film Centre, 10a Craven Street, London, WC2N 5PE

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Few skills are more important for storytellers and filmmakers than the ability to pitch. Summing up your project in a minute or two could take as long as writing the script or making the film in the first place. Until now. We bring you the Pitch Clinic.

Few people know more filmmakers and authors than the legendary Michael Wiese. Over a forty-year film career, Michael has produced films and documentaries, written ten books and been pitched at the very highest level over three thousand times. Michael was the ‘bad’ guy in the chair at USA giant Vestron and then showtime. It was he who decided if your pitch would get the green light.

Michael has lost track of the exact number pitches he has heard, but it’s in the thousands. The video below shows how he actually met and pitched Salvador Dali:

Through his amazing journey through the highest echelons of Hollywood, Michael has mastered the art of pitching. More importantly, Michael has learned how to teach what makes a great pitch through his Pitch Clinic.

In a unique one-of-a-kind event, Michael will listen to your pitch and stage-manage your presentation.  He will offer invaluable tips and tricks enabling you to better present your project to development executives and financiers.

What you will learn at Michael Wiese’s Pitch Clinic

Through exercises and demonstrations, Michael will show you how to deal with nerves. He will critique your story forcing you to go to the very basic emotion of the story enabling you to quickly and succinctly hone your pitch.

  • stripping down a storyline
  • choosing the right body language as a tool
  • visual aids and how and when to use them
  • project titles and why they matter
  • overcoming jitters and nerves

What they are saying

I had the pleasure of working with Michael for several years presenting workshops for student filmmakers at the International Cannes Film Festival. Kodak sponsored student interns (over a hundred) working in The American Pavilion during the Cannes film festival

Michael presented a full day workshop to these students which dealt with independent film production, financing, development, and marketing and distribution. Of all the great things that happened to these students while at Cannes, Michael’s seminar was always a distinct highlight of their experience. He is a natural presenter who knows the nuances of the entire spectrum of independent production from a true insider’s perspective. He was spontaneous and creative with the students, and very skilled at involving them in pitching. His development tutorials are still being talked about by those who were there. The students always gave him high marks, he delivered on Kodak’s goals to promote film and understanding of the business, and it was a delight working with such an accomplished professional.
John Mason, Director of Eastman Kodak’s Worldwide Student Filmmaker Program

Who should attend

Screenwriters, film directors, documentary filmmakers, multi-format content creators, gaming creators and VR filmmakers will all benefit from this event. Don’t miss this chance to learn from a master.

More About Michael Wiese

Using the Pitch Clinic skills and techniques Michael learned early in his career, he produced a short parody called Hardware wars. The current Star Wars pays homage to this short. It has been seen millions of times.

Michael Wiese is a producer, director, author, and publisher. After producing the highly popular “Hardware Wars”, Wiese was an entertainment executive with Showtime and later Vice President of Vestron Video. He launched comedy lines with Robin Williams, Whoopi Goldberg, Billy Crystal and over 300 other videos. He was responsible for creating video lines for National Geographic, Smithsonian, NOVA and PBS.

He oversees Michael Wiese Productions which publishes a line of over 200 professional filmmaking books, His books are used in the major motion picture studios and in over 800 film courses throughout the world. For over 38 years, he has presented filmmaking seminars for Kodak, The AFI, The International Film & TV Workshops and many others throughout the world. He recently released “personal sacred journey” documentaries, “The Sacred Sites of the Dalai Lamas”, “The Shaman and Ayahuasca” and “Talking With Spirits”. He lives in Cornwall England with his family

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Pitch Clinic with Michael Wiese

  1. Carole Ryder

    This was a fascinating introduction to pitching. For an older newbie ( I’m a 62 year old woman and everyone was so young ) the role play was terrifying but hugely educational and made me realize how much I needed to do on the pitching front. The “what’s it really about” one on one role play was very thought provoking about my own script as I watched the participant dig deep into his script. Initially I thought Michael was going to be slow and rambling but actually having subsequently attended a very frenetic and stressful screenwriting festival in London I found I had absorbed much more from Michael’s presentation. He was philosophical and empowering in that wonderful Californian positive way. Funny and informative about pitching to powerful people and honest about what works and what doesn’t. I didn’t take part in a role play but just observed and that passiveness was fine for me but I promised myself I would next time. Only criticism would be the venue…. bit dingy. Would highly recommend the course and wish I could go to more such one off sessions….. would love more on women writing. Annoyed I could not go to the Virgin’s promise one.

  2. Sheridan Cassidy

    This course covers the pitching essentials. Elliot and Michael went into great detail not only in the process of actually booking a meeting but also how to pitch in a way that is clear, concise and engaging. They used a role play exercise which was not only fantastically entertaining but very useful for noting the pitfalls that people may commonly fall into.

    Both gents are incredibly established and we benefited from their experience with the fine points given when questions were asked.

    I now feel much more confident pitching my work and would recommend this course to anyone wishing to learn more about how they may get their scripts out there.

    Raindance continues to live up to its reputation for quality and I myself will be booking more with them in future.

  3. francesca nider

    Michael is entertaining and informative in a very emotionally truthful way, getting to the core of why and how pitching works with humor and inspiring insights – mostly it’s all about creating a relationship and a connection, and the thing I learned from the most was standing up and trying to pitch to the entire class. There’s nothing quite as stimulating as panic. I was left with the feeling the class had been worth the 8 hour round-trip from Yorkshire!

  4. Freida

    It was a privilege to be in his presence and class. To say you learn from him it’s an understatement. Respect.

  5. Laura Vanderbiest

    It was an absolute privilege to have been part of this class. Michael is such an inspiring person. I was blown away by his knowledge and presence. Thank you Raindance for organising this.

  6. Elizabeth Mannering

    Michael is brilliant, he has such an open mind on how to approach pitching to accommodate to your strengths. He really puts you at ease and gives everyone positive feedback which gives you more confidence to try and try again.

  7. Tyler Harvey

    A brilliant course that was a privellage to attend. Not only did I learn extremely valuable pitching techniques, what to do and not to do – But I was also given inspiration and the confidence to take things further on my own. The insightful role playing and genuine entertainment the evening provided made it well worth it.

  8. Elliot

    Coming into the pitch clinic, I had no idea who Michael Wiese was despite remembering that I had heard of his name. I staired and watched people’s faces in awe over him. As he spoke, I was intrigued but not immediately blown away. Then, I volunteered to attempt a mock pitch in his presence. By the end of my critique and feedback from him, I knew for certain he is a genius. There’s is nothing more for me to say but he is the master.

  9. Gozi

    You learn a lot about your script and if it really conveys the emotions you think it does. Because that’s what people remember. How hearing about your movie made them feel. Go to this course. You won’t regret it.

  10. Maz Bahceci

    What an amazing man! Courageous and inspiring! His knowledge and expertise for the industry is humbling. His excersize was both emotional and very insightful! Thank you Michael!!!

  11. Taryn Butler

    I knew of Micheal Wiese books and was really looking forward to this workshop. I took it online so I couldn’t participate in the mock pitches but I learnt so much from others. I’m studying for an MA with Raindance and one thing that’s been apparent from the onset is how important it is to know what you will do with the project you have at the end. PITCHING is not just about learning to sell your idea it also makes you understand your idea and allows you to see what is missing from the idea and what you need to work on to develop it fully. I completely recommend this class for anyone in the film or writing industry.

  12. Elisa

    Amazed by this class. Impressive exercises and advises based on a much deeper and psychological approach than a technical overview on pitching. This class is much more. I suggest you to take this class in person. I will definitely take the class again as soon as another date will come up.

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