Writing Stories of Personal Growth Screenwriting Masterclass

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Have you been trying to figure out exactly why Lady Bird is such a good film? Have you been noticing a new kind of protagonist emerging from films such as Moonlight, The Shape of Water, and Three Billboards Outside Ebbing, Missouri? Are you not quite sure how to describe this protagonist? Do you want to write a story that doesn’t fit the Hero’s Journey? Then make sure not to miss Kim Hudson’s unique screenwriting masterclass.

Kim Hudson has studied mythology, psychology, story structure and hundreds of movies for over 2 decades, in order to recognise a second story structure – The Virgin’s Promise. This story structure is not taught anywhere else, and yet it represents the future of screenwriting – one based on personal growth and on characters dealing with inner issues. In this two-day weekend masterclass, you will learn the 13 steps fo The Virgin’s Promise structure and how to use them to craft your own story. Expect to roll up your sleeves and do some treatment writing! Stories of personal growth are about daring to live your best life, and by best, we mean a life of meaning, joy, and fulfilling relationships. This story takers a non-linear path. It’s a story of learning to trust that inner guide and following it wherever it takes you. A personal growth perspective story can be a feel-good movie like Little Miss Sunshine, or a high concept movie like Arrival. It can also be a horror movie where the ballerina turns inward and we see she has lost touch with reality (Black Swan). Or, the tragedy of a failed attempt to know joy (Virgin Suicides). The defining quality of the personal growth story is that the story revolves around an effort to know love. Most story writing workshops are still giving insights on how to write following the Hero’s Journey. However, storytelling has developed, and contemporary audiences want stories about enlightenment and awakening. Attend Kim Hudson’s pioneering masterclass and learn how to write the new fresh storyline everyone is looking for. 

What you will learn:

  • how to craft a story, at any budget level, that creates a believable transformation and resonates with audiences;
  • the 13 beats of the Virgin’s Promise and multiple ways they can unfold including romance, coming of age, feel-good and horror genres;
  • how to write antagonists that grow rather than get eliminated and
  • the fundamental differences between Virgin and Hero structures and how they can work well together.

Day 1: Introduction to the feminine perspective: ‘The Virgin’s Promise’

Kim Hudson has named the personal growth perspective as “The Virgin’s Promise’. The Virgin’s Promise isn’t about sexuality – but about stories of enlightenment and awakening. Kim has taken this to extremes.  and even using the female Femme Fatale – one of the types of so-called feminine characters. Other movies she uses and compares are the Oscar-winning movies Moonlight and Three Billboards Outside Ebbing Missouri – movies that call upon this structure. On Day 1, Kim will introduce you to the first seven beats of the Virgin’s Promise feminine perspective story structure. She will lead a discussion on the difference between masculine and feminine story lines.

The first seven of thirteen beats are:

  1. Dependent World
  2. Price of Conformity
  3. Opportunity to Shine
  4. Dressing the Part
  5. Secret World
  6. No Longer Fits Her World
  7. Two Worlds Collide

    *In Kim’s November 2017 class, 23 out of 28 participants completed a treatment for a novel or screenplay – an outstanding result*

Day 2: How to conclude The Virgin’s Promise

Kim Hudson’s ground breaking work on feminine perspective stories divides her revolutionary paradigm The Virgin’s Promise Story Structure into 13 story beats. Learn how the last six beats of the Virgin’s Promise story structure, and with it gain new understanding of screenwriting and storytelling from the feminine perspective.

The beats eight – thirteen story beats are:

8. Gives Up What Kept ‘Her’ Stuck 9. Kingdom in Chaos 10. Wanders in the Wilderness 11. Chooses Her Light 12. The Reorder (Rescue) 13. The Kingdom is Brighter

*Discussion of the different elements of masculine and feminine perspective story telling and how they can work well together*

Who should attend

This class is NOT about women’s stories, or about stories about women. It is about stories of personal growth and enlightenment. No matter what kind of stories you want to write, you will find ground-breaking story innovation in this weekend that will help you with your documentary outlines, short and feature film scripts, TV shows and VR stories.

What they are saying:

“I met Kim Hudson at the Screenwriting Expo in Los Angeles. Everyone in the room was nodding in agreement as she spoke, wondering why no one had ever outlined the Virgin’s Journey before. The Virgin’s Promise is an essential tool for anyone looking to develop their own writing. It also makes a great companion piece to Campbell’s The Hero’s Journey.” – Tiffany Tang, LA   “I just knew that there was a funny feeling of something missing, something lopsided — like a jigsaw puzzle that’s missing all the pieces on one side. When I saw Kim’s work, I thought, “That’s it! She’s found the missing pieces!” Kim’s work not only makes me feel better as a female individual, it makes everything fit together intellectually as well.” – Karen V., Boston   “I have been hoping someone would take on this project of a comprehensive theory of drama from a feminine perspective, and I believe Kim Hudson has done exactly that with her personal growth theory. . Kim offers an eye-opening retelling of the universal human story from a feminine perspective, with quite different language and thinking than I had ever considered. Kim Hudson repeatedly pounds me with how much I didn’t know. You won’t find a more lucid guide to these sometimes challenging concepts of archetypes and psychological theory. Kim shows the variations of the male and female archetypes and their positive and negative potentials at different stages of life; these alone are worth the price of the class. The two approaches are seen as complimentary rather than confrontive, and combining them will give a complete set of language and mental tools for screenwriters and storytellers of all kinds.” – Christopher Vogler, Author The Hero’s Journey

About Kim Hudson

Kim Hudson Screenwriting from a feminine perspective

Kim Hudson is a pioneer in personal growth stories. She’s the originator of the ‘Virgin’ story structure. While a film student in Vancouver, Kim was told that all story from all time was based on one story, the Hero’s Journey, one universal story. Kim instantly recognised the power of the Hero’s journey and began a lifelong journey to adapt and innovate the Hero’s journey into a revolutionary paradigm to enhance the storytelling and screenwriting journey from the feminine perspective or stories of personal growth. For the next two decades she was thrown into her own quest to bring this new journey to life. Exploring mythology, psychology (Jung), story structure and hundreds of movies, Kim recognized a second story structure. She described it in her ground-breaking book, The Virgin’s Promise: Writing Stories of Creative, Spiritual and Sexual Awakening. Kim has an unusual background. She is trained in geological exploration and is a specialist in treaty negotiation with indigenous people. She is currently a Fellow with Simon Fraser University Centre for Dialogue and Director of the Two Ways of Knowing project. She presents her unique story class internationally. She currently lives in the Yukon, Canada with her daughters and dog. Read articles by Kim Hudson

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Writing Stories of Personal Growth Screenwriting Masterclass

  1. Bill Donovan

    I first heard Kim Hudson speak years ago at the Screenwriting Expo in Los Angeles, which I used to run. I asked her to be on the program because someone recommended her. Intuitively, I felt (from having read too many screenplays by men who wrote female characters as either sex objects or less muscular versions of men (or both) that she had much to say.

    Those who attended her session came away with extremely high praise, wanting to learn much more.

    Kim Hudson takes her deep insights into what makes the female character different from the male, and shows you how to tell her story in 13 steps – a model parallel to, but quite different from, the way Christopher Vogler gives you Joseph Campbell’s male Hero in a dozen story steps.

    These days, I proofread and provide notes to aspiring screenwriters. I tell all my clients, and I’m especially emphatic with male clients, to study Kim Hudson’s model for the strong female character.

    So here’s who should sign up for this course: female writer and directors (and for that matter, producers), yes, to improve your characters, but much more, every male screenwriting client of mine, every male director – and, for that matter, maybe even every male going through a rocky relationship with a woman. You’ll learn how to create a female movie character step by step, or how to fix the flaws in the way you have already structured the story of a female character – protagonist, antagonist, or secondary character.

  2. Naveen

    By far one of the best classes I took on screenwriting. The Virgin’s Promise offers everything that you know has been missing from traditional Screenwriting teaching.

    It’s not just about women. Kim Hudson’s instructions on storytelling are not just for female characters. Her insights apply equally to male characters, who are motivated by a deep understanding of their circumstances and the world around them. They offer a way to understand the motivations of any character at a deeper level. Personally, I find that the Hero’s Journey sets out the mechanics and the Virgin’s Promise explains the science behind the story.

    To understand Kim’s perspective is to ensure a successful screenplay.

  3. Caroline Georgieff

    The course ‘Writing Stories of Personal Growth’ by Kim Hudson offers an original and strong structure for both screenplay and fiction writers. The course follows the thirteen beats outlined in Kim’s book: “The Virgin’s Promise.’ These beats map out the circular journey the protagonist will travel to ultimately arrive back ‘home.’ Stories told from a feminine perspective are rooted in myth, folklore and fairytale and Kim brings these stories right up to the here and now and gives writers the tools and tips on how to create contemporary stories which are both universal and magical.

    Kim shows how the heroine or hero recognises the need to embark on a new path in search of creative, spiritual or sexual awakening to bring about change. The structure also supports the rising character arc leading to personal growth, transformation or enlightenment as he/she discovers his/her full potential, purpose in life or realises his/her dream. The journey from the dependent world to a brighter Kingdom encompasses the key stages and challenges the protagonist’s need to ‘be’ – complete, authentic or fulfilled.

    Kim’s story beats, role of archetypes and the roots of fairytale and myths in storytelling, opened my eyes and heart to set off on my writer’s journey. It was both a cathartic and rewarding experience. The thirteen beats solved the challenge and problems combining both the heroine’s and hero’s circular journey in a love story. She teaches the students how her structure can carry both journeys and ultimately how the hero and heroine can follow parallel paths, find space to grow in the story world and ultimately re-connect at the end.

    The course and book include many examples from films and these illustrate how the ‘Virgin’s Promise’ works for both female and male protagonists. I highly recommend Kim’s course for screenplay and fiction writers looking for inspiration and a fresh approach to their stories. Kim’s background in geology and work with indigenous people gives her a wealth of knowledge, insight and empathy into the human experience and our connection with the world we live in.

    Kim’s passion for storytelling and creative energy will stay with writers long after the course or story is over.

  4. Georgia

    Such a well delivered class, with amazing insights, and tools to use immediately, highly recommend.

  5. Simon Craven (verified owner)

    Don’t be fooed into thinking Kim’s approach to story development from a feminine perspective is just for female writers or female characters. Over two packed days she put the focus squarely on what makes a wide variety of male and female characters tick in their hearts and minds. Working with my own characters it helped me find a new way to their motivations, so that the beats of the story just flowed out of my fingertips. It’s about people, and their connections with themselves, with others and with the world around them others. Kim’s work in the room gave the whole weekend a relaxed but highly productive tone. It was a an entertaining, well-crafted and well-conducted course which I would recommend to any writer developing characters and stories for screen or audio drama.

  6. Andre Radmall (verified owner)

    An absolutely excellent workshop by Kim. She creates a fantastic atmosphere for safe learning. Our group had a great balance of energy and focus. As a psychotherapist and screenwriter I recognised many of the beats in the ‘Virgins Promise’. I guess its because it fits so well with narratives of personal, even spiritual transformation.

    This workshop gives a new and yet very ancient approach to storytelling. I liked what Kim said about it being complimentary to the ‘Hero’s Journey rather than in opposition to it.

    Kim took us through every beat of the Virgin’s journey with illustrations from film. At the end of the workshop we had a treatment and a story. So we had something to take away and continue working on.

    I liked the focus on connection with the characters true selves and their community. This seems a very important emphasis at a time in our history where so much is spoken about being separate and in opposition to the ‘other’.

    I have been on some very well respected screenwriting courses but this was by far the best and I heartily recommend it.

  7. Dr Barbara Vonau

    This is one of the first courses I have attended, so have little comparison. However, I felt very warmly welcomed and included. It was a very positive learning environment. I learned a lot both on a theoretical and practical level. The days were well structured. The cue cards are very useful and I intend to order some for future writing prompts. The feminine perspective is definitely a unique concept I want to practice and incorporate into my writing in the future.

  8. Sarah Tognazzi (verified owner)

    Kim delivers an incredibly inspiring workshop, suitable for writers and non-writers.

  9. Viktoria Szemeredy

    Kim’s approach to storytelling was a beautiful experience for me. Even though I am a psychologist, I learnt a lot from her, working with the archetypes from a completely different perspective. She illustrated her theory with well-chosen films. What more, she made us write during the course. After the two days I was not the only one coming up with a well-structured treatment from a feminine perspective. Needless to add, that her calm, open presence provided a safe and inspiring environment to work in. I do hope this course of hers will be followed by many more.

  10. Gemma (verified owner)

    The two day workshop; Screen Writing from a Feminine perspective was an extraordinary journey. I had high expectations based on reading Kim’s Book, The Virgin’s Promise but the experience was beyond, I already had an interest in the different ways of expressing The Feminine and having access to Kim’s understanding and articulation has been invaluable. We covered a lot of ground in seemingly effortless flow, there was such an enjoyable and productive energy in the room, this is all credit to the attention and detail that Kim has invested into this unique and energising workshop. I can’t imagine anyone leaving this workshop and feeling, not just entirely satisfied but also with a sense of awakening not just for writing but for life. It is such a gift to learn these rhythms, beats and patterns I can not express my thanks enough! Thank you!

  11. Ellen (verified owner)

    Kim has contributed something unique and valuable to our understanding of how to create, write and understand stories that involve personal change, growth and transformation. Her approach is truly brilliant and I’m so happy to have discovered it. It has taken my writing and my understanding of story to a new place. I recommend it to everyone, but especially to anyone who has felt that the hero’s journey has not ‘fit’ with the story they are trying to tell. Try the virgin’s journey and just maybe the proverbial slipper will fit.

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