Motion Graphics Foundation Certificate

Motion Graphics Foundation Certificate – Dubai

Duration: Five Monday evenings
Address: Raindance Film School, Al Wasl Villa 332-1195, Dubai, UAE
Price: AED 3500

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At a glance

  • Discover how to become a video creator
  • Learn about the best cameras and lenses
  • Taught by professional filmmakers

Motion Graphic offers a whole new medium for expression and creativity by integrating graphic design, animations, and audio to communicate complex ideas visually in a more compelling way.

What will it cover?


The module emphasis developing an understanding and awareness of the process involved in motion design animation.

  • Intro to motion design
  • Principles of motion design
  • Types of motion design
  • Industrial standard Tools and Technique.
  • Importance of Voiceover and sound-effects in deciding the tempo of animation
  • Graphic designing Fundamentals
  • Intro to traditional cell animation


Express your information visually using design language for triggering your creativity and imagination. 

  • Rules of Composition
  • A brief walkthrough on creating vector artwork
  • Typography in Design
  • Color theory basics


Introducing the core concepts and techniques used in creating motion graphics.

  • Introduction to shape layers
  • The art of keyframe animation
  • Creating a short animation utilizing the principles of motion design


An introduction to 3D content creation using cinema 4d.

  • A walkthrough of the Pipeline involved in 3D-Content creation such as NURBS and Polygonal Modeling, Texturing, Animation, Rigging, Dynamics, Lighting, and Rendering
  • Creating and animating 3D artwork


Combining 3D objects, text, audio, and other graphic elements into a motion design video.

  • A brief intro into 3D compositing for motion graphics artists
  • Kinetic Typography Techniques in after effects
  • Integrating audio into animations
  • Delivering your finished motion design artwork into variable formats for multiple social media platform

What will you achieve?

Students will work through a professional motion design process using industry-standard tools and learn the best practice.

How will you be taught?

A mix of lecture-style, demonstration, and also practical instruction with tutor guidance.

Who should attend?

This course is suitable for those who wish to create animated digital content to better narrate their ideas.

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