Moneyball for Film Investors and Producers

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About Moneyball for Film Investors and Producers

Four in five US-produced films fail to make any profit at all from their theatrical release. Can big data research help producers and investors back films films with a better chance of commercial and critical success? Is it possible to moneyball your film investment and still back a great film? Spend an evening at Raindance and find out.
Presenter Kira-Anne Pelican argues that the answer is yes. In this two and a half hour session, you’ll learn how Hollywood studios evaluate their projects and forecast box office revenues. You’ll also learn how pre-production, post-production and distribution factors contribute towards a film’s box office success or failure.
Whether you’re considering investing in a high end thriller with a well-known cast, or a horror made on a shoestring budget, there’ll be something in this session for you. This is a vital session for all film investors who want to make better decisions about their investments.

Who Should Attend Moneyball for Investors

Investors who want to better understand how to evaluate prospective film investments.
Producers who want to make sure they’re up to speed with the latest research when forecasting revenues.

What will you learn from Moneyball for Investors

  • Art versus Commerce films
  • How Hollywood studios assess their projects
  • How to evaluate the screenplay
  • Whether some types of characters are more popular than others
  • Whether cast and crew can really make or break the film
  • How production factors impact ticket sales
  • How the distribution deal and release window contribute towards ticket sales
  • The relationship between critics, awards, buzz and the box office
  • AI and the future of box office forecasting

How will you be taught

The evening will be a presenter-led session based on the latest research.

About the Tutor

Kira-Anne Pelican is a script consultant, a researcher and a lecturer in screenwriting. She has 25 years of experience working in the British, American and Chinese film and TV industries. She is widely credited with developing Deep Characterisation as a storytelling tool.

She began her career assisting director Stanley Kubrick in the production of Eyes Wide Shut (1999). Next followed a stint working within the BBC’s groundbreaking Virtual Studios department. Then Kira-Anne took posts as a Visual Effects Technical Director and VFX Producer for ESC Entertainment, a Warner Bros company. She also worked in the production of The Matrix Revolutions (2003), The Matrix Reloaded (2003), Catwoman (2004) and The Ladykillers(2004),

Kira-Anne retrained in screenwriting at UCLA. She wrote two original TV series which were optioned and developed by the BBC and ITV, before founding filmscribe.co.uk, her screenplay consultancy, in 2006. Since then Kira-Anne has worked with hundreds of writers and producers across the world and specialises in character development, transnational story consultancy and box office forecasting.

In 2017, Kira-Anne was awarded a PhD for her research into forecasting a film’s box office from its narrative using deep data and the psychological tools she has developed for her deep Characterisation Workshop.

Raindance is thrilled and honoured to be presenting Moneyball for Investors in London.

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Moneyball for Film Investors and Producers

  1. Christopher Norris

    Whistlestop tour of the nuts, bolts and rivets of film finance and investment strategy. Aimed at delegates who realise that the movies are serious business where only hard work, granular research and focused dedication is rewarded with the chance of success. A realistic snapshot of the current state of the film industry that doesn’t pull punches and takes the view that forearmed is forewarned. Required training for film investors and producers keen to dip more than their toes in the water.

  2. jason (verified owner)

    I attended this course online. It was easy to hear, but I will say that it was hard to see the slides. We did get the slides afterward, though, and the presenter did a wonderful job of explaining the subject matter, so this is something that did not ruin the experience for me. There was a lot of great information, and the presenter took the time to take questions from both the online and offline attendees. Overall, I feel that I received good value for my money.

  3. Barbara Vonau

    Excellent presentation giving insight into the topic, very expertly delivered scientific data, very informative and useful also for screenwriters, regarding which character types and genres are a popular choice and what genre to go for as a new writer.

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