Marketing Skills for Creatives: Raindance Dubai

Marketing Skills for Creative Media – Dubai

Duration:  One Sunday Morning (11am-2pm) or Evening (6-9pm)
Address: Raindance Film School, Al Wasl Villa 332-1195, Dubai, UAE
Price: AED 600
Next Start Date: April 4 (6-9pm), April 11 (11am-2pm), April 25 (11am-2pm), May 2 (11am-2pm), May 9 (11am-2pm), May 23 (6-9pm) or May 30 (6-9pm)

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To be successful and sustainable, today’s professional is often versatile and enterprising, maintaining a portfolio career in which they are able to fully exploit their complete range of skills. Knowledge of your professional strengths and identity is the first step towards building a strategy that will inform your route towards professionalism.

What will you learn?

The course intends to support students in developing their reflective practice and defining areas for personal professional development, in the context of a growing awareness of the broad scope of creative media industry. You will define and implement personal professional development plans through an investigation of the skills necessary to successfully pursue a career in the creative industries.

The course is designed to develop an awareness of the breadth of the industry and the opportunities and challenges within, is a key skill for those entering the field. Evaluating one’s own aims and ambitions, in relation to the roles within the industry, allows for planning and growth toward a desired future.

What will it cover?

Resume: Your Resume plays an important role in acquiring jobs in the film industry. A lot of filmmakers believe that they do not need a CV. This has been proven wrong because the purpose of your resume is to show that you have both technical and people skills. You will gain knowledge about on creative productions, how the Producer/artist will ask to see your Resume before hiring you.

Showreel: It is your showreel that really matters. Your production reel is one of the most important elements to utilize when marketing yourself and your filmmaking skills. There are some things that you need to keep in mind, When cutting a reel together, such as making multiple reels, spreading quality content throughout the entire reel, and keeping the overall reel short and to the point.

Websites: Having your own portfolio website is the perfect place for clients to contact you. It is a showcase of your work in a wide range of presenting work. Although, Websites are crucial but try to make it simple, the simpler and easier it is to navigate and view your best work quickly and efficiently, the better. 

Networking: Your network is everything! It is important to know how to network in the creative media industry. Fill your life with creative friends by attending events that filmmakers, actors, directors and artists attend.  

Social Media: By engaging with industry people on social media, which is an effective tool to connect via LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and more. This is a great way to follow-up with your connections here. You need to learn how to be genuine and consistent when follow-up.

Business cards: Business cards again an effective tool of networking where you can share your contact information with industry professionals. You will get to learn what information is necessary to add in cards and how It helps to reach to companies by sharing your latest work.

What will you achieve?

The aim of the course is to follow a theory-based learning with hands-on class activities where you will develop an understanding and gain knowledge on:

  • How to build an effective showreel
  • Do’s and Don’ts when creating an IMDb and LinkedIn account
  • How to buy domain for Websites 
  • Application of knowledge for a tech-Portfolio
  • Playing a role to Be and Entrepreneur 

Who is this course for?

This course is for students and industry entrants who want to get better on their knowledge and skills when marketing their skills. This will help them to know how to market yourself with the help of specific learning and tech skills to introduce themselves in the creative market.

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