Why book a one to one taster session?

The Raindance MA in Filmmaking is unlike any other film school in the world.

It’s not just that you’ll get a privileged access to the Raindance Film Festival. Any other degree is so prescriptive you have to tick someone else’s boxes.

This flexible learning environment follows a set framework and enables you to follow a bespoke curriculum, tailored to your creative and professional aspirations: you set your own goals, develop your own learning activities, and get the support that you need from our team of tutors.

This degree is delivered by Raindance in partnership with De Montfort University.

What the Raindance MA in Filmmaking is all about

This degree is unlike any other film school: its only aim is to empower you to become the filmmaker you aspire to be. As a student in this flexible learning degree, you will be designing your own pathway, develop your project, learn the skills that you need in order to progress, and find a foothold in the industry. When you graduate, you will not just have a degree, you will also have developed a strong creative voice and have madeĀ your film, a calling card to the next steps.

Our graduates have explored:

  • feature film writing,
  • developing proof-of-concept short films,
  • producing low-budget films,
  • exploring genre,
  • creating virtual reality experiences,
  • bringing genre screenwriting to gaming,
  • directing short and features films,
  • designing festival strategies…

By booking a one-to-one session with a member of the our MA in Filmmaking team, you’ll be able to see how this tailored programme will enable you to:

  • jump-start your career,
  • find a foothold in the industry,
  • build your audience,
  • strengthen your creative voice.

The Raindance MA in Filmmaking is what you always wanted your film school experience to be. Bring us your questions, and we’ll give you an idea of what this degree will bring you!

To book a taster session, email us on: masters@raindance.org


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