Legal Lockdown Sessions: Directors’ agreements

Legal Lockdown Sessions: Directors’ agreements


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Session 3 of the 5 part Filmmakers’ Legal Lockdown Series
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What you will learn

Session 3- Directors’ agreements 

One key step in the process of filmmaking is appointing a director.  Quite apart from sharing a creative vision, the director will need to understand what the producer expects in terms of delivery and the timeline within which the pre- production, principal photography and post is to happen.  In this session we will consider the key components of a director’s agreement.  We will also revisit some of the standard contractual terms considered in Series 1 that will apply to most if not all of the agreements to be signed by the principal contributors to a film.
  • Director’s commitment: first call
  • Director as the author of copyright in a film: moral rights
  • Payment provisions: pay-or-play; back-end participation
  • Director’s obligations; script, casting, budgeting, on-set, post
  • Standard contractual provisions

About the course

Each lecture will focus on one of the important areas where legal issues need to be clearly understood by filmmakers.

Each segment is one hour long and presented on Zoom software. You will need WiFi to join the class.

Who Should Attend?

Those planning and/or engaging in the development and production of films, programmes and other audio-visual works – producers, financiers, directors, writers, composers – in fact anyone interested in the practical realities of filmmaking. 

About Tony Morris

Getting Your Film's Legals Right

Tony Morris has more than 40 years’ experience as a lawyer working across the media, entertainment and technology industries. His main focus is clients operating in the film, television and music industries – not only in the UK but also in the USA, Europe and elsewhere.

Tony has been lecturing regularly since 1997, most recently and currently as the provider of the legal module for the Raindance course for Independent Film Producers, as a guest lecturer at the National Film and Television School and at the University of Portsmouth.

Tony has published dozens of articles and commentaries on a wide range of media and entertainment legal topics in the industry and national press and has appeared as a commentator on both radio and television. He is the author of ‘The Filmmakers’ Legal Guide’ now in its second edition.

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