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Introduction to Filmmaking – Dubai

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Address: Raindance Film School, Al Wasl Villa 332-1195, Dubai, UAE
Price: AED 2200 or AED 600 for stand-alone session
Duration: Four Monday Evenings (6-9pm)
Next Start Date: May 31

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At a glance

  • The perfect film class series designed to get you making films
  • Meet fellow filmmakers and collaborate on the art of film
  • Taught by professional filmmakers

Filmmaking involves countless steps and processes, starting with the initial development, financing, and pre-production stage, leading onto the production and post-production, followed by seeking distribution for your finished work. But that is just the very core of what it takes to create a film. This theory-based course is designed to introduce you to the various areas and practices within the industry. Through in-class practical showcases and group discussions, you will gain the necessary confidence and skills to understand what it takes to practice directing, screenwriting, cinematography and editing.

What you will learn

You will develop an in-depth understanding of the process of the industry, from the studio system to independent filmmaking. You will also see the importance of teamwork and roles on set, how to brainstorm an idea into a script and how to think outside the box for storytelling.

Week 1: Welcome to Filmmaking

An introduction to filmmaking means understanding the history of cinema. This session covers the origins of film and tracks its history from the first cinema to the advancement of present-day technologies.

  • History of entertainment
  • The birth of cinema
  • Early technology in film
  • Various film formats
  • Influence of society
  • Introduction to film editing
  • Film vs. digital
  • From talkies, to color film, to 3D cinema
  • Fantasound
  • Types of media
  • How is a film made?
  • 3 steps: Pre-production, Production and Post-production
  • Fourth step: distribution

Week 2: Pre-Production

This session covers the introduction to fully understanding the beginning stages of making a film. From the early stages of idea and script development to set hierarchy and roles, you will begin to learn the importance of organization, budgeting and ensuring that preparation is vital in the success of making a film.

  • Idea and conceptualization
  • Writing a story – 12 Steps of Hero’s Journey
  • Screenwriting
  • Dialogue that works
  • Adaptation – The 3 Act Structure
  • Finding crew members
  • Working with a full/zero budget
  • Understanding mood
  • Location scouting
  • Production design and art direction
  • Prepping a shoot day
  • Camera shot lists/breakdowns
  • Call sheets and scheduling
  • Table reads

Week 3: Production

This session covers everything you need to know about cameras, sound recording equipment and lighting on a production.

  • Multiple formats of footage
  • RAW vs. compressed
  • The crew relationship
  • Directing the camera
  • Thinking cinematically
  • Light as expression
  • Working a scene
  • Audio on set
  • Contracts and NDAs
  • DIT and essential on set crew

Week 4: Post-Production

Post-production can make or break a film. This session looks at arguably the most important stage of filmmaking to understand everything about editing and audio theories and applying those theories while experiencing a demonstration edit in class. The session will end on the final stages of what happens when the film is finished and ready for distribution and the festival circuit.

  • Post-production process
  • Ingesting and organizing
  • Editing styles
  • The director/editor relationship
  • Rules of editing
  • Continuity in film editing
  • Audio and color practices in post-production
  • Picture lock
  • Multiple export formats
  • Film festival run
  • Online distribution
  • The film community
  • Prepping your first shoot

Who should take the course?

Whether you are an aspiring filmmaker or simply a lover of cinema, this course will give you a better understanding of how the film industry works. This is an opportunity to learn about the various roles available, explore new career options, and most importantly network and ask questions!

Did you know?

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1 review for Introduction to Filmmaking – Dubai

  1. Melina G

    An incredibly instructive and well structured course that covers all aspects of filmmaking. The lecturer is highly knowledgeable, and all lessons were thoroughly enjoyable – highly recommended.

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