Introduction to Acting - Raindance Film School Dubai

Introduction to Acting – Dubai

Duration:  Five Sunday evenings
Address: Raindance Film School, Al Wasl Villa 332-1195, Dubai, UAE
Price: AED 3500
Next Start Date: May 23 (6-9pm)

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At a glance

  • Learn how to best rehearse scenes
  • Look into characterization of your role
  • Taught by professional filmmakers

Whether you are hoping to pursue a career as an actor, or you are just looking for a fun way to learn some new skills, this course is for you. 

What it will cover

In a friendly and supportive environment, you will:

  • Rehearse a scene from a play
  • Discover the role of body and voice in acting
  • Enhance skills in working supportively with others
  • Look at characterization using imagination and improvisation
  • Work with experienced tutors who will nurture your confidence and creativity.

Who should attend?

  • People who are new to acting
  • Everyone regardless of prior experience or training
  • People who are looking for a creative way to improve their confidence and public speaking skills.


Introduction to Practical Aesthetics 

What is the character literally doing? What does the character want the other character to do in the scene? What is the actor doing onstage to achieve this goal? The “As if” which personalizes it. Alternatively: What is this to me?

This technique work on the experience of acting entirely based on the will of the actor. It is in response to “The Method,” which some believe uses more introverted and self-based practices. The Practical Aesthetic asks an actor only to commit his will to the pursuit of an action based on the other actor.

Thinking before You Act: Scene Analysis 

What is driving the character in the scene? What do they want? or more specific, what do they want the other character or characters to do? or more specifically, as a verb, what do they want them to do? 


The Want 

What is your character’s want? Who Am I? Where Am I? When Is It? What Do I Want? Why Do I Want It? How Will I Get It? What Do I Need to Overcome?


The Essential Action (The Key to Compelling Characterization) 

The Essential Action offers the actor a way of taking the essence of what the character is doing and turning it into something that he or she can do too.


The “As if” 

“Magic if” or the practice of imagining the actor in the circumstances of the character. In rehearsal, the actor develops imaginary stimuli, usually including imagined (imagination?) sensory elements, which help them to enter into the character’s given circumstances. It is necessary to understand that what the character is doing and what the actor is doing are separate. As If – As if relates to the “essential action” to the actor’s own life.

DAY 5 

Actor Tools 

The most essential acting tools are voice, body, and imagination. If you think about it, these three things inform all of the more specific techniques an actor might utilize when crafting a character or performance.

How will it be taught?

A mix of lecture-style, demonstration, brainstorming, and thinking out of the box, with practical instruction with tutor guidance.

What will you achieve?

On completion of the Acting introduction course, the student will have the skills, knowledge, and confidence to use their body, voice, and imagination to perform, and will learn the fundamentals of the magic “As if”, how to analyze the character and learn what the character wants. This course will develop an in-depth understanding of how to become an Actor.

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