Independent Filmmaking – Dubai


Next start date: Saturday 3rd & 10th October, 11am-6pm
Duration: Two Saturdays
Address: Raindance Film School, Al Wasl Villa 332-1195, Dubai, UAE
Cost: £195 (approximately AED 961.52*)

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About the Independent Filmmaking Course

Making films can be expensive. Especially when you have a huge crew and multiple locations involved. But what if you had few simple rules to follow that allowed you to stay in budget and keep the essence of your movie intact? New technology means it has never been cheaper to make a movie, if you know the insider tips and secrets that will allow you to maximise your budget and put value for money on the screen.

This course is listed as £195, approximately AED 961.52* 

What will the Independent Filmmaking course cover?

You’ll learn a step-by-step process that uses proven cost-effective, low budget filmmaking techniques by considering the best and most efficient ways to produce, direct, shoot and edit a sellable film.

Session 1: Getting Everything in Order

To break the rules of filmmaking you need to learn the fundamentals of craft first. This first session will give you an in depth look at the world of cinema and what is expected from filmmakers. 

  • Rules of micro budget filmmaking
  • Choosing your budget
  • Limiting your locations and days
  • Where to source your finances
  • Screenwriting 101
  • Pitching your film to producers and crew
  • Building confidence as a director 
  • The right places to film in Dubai for little to no budget
  • Making a list of festivals from the start

Session 2: The Shoot

Once you have your cast and crew assembled, managing the actual shoot is a logistical and creative challenge. Learn how everything you do at this stage will have a ripple effect to the very last step of your film.

  • Choosing the right camera
  • Audio on set
  • Essential crew
  • Guerilla filmmaking explained
  • Set design on a budget 
  • Vendors in Dubai with access to sets 
  • Working with production houses in media hubs around UAE 
  • Casting actors
  • Working with actors and rehearsals
  • Typical low budget genres 

Session 3: Post Production

Now that the craziness of the shoot is over, a filmmaker can settle into the editing and post-production process. 

  • The role of the editor 
  • Simple set-up for a post-production suite 
  • The power of sound design
  • Working with a composer 
  • ADR, foley and music in your film
  • Editing techniques
  • Delivering to multiple platforms 

Session 4: Releasing the film

Now that post-production is done, the final step begins. Marketing and publicity is the secret to independent film success. 

  • Social media promotion 
  • Creating an effective press release 
  • Distribution and marketing – the right way for microbudgets 
  • Targeting the right festivals with zero budget 
  • Looking out for film markets and buyers 
  • Understanding that story of the film sells above all 

What will you achieve?

You’ll learn a step-by-step process that uses proven cost-effective, low budget filmmaking techniques by considering the best and most efficient ways to produce, direct, shoot and edit a sellable film.

Who should attend?

Sometimes limitations can be a huge asset. This course is designed for anyone looking at turning their story into a film with little resources but plenty of ambition. The course teaches the basics of learning how to work with a microbudget and navigating multiple roles on set, alongside hiring the right crew members for the job. If you’re looking to turn disadvantages into advantages then this course is perfect for you.

Did you know?

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  • This course is FREE for our HND students
  • Raindance doesn’t teach screenwriting. Raindance makes screenwriters.
  • The Raindance Guarantee: If this course fails to meet your expectations, let us know at the break and we will make a full, 100% no-questions-asked refund

*Final course cost is subject to currency conversion rate at the time of purchase.


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