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The Lockdown Session: How to Make a Movie at Home That’s Not a Home Movie

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At A Glance

  • Welcome to Raindance Lockdown Sessions
  • Enjoy professional film education wherever you are
  • An hour of short sharp advice from a leading professional

Everyone is bored SHITLESS and wants to flex their creative muscles while on lockdown, and make a film with what you have at home. The question is how can you make a movie at home that isn’t a home movie.

Who should attend?

It seems ovious who should attend. Basically, anyone who want to make a movie. Be you an experienced professional, a recent or current film student, or an emerging filmmaker, you will find useful and engaging ideas in this lockedown session.

What you will learn?

  • How to write a bloody brilliant short to make at home,
  • How to get a decent performance from your girlfriend, boyfriend, dog, cat, child….(delete where appropriate),
  • How max out home production value,
  • Making a music video at home,
  • Sticking your short of social media and getting people to watch it.

About presenter Simon Hunter

Simon Hunter is a filmmaker who can teach. He has directed three features that have had theatrical release, including Edie, which premiered at Raindance 2017 and secured distribution in the UK, US and Germany. He has directed over 150 commercials. There simply aren’t any other film directing courses presented by a filmmaker with this level of current experience.

Simon’s latest film, EDIE starring the iconic British actress Sheila Hancock has enjoyed a five+ week theatrical release. Rarely does one get a chance to learn from someone who has a movie that has received such acclaim. In addition to the creative side of directing, few are better to explain the commercial side as well.

Simon also directed the 2019 and 20120 Raindance Film Festival Advert

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2 reviews for The Lockdown Session: How to Make a Movie at Home That’s Not a Home Movie

  1. Laura Sansom (verified owner)

    Very enjoyable course presented with great information, support but mainly encouragement to get on with your filming. A very honest approach to the subject / content.

  2. Cian O’Leary (verified owner)

    Some great ideas to think about in this session.

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