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[NEW] Hands-on Practical Effects Weekend Masterclass


Price: £299.94 + £50 for course materials
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One Weekend
Address: Raindance Film Centre, 10a Craven Street, London, WC2N 5PE
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Hands-on practical effects is one of the easiest ways to add production values to a movie. But these effects can cost a whole lot of money – unless you know how to create them yourself. Learn to create practical effects in a single weekend: blood, guts and gore.

This weekend masterclass, with top professional Robbie Drake, will show the hidden secrets and top tips used by industry insiders. Learn the techniques you need to know to make fantastic special effects that make it appear like you’ve spent a fortune.

Day 1- getting started

Learn how to set up a work-flow to create the effects you need. Tools, materials and equipment are all explained in an easy-to-understand day. Please wear comfortable clothes and be prepared for splatter. This course is demonstration and practical work.

  • Introduction to the course
  • Introduction to Prosthetics
  • Materials and tools
  • Sculpting demonstration
  • Practice moulding prosthetic sculptures.

Day 2 – advanced techniques

On Day 2 Robbie explains how to create stunning effects including how to sever limbs and fingers using moulds. You will also learn how the effects artists prepare festering wounds and sores for actors and make them look realistic through colouring and makeup techniques.

  • Demoulding and cleaning moulds
  • Prepping moulds and and running prosthetics
  • Prepping models and applying prosthetics
  • Colouring prosthetics
  • Removal of prosthetics and cleanup

Who Should Attend

Whether you want to shock and impress your friends with convincing zombie-like effects, or simply make realsitic practical effects in your own movie – this is the class for you. This fun-filled weekend masterclass is ideal for writers, directors and film producers seeking insider information on practical effects. It will also provide participants the knowledge to be able to create these amazing effects in their own movies (or on their own friends!).

About The Tutor

Your tutor Robbie Drake has a list of movie credits a metre long. He has been working as an FX makeup artist for over 30 years, on TV Film and Theatre. TV shows such as The Two Ronnies and Max Headroom, also theatre shows such as Phantom of the Opera and Shrek. feature films including Beauty and the Beast, Attack the Block and Cockney Vs Zombies. Robbie has a very hands on and fun teaching style, and you will leave smiling. This course is designed to suit all levels.

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[NEW] Hands-on Practical Effects Weekend Masterclass

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