*LAST CHANCE EVER* Hands-On Directing: Part One

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Last chance ever
This will be the final run of this course
Next date:
Saturday and Sunday 13th / 14th March 2021, 10:00 – 17:00
Address: Raindance Film Centre, 10a Craven Street, London, WC2N 5PE
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About Hands-On Directing: Part One

For over forty years Patrick Tucker has directed film, TV and stage.

The director is ultimately responsible for every image and sound that appears on the screen. Learn the art and craft of film directing by getting behind the camera and shooting a scene yourself with Patrick Tucker. That’s why this weekend masterclass is called Hands-on Directing.

This intensive weekend masterclass teaches students the techniques behind maximising the performance of the cast while realising the importance of the ultimate audience – the camera. Attendees will be given a number of practical exercises to undertake, including directing a short dramatic scene.

What will it cover?

Day 1: The Grammar of Directing

  • Shooting techniques
  • Framing
  • Roots and reasons for selecting a camera style
  • The grammar of single camera placement
  • Style – approaching the script in an individual way
  • Shooting script – developing your visual shorthand
  • Reading and analysing the script
  • Storyboarding vs. the scene sheet
  • Screen geometry
  • The ‘line’ – what it is and how to avoid crossing it
  • Lenses – eyelines, hitting the mark, blocking, the ‘look’
  • Long, medium and close-up acting

Day 2: Working with the Camera

  • Audience and camera movement
  • Directing the actors – communicating your vision
  • The edit – shooting coverage, thinking in advance
  • Shooting tips – save money and creating a distinctive look
  • Organising the shoot and actors professionally
  • Crew – maximising human resources
  • The showreel – a director’s resume
  • Examples of good and bad directing
  • Career opportunities for directors

What will you achieve?

On completion of Hands-On Directing: Part One, students will have acquired the skills, knowledge and practical experience to then step behind the camera and direct your own projects.
How will you be taught?

A mix of lecture-style, demonstration and also practical instruction with tutor guidance. In addition, students will have the opportunity to direct a short dramatic scene.

Who should attend?

Hands-On Directing is suitable for beginner directors, as well as those with a small amount of experience looking to improve their practical skills and develop their own directorial expression. It is also suitable for those with some theoretical knowledge of directing seeking practical experience.

About Patrick Tucker

Patrick Tucker
Patrick Tucker is an internationally acclaimed stage and screen director with over 150 screen drama credits, in addition to over 100 stage credits. He is also the founder of the innovative Original Shakespeare Company.
Patrick is the author of seven books, including the award-winning Secrets of Screen Acting (now in its 2nd edition) and The Actor’s Survival Handbook. He has been teaching Hands-On Directing workshops for Raindance for over 20 years. Students who have particiapted in this class are invited to attend Hands-on Directing Part 2.

What they’re saying about Patrick Tucker

It was an amazing week-end, I’ve learned so many things even though I’ve been working for 17 years in TV!

I loved that Patrick’s teaching is pragmatic and down-to-earth, coming from a long and varied directing career, rather than from a theoretical perspective. Excellent use of film clips to illustrate his teaching. The shooting exercise with tutor feedback was a great education. But really, the whole weekend was packed with little gems of technique. I have recommended the workshop to friends already.

Patrick’s deep experience, fierce intelligence and meticulous planning, combined with an obvious passion for his craft of directing, made for a compelling and highly worthwhile weekend of learning. I greatly look forward to the second part of the course.

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*LAST CHANCE EVER* Hands-On Directing: Part One

  1. Lucy Linger

    Hands on is right! Wow, what an incredible course, I shot 2 scenes, created 2 story boards, worked with camera, sound, actors, watched how the directors of the past get it right and wrong and left knowing better what I really truly need to do. Am I overwhelmed? A little. Am I inspired? Damn right! Highly recommend


    Patrick is a brilliant and he has clearly put a lot of experience into his workshop, which is impeccably structured, packed with amazing material and practical advice, yet entertaining. The shooting on both days, carefully reviewed, is a mind-opening experience. A truly inspiring course, I can’t wait to attend part II.

  3. Simon Kureshi

    A great weekend which delves into the Art of directing for film. The tutor uses is vast experience to highlight key aspects in the film making process. Highly practical and very much recommend for those people wanting to direct in the future.

  4. Ngozi

    Patrick Tucker is an amazing man who’s not only passionate about his craft but also passionate about teaching it. His enthusiasm means that his classes are engaging, informative, energetic and packed full of helpful practical hints that will send you on your way. Also, he provides you with a course outline which contains reading lists, websites to visit and notes that recap and give short examples of what was taught. All this and handouts at every turn.

    Honestly, if you’re thinking of doing this course it will be the best £299.94 you’ll have spent.

  5. doug fishbone

    I had an excellent experience. Patrick is very engaging and I would recommend the course for people looking, like I was, for a good overview of directing. I hope to take his follow-on course one of these days as well.

  6. Nicoló Riboni (verified owner)

    Patrick has a great deal of experience to share. In a funny, provocative two day workshop he gives you a refreshing reminder of the fundamentals and he tailor the class to your level of experience. Definitely to attend the workshop if you want to get some insight from years and years of practice. Practical exercise will help you understand the theory beneath. 5/5

  7. Tracy Lee Gardener

    I learned so much in 2 days, it was very informative and challenged you practacally with hands on experience. The class really got you thinking and learning it was also great to learn from an industry professional who has actually worked as a director, he had so much knowledge to teach you with it was amazing. I will be doing the follow on course part 2 i cant wait.

  8. Victoria (verified owner)

    Excellent course. So much information and Patrick is an engaging and encouraging teacher. Looking forward to part two. Thank you Patrick for a brilliant weekend!

  9. Herty

    Amazing weekend on this course. Patrick is both knowledgeable and witty, making the information go down well. Also the practical opportunities to actually make film, ‘hands on’, are worth it. Definitely recommend this if you want to know the tricks of the trade, the more practical stuff you don’t get from books :)!

  10. Aline Jewell

    Hands-On-Directing excelled my expectations at every level. Patrick’s knowledge and experience combined with his charisma make the course really worthwhile. We have the bonus of practising ‘hands on’ in class the shooting/directing of a scene with valuable feedback at the end. Long live Patrick Tucker!

  11. Aline Jewell

    Hands-On-Directing excelled my expectations at every level. Patrick’s knowledge and experience combined with his charisma make this course really worthwhile. We have the bonus of practising in class the shooting/directing of a scene with valuable feedback at the end. Long live Patrick Tucker!

  12. Cian O’leary

    Excellent course with an excellent instructor. Patrick is incredibly engaging and packs a huge amount into the 2 days. Would highly recommend.

  13. OA (verified owner)

    This, was a really really really good class. Highly engaging, interactive, entertaining and easy to relate with as Patrick used several examples from his career. I took the class as an industry beginner but there were a few novices and a few experienced people in the class. I can’t speak for others, but it felt like everyone quite enjoyed it. Barely a day later, I notice that I’ve started observing technique and appreciating the craft and skill in everything I’ve watched today. Recommended…

  14. Lisa Fulthorpe

    Just what I needed – it was fun, engaging and was everything I’d hoped for, will be doing the next one!

  15. Ola Hoglund (verified owner)

    If I wouldn’t have taken Patrick Tuckers course I would have made mistakes when directing that could make a big difference. Packed with great tips that you can’t read in any book on directing and also tips that questions and contradicts what you read in books. It doesn’t hurt that Patrick is such an entertaining character while delivering all these gems. I hope to bring him to Sweden. I really want to take part two as soon as I can.

  16. vamsi tiguti (verified owner)

    Brilliant- get those nuggets that film schools don’t teach

  17. Steve Watson

    I am ashamed to say that i spent 3 years studying Media Production and Video and run up a huge debt. How was i supposed to know that i could have saved myself a ton of money and been taught by an incredible Director. You guys need to make more of this. I’m sure that it should be made compulsory that every boy girl, woman and man and anyone else venturing into the world of films, attends this course. It was great to get first hand experience, working with a great director and being taught all the other business that is lacking from a University Degree. So affordable. Rock the Boat!!!

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