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Hands-On Directing: Part Two

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One weekend
Address: Raindance Film Centre, 10a Craven Street, London, WC2N 5PE
You need to have completed Hands On Directing Part 1 or have the equivalent training to embark on Hands On Directing Part 2
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Part Two of the Hands on Directing for Film and Television Workshop

Patrick Tucker’s weekend class continues where Hands-on Directing Part One left off – and is very much for the many of you who have already done the first workshop.

Using the same mixture of lectures, film clips, anecdotes and hands on experience, it deals with:

Advanced screen acting – looking specifically at the acting of Robert De Niro, Al Pacino and Meryl Streep to see what it is they actually do that makes their performances so powerful;

Auditions and interviews – both will be experienced and analysed to see what is the most effective way of choosing the right cast;

Advanced staging – dealing with complex situations such as fights, chases, and complex meal sequences;

Screen composition – seeing how the screen is not symmetrical; the effects of using different parts of it (and why actresses always insist their left profile is best);

The Single Developing Shot – analysing this most popular and effective of directorial choices, with everyone getting to plan such a sequence, with a number of them being filmed and shown back (outside actors will be brought in to act these);

Different styles of directing – needed for the straight single drama, for continuous drama, and for soap drama (and multi-camera directing will also be dealt with);

High Definition – the pluses (and few minuses) of this new working medium as far as a director is concerned.

The course will empower you with specific tips for working with each department: first assistant; camera; sound; design; editing and post production.

Participants are encouraged to bring in short film clips to be looked at and analysed at the Hands-on Directing Part 2 masterclass.

Open to students who have completed Hands On Directing Part 1 or who have the necessary relevant experience [Hands On Directing Part 1 HERE]

Who Should Attend

Film Directors with some previous experience seeking additional training.

About Patrick Tucker

Patrick Tucker started directing for the stage in 1968, and for the screen in 1976, and has directed over 250 theatre productions and over 200 dramas for the screen (including one feature) at venues all over the world. His last stage work was Measure, For Measure for the Blackfriars Theatre in Virginia, and on screen a Russian sit-com Olympiada 80 filmed in Latvia (in Russian). He has lectured and run courses on the various aspects of acting and directing since the mid-1970s (presenting directing workshops for Raindance since 1997), and his books Secrets of Acting Shakespeare (Routledge 2nd Ed. 2017) and Secrets of Screen Acting (3rd Ed. Routledge 2014) contain many original insights – as do his workshops.

What they are saying about Hands On Directing

I come from an art direction and photography background and Patrick’s teachings allowed me to understand how I would employ my existing professional creativity in a new medium.

The demonstrations and excerpts from the movies to explain clearly.
It was an amazing week-end, I’ve learned so many things even though I’ve been working for 17 years in TV!!!
– Anon

A very practical course by an experienced and knowledgeable tutor.
– Moa

Overall: loved that Patrick’s teaching is pragmatic and down-to-earth, coming from a long and varied directing career, rather than from a theoretical perspective[…] But really, the whole weekend was packed with little gems of technique. I have recommended the workshop to friends already.
– Karen Z.

The favorite aspect of the course was Patrick’s way of teaching. He is undoubtedly the most excellent tutor I have ever met. He makes you understand every bit with crystal clear thoughts. A gem of a tutor !
– Anon

the tutor’s thorough knowledge of his “craft” and experience gained over the years that he was sharing with us. Priceless!
– Anon

Patrick’s deep experience, fierce intelligence and meticulous planning, combined with an obvious passion for his craft of directing, made for a compelling and highly worthwhile weekend of learning. I greatly look forward to the second part of the course!
– Graeme

I loved every minute of Hands-on Directing. The night before the course I went out with few friends with experience in directing movies and had nothing to contribute to their discussions, one night after the course they were buying me drinks just to hear me talking about directing. I can’t wait for the second part.
– Shahryar Niroomand

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Hands-On Directing: Part Two

  1. Nicoló

    I feel like Neo after they uploaded martial arts into his brain. Now need a gym to practice my “Kung fu”. Will take a while to process all that informations.
    If you are thinking whether is worth it or not, it is!

  2. Ame (verified owner)

    Condensed one month’s tuition in 2 days! Perfect for new directors who want to get their heads around different shots, styles, crossing 180 line issues, and general tips, especially for one take shots. Recommend!

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