The Lockdown Sessions: Financing in 2020 for Indie Filmmakers

The Lockdown Sessions: Financing in 2020 for Indie Filmmakers

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At a glance

  • Welcome to Raindance Lockdown Sessions
  • Enjoy professional film education wherever you are
  • An hour of relevant and practical advice from an industry professional

Financing is the most difficult part of moviemaking to attain for independent filmmakers. Producer Paul Brett, with his extensive production work across the world and in China, will explain how to reach your goals in the troubled year that is 2020.

What you will learn:

  • Securing finance in 2020
  • Working in China
  • Speculating on the Future for Independent Filmmakers

About the Speaker

Paul Brett has worked in film and television for the past 30 years. He worked for Video Arts, the world’s first video training company, Video Collection, the world’s first sell-through video label; and Ten the Movie Channel, the UK’s first pay television service. He then worked at Paramount, Universal and Pathé, before moving to the British Film Institute, where he developed and implemented the UK exhibition and distribution strategy.

He then co-founded Prescience in 2004, where he financed more than 50 films and television projects, including The King’s Speech (Best Picture Oscar 2012), Chef, the highest-grossing independent film of 2016, and Wolf Hall, BBC2’s highest-rated drama of 2016. 

Since the 90’s, Paul has been travelling the world to develop relationships with key media partners, studio chiefs, major streaming platforms, distribution partners, cinemas, and government.

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2 reviews for The Lockdown Sessions: Financing in 2020 for Indie Filmmakers

  1. BEATRICE COLBRANT (verified owner)

    A very positive talk by Paul Brett who kindly shared this wide experience in financing film and television projects and passed on his enthusiasm and hopes to us all. An hope is precisely what we need in these dreadful times of corona and Fassbinderian despair. According to the speaker “every idea is valid unless it is proven otherwise”. Even if the film industry is currently suffering, encouragements were given to develop film projects provided we are able to find some sort of financing, whether locally or in China. This was a vibrant webinar with participants exchanging ideas and future plans, with a generous Q & A and a kind invitation to go back to the speaker for further advice if needed. I always appreciate kindness and trust and this was exactly the case as Paul Brett did not discourage anyone about any possibilities even the option of making a film in a foreign language, like French for example. I am now wondering whether I should go ahead with my project of making a French film in French, let’ say a French discussion about the superiority of unpasteurised French camembert over traditional French brie whilst modestly showing a “genou” or two to privileged members of the party. This exciting and encouraging talk really makes me feel like a possible new Eric Rohmer, and what great feeling it is too.

  2. Balraj Kang (verified owner)

    A very informative and engaging session with Paul who shared numerous invaluable insights into the indie film financing arena. Many interesting facets of financing were discussed and I really enjoyed the content and attitude of the session. Inspiring for all participants to continue creating despite the hard times we are currently facing. I will be back for more courses at Raindance as they never disappoint!

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