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Filmmakers’ Foundation Certificate

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Next start date: Monday 7th June, 19:00-21:30 UK time
 Five Monday evenings
Address: Live Online on Zoom

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About the Filmmakers’ Foundation Certificate

The filmmaking process, all in all, is made up of countless different steps and processes. Starting with development, financing, pre-production, production and post-production, distribution to name just a few. On the Filmmaker’s Foundation Certificate you will learn the fundamental skills and knowledge essential to making films – from the screenplay to the screen.

This five-week evening course is designed to provide new filmmakers with the skills and knowledge required to tackle their first short or feature film and launch their filmmaking careers. The course covers: writing for low-budget films, making movies with no money, the basics of film directing, and breaking into the film industry.

What you will learn on the Filmmakers’ Foundation Certificate

Week 1: Writing for Low Budget Films

How to get the most out of your script, locations and actors and also ensure these elements are in line with a low budget. Students will develop the tools to turn a script into a unique and saleable story.
With Elliot Grove

  • Writing for low budget films
  • Creating characters that grab the audience’s attention
  • Essentials of screen dialogue
  • Story structure explained

Week 2: Essentials of Lo-to-No Budget Filmmaking

Making films can be very expensive but debut films are usually made on minuscule budgets. A successful filmmaker can make the ordinary seem extraordinary and offer exceptional production values.
With Elliot Grove

  • Finding and securing locations on a budget
  • Low-budget shooting tips
  • Working with crew and actors with little money
  • Negotiations and communication skills

Week 3: Director’s Toolkit

The relationship between the film director and their key collaborators can greatly affect the quality of the film itself. In this session we will explore some of the main areas that a director must focus on to ensure both their vision and their collaborators are intact by the time the project is completed.
With Simon Hunter

  • Making visual choices and planning shots and sequences
  • The Director and The Camera
  • Developing the visual approach with the Cinematographer and Production Designer
  • Casting and working with actors in pre-production
  • Preparing For the Shoot: storyboards and Pre-Vis, tests and rehearsal
  • Directing On Set: the Directing mindset, remaining on schedule but still flexible, what the other departments need from you on set 

Week 4: Production and Post-Production

  • Who does what on set.
  • How does a good Assistant Director run a set
  • The importance of having Continuity and a Script Supervisor
  • The Stages Of Editing. Working with an Editor v. Doing It Yourself
  • Basic workflows and tools for Post Production of picture and sound

With Simon Hunter

Week 5: Breaking Into The Film Industry

If you really want to work in the film industry as a writer, director or producer, then your chances of success will be stronger if you make a plan of attack.
With Elliot Grove

  • Creating a showreel
  • Presenting yourself: CV’s and query letters
  • How to break in as a writer, director or producer
  • Getting jobs on film crews: sound, camera, art department, post-production etc.

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What will you achieve?

On completion of the Filmmaker’s Foundation Certificate, students will have acquired the skills, knowledge and confidence to undertake their first short or feature film, or find work on a film set.

How will you be taught?

A mix of lecture-style and demonstration. In addition, there will also be some further reading and additional activities suggested.
Each week will include a simple homework assignment designed to reinforce the learning of each of the week’s classes. Upon completion all participants will receive a Filmmaker’s Foundation Certificate suitable for framing.

Who should attend?

The Filmmaker’s Foundation Certificate is suitable for beginner filmmakers, as well as those interested in finding out more about the filmmaking process. It is also suitable for those seeking to refresh or expand their existing knowledge.

What they’re saying

I loved hearing about simple techniques to make shoestring budget films look professional. The tutors had humorous anecdotes about their own experiences starting out making films. Also, the practical exercises were challenging and fun.
Stella Macdonald

The teachers were passionate, knowledgeable and informative. I just sat there glued to what they were saying, soaking it all up. On the whole, the experience totally rocked!
Glen MacKay

Did you know?

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  • We don’t teach ‘filmmaking’ at Raindance. At Raindance we make filmmakers.

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Filmmakers’ Foundation Certificate

  1. Mike O

    I enjoyed this course A LOT! The tutors were engaging and experienced and they added this throughout the content so making this personal and value-added. Even though I’ve been involved in video maing for some time I still found new ideas and new ways to look at familiar ideas through this course. I did the course online with little problem – notes were emailed in advance and we had our own little online learners community going on. If you’re thinking about taking this course my advice would be DO IT! It’s a great way to network and meet people with experience and enthusiasm for all things film and video – maybe just like yourself!

  2. Joan Ventura (verified owner)

    I enjoyed all the lessons and it gave me a pretty good understanding about what film making is about. It was a very good overview for beginners.
    I am looking forward to doing more courses in Raindance to start learning the specifics (writing, directing, production…)
    If you love all about cinema and don’t know how to start, this is your initiation course.

  3. Paul Nelson

    I was lucky enough to attend the Filmmakers and Directors Foundation run by Elliot and Chris. I have a background in VFX and even though I’ve had a lot of exposure to film and many hours on set, I never really felt I obtained the full knowledge required to put my filmmaking into practice.

    Both Elliot and Chris are both engaging and entertaining and are happy to share their many years of experience.

    The course is catered for many different levels of experience and is broken down in a way that is easily understood. I thoroughly enjoyed the courses, and I feel it’s given me the tools that I need to go out there and become a filmmaker.

    I cannot recommend these courses highly enough.

    Paul Nelson
    CG Build Supervisor

  4. Øyvind

    This course is both brilliant if you know nothing and if you know something about about filmmaking. The lectures move fast but covers the most important areas and gives room for questions to lecturers that work in the industry. A great way to explore a career in film and create a network of likeminded filmmakers.

  5. Serena

    Fantastic course jam packed with all the info you ever need to start your film career! Highly recommended to anyone with an interest in making films.

  6. Candy de Launey

    Thanks this is informative

  7. Barbara Vonau

    Really good overview of the whole INDIE filmmaking process including pre production, directing, and post-production. Very informative and I particularly enjoyed the sessions on directing as these were directly linked to a film I had recently seen so this gave really interesting insights into how it’s done on set!

  8. Jonathan (verified owner)

    Very insightful course with loads of insider tips. Fantastic opportunity to meet other film makers too.

  9. Marie McRae (verified owner)

    Loved it. Going on to study further with Raindance.

  10. Sherry Robins

    I would recommend to anyone aspiring to be a filmmaker to take Elliot Grove’s Filmmakers Foundation Certificate. This valuable, concise, fast track, five week course pieces the film industry together in perfect bite size parts like a jigsaw, creating an overview of the film industry as a whole.
    Without giving away all the goodies, the course allows you to see the mechanics of the film industry.
    Through participating each week and reflecting on your homework and the classes taken with a professional filmmaker you’ll start to answer questions about yourself in the film industry and about the industry itself to align with a career in film and I am sure, like myself, you’ll be given the odd prompted question by Elliot to make you think about the questions in the industry you haven’t considered.
    The course was perfect for me as I got exactly what I wanted to know out of it and it was enjoyable to be part of the Raindance community, of which I am now a member.
    Also I got to keep my valuable homework which I have expanded to start my first shooting date as I am a filmmaker with numerous projects in development.

  11. mm

    Elliot Grove

    Thanks for your considered comments Sherry! And keep in touch! Best for your filmmaking career.

  12. Darren Rae (verified owner)

    Worth it! I enjoyed every second of this course and it has inspired me even more to get writing, directing and being even more involved with film.

  13. mark playle (verified owner)

    Having just completed the Film Makers Foundation Certificate and rounding it off with the Breaking into the Film business lecture I am feeling very satisfied.

    A great weekly treat listening to Elliot Grove from Raindance & also Director Simon Hunter I have gained a lot of useful knowledge and insight.

    To be recommend along with the membership ( at which ever level suits you) and all the other benefits that Raindance offers.

    Thank you.

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