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Filmmaker Intensives: Strategies and Business Opportunities for Filmmakers Navigating the Pandemic


With: Noam Kroll
Dates: tbc
Duration: One evening
How much? $40
Location: Live Online via Zoom

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At a glance

  • Learn the steps used by filmmakers navigating the pandemic
  • Learn what it takes to create your own business.
  • Explore different possibilities for modelling your business.

The pandemic has left many filmmakers without work, unsure of how to navigate the industry during this unprecedented time. But within every crisis lie hidden opportunities, which ultimately is the basis of this course. Each lesson explores various tactical strategies for filmmakers looking to regain control of their careers, using proven business models that are not only designed to increase your revenue, but also pave the way for future creative endeavors.

What will it cover?

  • Assessing the problem
  • Unpacking the opportunity
  • The entrepreneurial filmmaker
  • Owning a job vs. owning a business
  • Modelling your business
  • Content creation & business derivatives
  • Audience building strategies
  • Passive revenue strategies
  • Practical takeaways

About the Tutor

Noam Kroll is a micro-budget narrative filmmaker & creative entrepreneur based out of Los  Angeles. Over the past decade his personal filmmaking blog ( has grown into a  burgeoning resource for DIY creatives, spawning a popular podcast (Show, Don’t Tell) and  newsletter, which collectively reach millions of filmmakers each year. He also runs the  commercial production company Creative Rebellion, as well as – an online store in  the post-production space. Currently, he is in development for his third feature film which is  slated to shoot in summer 2021.

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Filmmaker Intensives: Strategies and Business Opportunities for Filmmakers Navigating the Pandemic

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