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Filmmaker Intensives – Beyond the Screenplay


  • How to give and receive feedback when reading screenplays.
  • How to create a premise, encompassing theme and concept.
  • How to navigate screenplay completion and future career goals.

Dates: 3 x Wednesday’s from 19 May, 19:00 – 21:00

Location: Live Online via Zoom

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Beyond the Screenplay: What to Write When You’ve Written a Film

So, you’ve written a feature screenplay? That’s already a great achievement. But there still are many steps to go through before your script can get into the hands of the industry gatekeepers. 

This course will help you to improve your script through gathering feedback, come up with your next big idea and refine it, and learn the tools to use your screenplay as a springboard to build a career as a writer in the industry.

What will you learn?

Week One – Reading screenplays: giving and receiving feedback

In week one you will learn about how professional feedback works, and how to receive it. Understanding what script readers look for will help you understand the elements of the script that the industry scrutinises, and how to manage and implement feedback in future drafts. You will also learn how to give constructive feedback, improving your understanding of the structure of a screenplay and what to look out for.

Practical tips:

  • How to have objective eyes on a screenplay
  • What to look for in a script reader
  • How to implement feedback in your next drafts

Week Two – Power of the premise: concept and theme

In week two you will work on refining your story premise, and on building an understanding of how identifying a unique concept and central universal theme can help you to create a stronger premise. This session will give you the foundational tools to build a standout premise for a screenplay, allowing you to generate new ideas, based on an understanding of the screenwriter you are and your individual voice. 

Practical tips:

  • How to test a logline and premise
  • How to generate outstanding ideas
  • How to make your story stand out

Week Three – So you’ve written your screenplay: getting you and your script to the next stage

In week three the focus will be on what you need to do once you’ve polished your screenplay, the ‘what next?’ once your screenplay is ready for submission to screenplay competitions. You will be given an overview of the next steps you need to follow for your screenplay, and for yourself as a screenwriter. You will learn how to build your next ‘big idea’, seek opportunities and carve out a career in the industry. 

Approaching development execs, writing query letters, submitting to screenplay competitions, agents, managers…

Practical tips:

  • How to approach industry stakeholders
  • How to write query letters
  • How to approach screenplay competitions

About the Tutors

The Mul Brothers wrote and directed their debut feature, which was theatrically released internationally and found its streaming home on Netflix and Hulu. 

More recently, they have won a number of screenplay awards, including Screencraft, Script Summit and Final Draft Big Break. Their projects have been selected by the Stowe Story Lab and Filmarket Hub for further development.


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Filmmaker Intensives – Beyond the Screenplay

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