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Filmmaker Intensive: The Basics of Lighting and Shooting Scenes

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With Blain Brown
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At a glance

  • Learn the steps of successfully lighting and shooting scenes
  • Learn how to best light your actors
  • Explore different possibilities for modelling your business.


When it comes down to it, when you make your a 90-minute feature film, you need 129,600  individual pictures that all look amazing. How do you make that happen? In this Filmmaker Intensive, you’ll learn the basics of how to light and shoot a scene so each one of those 129,600  frames is a work of art. 

What will it cover?

  • Working on the Set
  • Why is lighting important?
  • The Real Fundamentals
  • Lighting the actor
  • The Seven Methods of Lighting a Scene
  • Shooting a Scene
  • The Five Methods of Shooting a Scene
  • Master Scene Method
  • The In-One
  • The Developing Master
  • The Overlapping Method
  • Freeform Style
  • Summation: Why Continuity is Important 

About the Tutor

Blain Brown is a cinematographer, writer and director based in Los Angeles. He has been the  director of photography on features, commercials, documentaries, and music videos. He has  directed four features, commercials, worked as a line producer and has had four screenplays  produced. 

Educated at C.W. Post College, Harvard Graduate School of Design, and M.I.T, he was a  commercial still photographer in New York before getting into film production, which he has  been doing for over 30 years. 

His books include “Motion Picture and Video Lighting”, “Cinematography: Theory and Practice”,  “The Filmmaker’s Pocket Reference,” “The Filmmaker’s Guide to Digital Imaging” and “The  Basics of Filmmaking.” Some of these books are published in 12 languages.

He has taught at Columbia College-Hollywood, Los Angeles Film School, AFI, USC, and UCLA.

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2 reviews for Filmmaker Intensive: The Basics of Lighting and Shooting Scenes

  1. William Lowe

    Really valuable, thank you…
    I found the presentation given by Blain incredibly clear and engaging. Discussing artistic approaches to lighting and shoot scenes together works so well, and drawing on Blain’s own dependable knowledge and insight. A very instructive and stimulating course..!

  2. mm

    Elliot Grove

    Very kind words, sir. We will pass them on to Blain! Hope to see you at another Raindance event soon!

  3. Ana Ramos (verified owner)

    In this masterclass you will learn the power of light to give soul to the script, to enhance the actors and to set the mood and reactions of the audience. Directors are given many strategies to communicate better with DOPs. The Q & A among all the Raindancers is most enlightening. We all asked for a TBC sign.

  4. mm

    Elliot Grove

    Thanks for your kind words and continued support Ana.

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