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Film Crew Foundation Certificate London

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Next date: tbc
Five Thursday evenings
Address: Raindance Film Centre, 10a Craven Street, London, WC2N 5PE
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The Tools of the Filmmaking Trade

Filmmakers use a variety of tools to make their movies. This 5 evening foundation certificate is designed to give you a basic introduction to these tools. You will learn enough to understand the basic principals – and know how to ask the right questions of the technicians you collaborate with.

Each week is presented by a working industry professional – the type of professional who makes a living executing their specialty. Our tutors are free-lance and are often available to work on your projects, making this an ideal networking opportunity.

Book all five evenings, or just the individual nights that meet your needs.

Power of Sound

Probably the thing most ignored by filmmakers at every level, yet a vital component of every movie. Film is an audio-visual medium and yet so many films are let down by having no understanding of the ‘audio’ part of that dynamic. This course will cover sound from on set recording to mixing in post, Foley and ADR.

You can book: Power of Sound HERE. just £57.60
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Power of Lighting

Light is the most important tool available to you when enhancing the atmosphere and mystery of your story on camera.  Using a digital camera and a simple lighting kit, this workshop will introduce you to the basics of lighting for moving pictures, with emphasis on working on the low-budget digital formats.

You can book: Power of Lighting HERE. just £57.60
*Members save 20%. Join Online Here

Power of Editing

Find out what the editor requires from the shoot, how the director works with the editor before, during and after production and how to make sure an edit runs smoothly. Discover what makes a good cut and how directors can increase an editor’s options.

  • The workflow and the scheduling of the editing process
  • Technical advances and their effect on film editing
  • The politics of the cutting room,
  • Different shooting formats
  • The finishing of the process: mixing, ADR, grading and finishing.

You can book £57.60: Power of Editing HERE. just £57.60
*Members save 20%. Join Online Here

Power of Practical Effects

What low-budget horror movie doesn’t need a bucket of fake blood and the odd severed limb? Doesn’t your edge of the seat action movie need a little explosion now and again? Maybe your Indie rom-com needs a decapitated corpse to spice things up a bit? Ok, perhaps not the last one, but this class will show you how to put the FX on the screen without blowing up your budget too.

You can book: Power of Practical Effects HERE. just £57.60
*Members save 20%. Join Online Here

Power of DSLR

This information packed evening introduction course introduces filmmakers to the advantages and technical scope offered by shooting on Digital Single Lens Reflex (DSLR) cameras. Topics discussed include the differences between DSLR cameras other HD formats, the advantages and disadvantages of DSLR video recording and how to use this system and achieve the best results.

You can book Power of DSLR HERE. just £57.60
*Members save 20%. Join Online Here

*The intellectual property rights of this course remain the owner of the tutors

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Film Crew Foundation Certificate London

  1. Anthony Blundell

    I took all 5 courses in March 2017 and really enjoyed the experience. The classes were fairly in-depth, the lecturers friendly and knowledgeable, and overall a useful foundation course. Would definitely recommend.

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