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Raindance Film Training Open Day

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Next Date: Saturday 14th August, 11:00-14:00
Duration: One day
Address: Live Online via Zoom

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The Raindance Open Day is your opportunity to experience a real taste of our world-renowned evening & weekend film training courses, classes and workshops.

Attending our Open Day will allow you to learn more about the different filmmaking disciplines and crafts through sample lectures and workshops delivered by experienced film professionals over the day. Attendees will leave with an introductory knowledge of the many filmmaking disciplines taught by Raindance.

We have designed the film courses London day for you to explore what we have to offer and immerse yourself in our film training school for the day. Try out as many of the taster sessions as you like, and end the day at our virtual networking where you can talk to tutors and other attendees over a beer or a glass of wine in your living room.

The day will include a range of taster sessions including directing, screenwriting and producing, along with sessions on breaking into the film industry. There will also be a chance to talk to the Raindance Film Festival team and learn about the flexible, practice-focussed MA/MSc in Film offered by Raindance in partnership with Staffordshire University.

The Raindance Film Centre is located on Zoom.  Here you will find all the information you will need about stepping into the world of filmmaking, no matter your level and experience.

This event is free for Raindance Members.

The schedule:

*times and presenters may change

11:00am Welcome and introduction from Elliot Grove, founder of Raindance
What Independent Filmmaking Means in 2021
11:15am Kira-Anne Pelican: The Psychology of Writing Characters
 11:45am Tony Lee: Multi Platform Scriptwriting
12:15pm Higher Education: Raindance HND / Raindance Top-Up BARaindance MA/MSc with Justin Shevlin
12:45pm Tom Webb: Practical Documentary Filmmaking for today
1:15pm Simon Hunter: Directing in a multi media world
1:45pm Elliot round-up
2:00pm Networking

Don’t forget to get your drinks in for the Online Networking at the end of the afternoon

What do I need to bring

Just yourself and something to make notes on, if you wish. And maybe have your contact details ready for the networking at the end of the day.


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45 reviews for


Raindance Film Training Open Day

  1. Tanya Vital

    I came to the taster day desperate for answers to some obscure questions regarding my script and how best to move forward. I got some brilliant advise and my questions were answered. Best £5 ever spent! Will definitely be joining some future classes

  2. Barbara Vonau (verified owner)

    The day was a good cross section overview of what Raindance can offer and gave me insight into how the film industry works. The sessions were informative and concise. Left me wanting for more. Would have put an extra 15 minutes for the lunch break as not enough time was available to get a snack and a drink before the next session started. Good networking opportunity at the end. Liked it a lot!

  3. aus.agnes (verified owner)

    A great chance to get to know the courses and lecturers and meet very different people starting in the industry.

  4. Elizabeth Mannering

    Taster day was super beneficial for me as an Actress, writer and distant future director. It allowed me to understand the work behind the camera that happens even before you arrive on set. I booked on to the screenwriting course which I am eager to begin!

  5. maria.penas (verified owner)

    Excellent taster tutorial on everything you need to know about film making ! Very informative .

  6. Ioana Batis (verified owner)

    A great taste of what Raindance offers and a fun day meeting like-minded individuals!

  7. John Parker (verified owner)

    I found the taster day really helpful and informative. And in Elliot’s Production talk I liked being cast in the role of a Brazilian Financier! Doesn’t happen often to a writer. It was good to meet others and network and I’ll be passing the info on. All the best, John

  8. Alan Richardson (verified owner)

    Excellent taster day that gave a lot of insight into film making. it was a great place to meet other people interested in starting out in film or already in the industry. Speakers were very good and will definitely now book on other raindance courses.

  9. Nina Romain (verified owner)

    Great value – tutors were knowledgeble, helpful, witty and encouraging. Great filmic topics, well covered, and really enjoying. If you’ve only got a tenner to make your short film, pay £5 for this course, then get two coffees for you and a fellow actor to sit in a coffee shop and thrash your screenplay out!

  10. Thom Jackson-Wood

    I really enjoyed my time at Raindance – there are some great courses on offer which I may look at in the future and I will definitely recommend to my friends. It was also great to meet some other talented filmmakers. I’ve currently got a short film in post-production and I will definitely be entering it into Raindance in the future.
    Very well priced and the epic goodie bag was a steal! That alone will be very helpful for me.
    Will hope to come to more networking sessions in the future!

  11. srosejt (verified owner)

    Well worth a fiver! A wonderful team of well-experienced people to ask what you want to know. Good networking opportunity too. The only con I would say is that some time should have been given for a break/lunch.

  12. StJohn Smith

    What I love the most about Raindance is the collective industry SMARTS of their tutors combined – every one of the presentations were engaging and a couple made me seriously consider taking the courses (and also, what a bunch of characters! 😛 ) Definitely worth a few hours on a Saturday! :)))

  13. Sonja Verma (verified owner)

    Very friendly and loads of really useful information- I loved it!

  14. Carmel Shortall (verified owner)

    Brilliant taster day. Really gave me an overview of the industry and a great opportunity for networking.

  15. Jonny Ainslie

    Great chance to hear from industry experts, and a wonderful networking experience. Best value for money event out there.

  16. Ciara Robley (verified owner)

    What a fantastic introduction to the world of film. And all for £5!! Thanks so much! The speakers I got to hear (Elliot, Patrick and Chris) were absolutely fantastic, experience and humour just eking out of their pores and infecting us all. The networking afterwards was a bonus. Already feel very much a part of the Raindance family. Can’t wait to be more involved!

  17. Ben Williamson

    I came to the taster day, simply to learn more. It was brilliant, I’m glad I went.

  18. Ben Minot

    Demystification of the indie film business and production delivered from an open and collaborative perspective. The instructors were knowledgable, entertaining and charismatic loaded with inside tips. Raindance…Awesome!!

  19. Daniel Manning

    I really enjoyed the taster day and the variety of courses they do. I lookforward to do my Diretors Foundation Course.

  20. eva.krocakova

    This event exceeded my expectations and after a few days, I decided to enrol in the screenwriting course with Elliot Grove.

  21. Iustina Nevel

    I came to the Tasters Day with a lot of questions and most of them were answered. Brilliant event, great opportunity for networking and I will highly suggest my friends to attend. I will also consider enrolling the Screenwriting course.

  22. taniawhatley (verified owner)

    I really liked the cinematography talk and the documentary discussion. It was interesting.

  23. Sabrina Duffy

    I found it useful and I wished that I could have assisted to all the presentations. Following this event, I got some reduction on courses and events and I joined a pitch competition for half price.

  24. Nicolas (verified owner)

    I really enjoyed the Open House, I met a lot of interesting people with just as interesting projects and the knowledge acquired from the sessions was great!

  25. Kat Weithaler

    This was a very well organized event and very informative. I especially liked Elliot Grove’s, Jurgen Wolff’s and Chris Thomas’ talks and tips about film making. This event is a good chance to have a glimpse at different jobs that film making can offer and gives you a platform to network. Thanks a lot!

  26. Carl Rogers (verified owner)

    Friendly, informative and hugely inspiring. It feels almost criminal how much insight on filmmaking, and how many film contacts you can leave with, for how little it costs. Then throw in the course discounts – just for being there. Stop it!

  27. Sascha

    I went in not knowing what to expect and left with a small goody bag of insights, ideas and contacts. It was a absolute bargain.

  28. Theo (verified owner)

    Went in with an open mind, came out with a mind full of great insider tips and inspiration.

    Thank you

  29. Molly Ofori-Mensah (verified owner)

    I really enjoyed the taster day. Met some great people, got some great advice, and gained a new confidence in film. Thank you Raindance!

  30. chris24norris (verified owner)

    The generous dollop of golden nuggets to take away was a compelling advertisement for seeking the treasure buried in courses offered by Raindance. Consider myself hooked: I’ll be panning in the Raindance river soon.

  31. Jackie (verified owner)

    Open house training day yesterday Saturday 12th was fantastic. Very informative, enjoyable and exciting. I was a bit nervous to start with knowing I’ve not even picked up a camera. Came away feeling very motivated and confident to carry on with writing I’d previously put away in the cupboard. I bought Elliot’s book Lo to no budget film making. I even stayed for the networking drinks and got two business cards. Totally fab day.

  32. Camille Thiaudiere

    Truly enriching and inspiring. I am so grateful I got the opportunity to meet with such wonderful and talented people. The open house was a great way to get an insight on all the amazing courses Raindance offers. Highly recommend.

  33. Berry’s Project Cameraman

    Personally I thank you very much for this organization of courses that seems for an awakening and encouraging, it’s really interesting and also new people of similar career meet and choose one another; that’s great. I encourage you too

  34. Arton Baleci (verified owner)

    The day was an amazingly valuable brief insight into many areas of filmmaking.

    My rating would have been a 5 but for being given an overly brief answer in the career clinic. The presenter seemed like he’d ran out of steam by the time he got to me near the end which was a shame as he’s obviously full of knowledge and experience.

    Overall, would recommend to any aspiring filmmaker!

  35. Vikram (verified owner)

    An absolute brilliant open day event. Concise literally straight to the point DIY or DIE

  36. Bhupen (verified owner)

    Very informative day, relaxed and open

  37. Brian Barnes (verified owner)

    The networking at the end of the day was very good and made it worthwhile coming.

  38. Jagoda (verified owner)

    Absolutely loved it.
    It made me realise this is the perfect place to expand the knowledge I already have, make new contacts and become smarter about filmmaking, but most importanly – they give you a kick to get out there and make it happen for yourself! Highly recommend it!

  39. Vanessa Cibelle

    It’s a great place to network and find guidance.

  40. Dan Bachmann (verified owner)

    More than I bargained for! The day was packed full of useful information rather than a day full of infomercials. I’ll be back!

  41. Roisin king (verified owner)

    Extremely useful, very worthwhile, Elliot and the speakers were excellent, highly recommend this workshop, thanks Raindance

  42. neroshane (verified owner)

    Great open day! They really give you a lot of needed information which makes you realise why Raindance courses are so highly regarded.

  43. Philip Marvin

    Very useful and thanks to all contributors. I had to leave just before 1 and there was no sign of a lunch break! Jurgen Wolf was very interesting.
    It is very encouraging that no previous knowledge is assumed and that the very basics are covered. I will definitely enrol for Jan 28th directors foundation certificate course.
    Thank you.

  44. mm

    Elliot Grove

    Ah Phillip – thanks for your positive comments! It was the first time we did this online, and yes – there should have been a lunch break! Our problem was organising 7 very busy filmmakers to donate a bit of their time.

  45. Kevin (verified owner)

    What a wealth of information, we have to watch it gain to re-cap. Big Thanks to Elliot and his team, we are stacking up with courses while on lockdown to prepeare to unleash our projects hopefully in the summer…fantastic.

  46. Carly Nesanelis (verified owner)

    What a great open day with Elliot, Tom, Jurgen, Baptiste and Nick from the MA course who were able to answer everyone’s questions and gave a thorough overview of what is on offer at Raindance. I like that Elliot and his team are able to offer a more accessible learning structure, especially to the MA and will definitely consider more courses in the future.

  47. mm

    Elliot Grove

    Thanks for your kind and thoughtful words Carly. I hope to see you at another Raindance event soon. Should you have any more questions, or if you think I could help with a filmmaking question, please let me know!

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