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Film and Project Consultation


Availability: In-person, by phone, Skype
Location: Rough Diamond Productions
1424 North Kings Road, West Hollywood, CA 90069 or SKYPE / PHONE CALL
Fee: Starts from $200 (Members: 20% off)


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Are you stuck in a career rut and want to find a pathway to success? Do you want this year to be the year you get your film project off your desk and into production? Do you want to increase your visibility as a filmmaker? Do you need help creating a business plan for your project?  Are you trying to figure out the best way to get your film sold and out into the marketplace? Do you need help with festival strategy

Get advice from an industry professional who has done it all, and can guide and advice you as to the best ways to achieve your goals

Julia Verdin is a film industry veteran and producer of 37 feature films with 30 years experience. Verdin has produced a variety of feature films on different budget levels – from micro budgets to $20 million – with an extensive US and international contact base from producing movies in the US, Europe and South Africa. Some of her prominent films include Merchant of Venice with Al Pacino and Jeremy Irons, Stander with Thomas Jane and Deborah Unger, and 2 Jacks with Danny Huston, Jack Huston and Sienna Miller. Verdin served on the board of BAFTA LA for 9 non-consecutive years from 2002 to 2016. She is the author of Success in Film: A Guide to Funding, Filming, and Finishing Independent Films.

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1.  Hourly Consultation

Fee: $200/hr   

Tailor a consultation that works for you and your needs. Hourly consultations are ideal for specific issues on different areas including but not limited to:

  • Getting your script off your desk and on to screen
  • Perfecting your project pitch 
  • Identifying the target market for your project and the right budget level
  • Casting consulting
  • Dealing with SAG agreements and paperwork
  • Finding film financing and the right production companies for your project
  • Tax incentives consulting
  • Building your production team and hiring your crew
  • Creating a viable production plan
  • Film project analysis for marketability and viability
  • Identifying the best festival strategy 
  • Creating a marketing plan for a project
  • Foreign sales sonsulting
  • Distribution consulting
  • Personal development / How to jump-start your career 
  • Increasing your profile as a filmmaker / actor / writer


2.  Project-based Consultation

Need to bring on a producer with extensive industry experience to give your investors confidence or just help you avoid mistakes and be there for guidance? Verdin is experienced in all areas of film production. She works regularly as a consulting producer on film projects. Inquire below to get more information on discounted fees for long-term consultation.




I have known Julia Verdin for more than 12 years and I worked with her on several films when I was head of production at Promark Entertainment. I hired her as a producer on several international productions because of her knowledge of international distribution, physical production and talent relationships. She has great story instincts and knows how to re shape a script to make it talent and production friendly.

She also has great on set producing skills and all the films she produced were done on time and budget. She has put together the casts for several of our films as well as producing them. She was great at getting us top name talent and also finding really interesting choices for all the supporting roles. I would highly recommend her both as a producer and for casting purposes.

David Bixler, SVP for Acquisitions & Productions at 20th Century Fox

Julia has been an excellent partner in polishing my script for ‘An Invisible Army.’ Her insights into story and character are strong and were most helpful in sharpening the script. Not only was working together a truly creative experience, but has proved to be successful as we now have placed the project with a financing and production company and plan to be shooting the film next spring.

I am most grateful for her passion and commitment to the project, and highly recommend her to anyone who wants to take their script out to the market place.

Eva Gardos, Writer/Director (An American Rhapsody starring Scarlett Johannson)

I worked with Julia Verdin recently on 2 JACKS starring Sienna Miller, Danny Huston, and Jack Huston. We had a wonderful working experience and she worked tirelessly as a producer to get the best for every aspect of the film. She pulled together miracles on the smallish budget we had. As a director I was given all the tools I needed to make a great film and felt backed up by her every step of the way. She fights to get the best of everything.

She also has great taste in actors – we did not use a casting director and cast the film ourselves. She also got me great Heads of Departments who were really creative and good. She also creates a really good energy working environment for all concerned and it was a really good experience all round. I was really pleased with the way the film turned out.

Bernard Rose, Director (Candyman, Immortal Beloved, Anna Karenina)

Julia has consulted with me on a number of occasions and I have always been more than happy with the results. I have made several feature films and always begin the process by bringing Julia in at the beginning to give story notes and casting suggestions. Her story ideas are insightful and her understanding of casting is amazing. The lists of actors she provides me with are fantastic. 

When I am in the editing process I turn to Julia again because I have to start the ‘selling phase.’ Julia knows the players out there and who is looking for what kind of film. My investors and I, again, are always happy with the results.

Julia has a wealth of knowledge and gets the job done quickly and perfectly. I couldn’t recommend her more. 

Jeffrey Obrow, Director (7Seconds, Pursued)


Ask a question, or get more information on hiring Verdin as a producer. Each inquiry is responded in 24-48 hours with potential dates/times for the session.


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