Budgeting and Scheduling Your Film – Toronto


Thursday Tuesday 14th April, 7:00pm-10pm
Location: Daniels Spectrum – 585 Dundas St. E.

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Budgeting and Scheduling Your Film

Week 2 of the Producers’ Foundation Certificate is presented by Michael Sparaga.

Film Budgeting and Scheduling provides the critical backbone of your film. A film budget is a list of all the resources and people you need to make your film. A schedule is when and where you need them. This session runs through the essentials, conventions and details required for film budgeting and scheduling your shooting days.

All classes were informative and the tutors were really one of the best, and though I know there’s a lot more I need to learn I left feeling a lot more confident about handling the role of a Producer and should be back for more!”

Always considered the boring bit by film producers and directors, the budget and schedule are the spine of any production. If you get the budget (the money part) wrong, your film will stall half-finished without cash. Get the schedule (the time) wrong, and your film will suffer – either from loss of quality, or remain unfinished because you have run out of time (and budget!)

This evening explains how scripts are analyzed and whipped into shape budget-wise and schedule-wise.

  • Script breakdown
  • Assessing prices
  • Union vs non-union
  • Creating a do-able schedule

A professional film budget and schedule are an essential part of a business plan.

This class is part of the Producers Foundation Certificate. Check out the other classes in this certificate:

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About the Instructor

Bruno Marino

Bruno Marino is a Toronto based producer. He has produced over 40 films including Tapped Out starring Michael Biehn (Terminator) and Anderson Silva (UFC Superstar) distributed by Lionsgate, Gridlocked starring Dominic Purcell (Prison Break), Danny Glover (Lethal Weapon), Stephen Lang (Avatar), Vinnie Jones (Snatch) and Trish Stratus (WWE) available globally in over 150 countries and most recently executive produced The Sound, starring Rose McGowan (Scream) and Christopher Lloyd (Back to the Future) theatrically released by Samuel Goldwyn, Black Water starring Jean-Claude Van Damme (Universal Soldier) and Dolph Lundgren (Rocky IV) and most recently Unchartered: The Fan Film starring Nathan Fillion (Castle) which went viral reaching over 4.6 million views. 

His films have premiered at film festivals worldwide. His films have garnered over 10 Best Feature awards respectfully. Bruno is also an active member of the Producer’s Guild of America, Canadian Media Producers Association and the Academy of Canadian Cinema and Television. 

Bruno operates under his banner High Star Entertainment Inc, a production company that develops and produces high quality content for the domestic and international marketplace.

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