Documentary Filmmaking for Women – Dubai


Next date: Monday 12th & Wednesday 14th October 2020, 6-9pm
Duration: Two Days
Address: Raindance Film School, Al Wasl Villa 332-1195, Dubai, UAE
Cost: £195 (approximately AED 926.21*)

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Documentary filmmakers break free from the conventional rules of filmmaking. This course is not only catered for women hoping to learn the fundamentals of documentary research and planning, but also acts as a guide for women filmmakers toward creating non-fiction art that can be voiced. Your stories, experiences, personal goals and passions are all key points to your career as a filmmaker, and this course explores documentary in its various forms as a method of storytelling. 

What you’ll learn

You’ll learn both the moral and ethical ways of researching and approaching a subject, along with the key aspects of teamwork, confidence and control over the filmmaking process. By the end of the course, you will gain insight to the camera and editing techniques in documentary films, and the right avenues to distribute your films. 

Day 01: Research & Production

To make a film you first have to know your story. The first session will take you through how to identify a powerful idea and convert it into a documentary that will resonate with audiences. Covering topics of research to camera movements to production documents. 

  • Fiction vs. non-fiction cinema 
  • Short-form storytelling vs feature filmmaking 
  • Women in film 
  • Documentary styles around the world 
  • Research is key 
  • Converting an idea into a story 
  • Building confidence as a female director 
  • Understanding production for documentary films
  • Camera, lights and sounds  
  • Writing a documentary script 
  • Conducting an interview 
  • Telling a true story 
  • Structuring your film 

Includes a group feedback session at the end of day one, where students with documentary ideas have the opportunity to pitch to the group for an open discussion.

Day 02: Editing & Distribution

Editing can make or break your film. Here, on day two, we learn the right way to use timings and pacing in your film, allowing the audience to connect with the subject. We go over music, sound and colour in theory as a way to move the audience. We end the session with the right steps to take in order to release and distribute your film to the world. 

  • Different editing techniques 
  • Post-production process for documentaries 
  • Technology that works on a budget 
  • Sourcing archival footage 
  • Shaping characters in the film 
  • Power of music 
  • Narration or voice over 
  • Responsibility of a documentary filmmaker 
  • Sharing your film 
  • Confidence to sell your film
  •  A dive into the streaming era of documentary 

Who should take the course?

This two day course is designed specifically for women who wish to learn the key fundamentals of documentary film production, as well as the theories and nuances of non-fiction storytelling. You will learn what the craft of filming means intellectually, morally and aesthetically, through all stages of production. We make sure to highlight the strides and achievements of women globally and in particular in the Arab region. We believe in cultivating sustainable change and are working as a catalyst for women-dominated workplaces, not only for independent films, but also beyond the camera. 


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