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With George D’Amato

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Duration: Five Thursday evenings
Where? Online only

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At a glance

  • Learn how to critique a film
  • Discover hidden treasures from the Cinematic world
  • Enjoy professional film education from the comfort of your own home
  • Taught by an award winning industry professional

Director George D’Amato takes you on a cinema studies adventure with some of his favourites.  Film is an incredibly expressive medium.  From documentaries to Hollywood blockbusters, movies can be rich in symbolism revealing greater truths about the political and social climate in which they were made. 

What will you Learn?

Each week George will share a special film.  Relevant cinema study will be followed by an engaging & lively discussion.  Learn to watch & analyze these note worthy films like a critic.  Entertain different points of view.  Directors and writers can see how script points & story arcs really resonate with viewers.

From crime and betrayal to love, hope and redemption, it will  be a virtual film feast. Please have a current Netflix account and Criterion membership  Get ready to be busy. 5 weeks. 2 hours per week. Films are not seen in class. Class time is devoted to discussing the film.  

Week 1: What is cinema studies? What makes a classic film. How do we watch films and what to look  for. First film assigned to watch. 

Week 2: Discussion of assigned film. 

Week 3: Discussion of assigned film. 

Week 4: Discussion of assigned film. 

Week 5: Discussion of assigned film. Wrap up.


About the Instructor

George D’Amato is a feature film, television and commercial filmmaker. Informed by global travel, his unique visual style has garnered television clients such as the National Broadcast Company (NBC), National Geographic, The History Channel, and Discovery.

BLUR”, released in 2016, is D’Amato’s feature indie film debut as director, producer and co-writer. It premiered at the 2016 Raindance Film Festival in London, England.

A notable commercial director and producer, as well, he has had a roster of Fortune 500 clients: Apple Computers, General Motors, AT&T, The Ford Motor Company, IBM, Volvo, Hyundai, Budweiser Brewing Company, Molson Brewing Company, Nestles, Drug-Free America, and ESPN.

George is currently directing “ART or WAR”, the documentary features social commentary artist Viktor Medic. Also, in pre-production, “Swipe Right” is a feature film that explores the world of online dating via Tinder, the downloadable dating app.

George is a multiple-award-winning director. His directing awards include the Gold Cleo, the One Show, Gold Bessie, Bronze Bessie, and Craft Award for Directing, Directors Guild of America, Golden Marble, and Two commercials in the Museum of Modern Art permanent collection

NYU Film School – MFA / The Actors Studio – NYC / Second City Improv / Stand-up comedy
Specialties: A stunning visual artist.


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