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[NEW] Casting Actors including a special focus on E-Casting!


With: Romana Carén Lakinger-Njari
Next start date:
One weekend
Address: Live Online via Zoom

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At a glance

  • Learn how professional casting sessions are organised and run
  • Participate in a live e-casting session
  • Work with a professional casting director

Now that you are ready to make your film, you need to find talent. It’s a process that guarantees heartache unless you know how to answer these important and basic questions:.

  • What is the casting process? 
  • How can you get the most out of it?
  • How do you organise a casting?
  • How will you know that this is the right actor for your project?
  • How to use the  best tricks to coax the best performance out of them to see?
  • How to decide if an actor can deliver what you need?

These questions and more are answered in this intensive and information packed weekend.

Learn how to work with actors without being intimidated. You need your actors to bring the maximum to their role in your film. One of the most important keys for getting the performances you envisioned for your film is casting the right actors for your project. Discover how the casting process work? Learn the casting guidelines professionals use to structure the casting process.

E-casting Considerations

Every actor is different – their background and their level of experience.Some specialise in stage acting, some on screen. Some subscribe to method acting some don’t.

In this 2-day hands-on workshop learn how to navigate the casting process. You will cover planning and preparing for the casting. Work with our tutor and explore the skills a director needs when working with actors,  aDiscover the different strategies and methods that will help you achieve your casting goals.  No hocus pocus. Only the tried and successfully tested tools used by leading casting directors.

This 2 day masterclass isn’t talk. it’s action too! 

A big part of this workshop will be the practical exploration of the casting process and different acting methods. Participate in a  mock e-casting situation, where you get the chance to work with professional actors and experiment with learned tools. And this all online!  

In just one weekend you’ll have a tool box full of effective strategies that will make your (e-)casting successful and time efficient!

Who Should Attend?

All aspiring, working and successful directors, producers and filmmakers, and of course also actors.  Anyone trying to understand how “the other side ticks”.

What you will learn?

Day 1: Actors & the casting process

1) How actors work and what they need to achieve including:

  • the difference between stage and screen actors and how you can make it work with either
  • working with non professional actors
  • working with children
  • the actor/camera relationship 
  • the director/actor relationship during pre-production, production and post production
  • developing a director´s tool box for working with actors

2) Explore different performance approaches based on

  • established acting methods like Sanford Meisner and The Method 
  • improvisation

3)  Planning the casting:

Romana introduces a straight forward template to develop a casting plan covering:

  • creating structure for the casting
  • understanding the challenges of e-casting
  • uncovering potential challenges and solutions
  • information you need to share regarding the role, the scene and about the production
  • effective communication to improve work flow and establish a nourishing atmosphere for the entire production period
  • equipment you might need for the casting
  • who should join the casting other than the director and the actors and how can you solve this technically when the casting is done online

Day 2: The casting

Take your learning from Day 1 and apply the principals in a live practical situation.
You will participate in a live e-casting situation. You will get the opportunity to work with
professional actors to:

  • put your e-casting plan into practice
  • work on selected scenes with the actors 
  • learn how you can get a better understanding of the actors´ acting abilities and range within a realistic casting time frame
  • try out exercises
  • get constructive feedback and individual tips 

What will you achieve?

After just two days you will have a tool box full of effective strategies that will make your casting successful and time efficient! You’re going to learn beneficial techniques for the rehearsal and the actual filming process of your film!

How will you be taught?

The hands-on workshop is a blend of theory, lecture and demonstration with and a practical segment that includes a mock casting.

What they are saying

“Attended this workshop on Saturday, made the pitch on Tuesday, did the deal on Friday.”
– Dan Sefton, TV and film writer

About the tutor

Romana Carén Lakinger-Njari is a writer/director/actor from Vienna, Austria. She trained at Actors Studio Pallas in Vienna and the Royal Academy of Dramatic Art (RADA) in London and has been working as an actress both on stage and in front of the camera for more than three decades. This background builds the foundation for her developed understanding of the director – actor relationship and each side’s needs. 

Romana has been studying and testing a wide range of methods to successfully work with actors that has developed into her own ever-evolving approach. 

Her work as a film and theatre maker focusses on day-to-day taboos, shining light on issues that society prefers to ignore.

Romana has written and directed multiple short films, such as HeartbeatWhere The Wild Roses Grow and Smile. Currently she is working on the feature film There Are No Kangaroos In Austria, collaborating with production companies in Scotland and Austria. Further, she is developing a TV-series about Austrian’s first female journalist and politician Adelheid Popp, reflecting on Austria’s shift from monarchy to republic to dictatorship.

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[NEW] Casting Actors including a special focus on E-Casting!

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