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Boozin’ N Schmoozin’ Online Networking

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Raindance’s monthly networking event for filmmakers and film lovers, hosted Online by Alex di Cuffa

Next date: Bank Holiday Monday 31st May, from 19:30 UK Time

This is a FREE event for Raindance Community and Premium Members and subscribers to Raindance Membership Pro

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18+ only

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+++Due to Covid-19 restrictions Boozin’ N Schoozin’ is currently happening online only+++

About Boozin’ N Schmoozin’

Want to meet indie filmmakers and film lovers around the globe? Looking to find a team to work on your next project, volunteer your services for some set time, or just chat about movies with someone who can tell the difference between Fight Club and Dallas Buyers Club? Come to Raindance’s Boozin’ N Schmoozin’ – the monthly filmmakers networking event for people who love and make films!

During the evening there will be an opportunity for attendees to address the virtual room with requests and offerings. For example, “I am a writer/director looking for a producer to work with on my new script”, or “I am a DoP looking for new projects to work on”, etc.

Everybody welcome, producers, directors, actors, writers, composers, crew etc, etc

Next date: Bank Holiday Monday 31st May, from 7.30pm UK time – the perfect end to your Bank Holiday.
Grab your cocktails, settle down in your living room and follow the link in your confirmation email to access our virtual room.

Virtual doors open at 7.:30pm
The presentation starts at 8pm.

Hosted by Alex di Cuffa

What they’re saying:

The network was really broad with lots of new people.
Andre Farquharson

It was really worth while. I spoke to a lot of people, gave out alot of business cards. I would definitely want to go again.
Harry Demuth

Thanks. Was a good to meet some lovely people tonight.

Nice place to be…good vibrations…!
Viorel Obreja Whitaker


24 reviews for


Boozin’ N Schmoozin’ Online Networking

  1. Michaela Lichten

    Got my ticket but never heard from the organiser on how to attend

    Order #1326451576 – 22 April 2020 – really annoying

  2. mm

    Elliot Grove

    Hi Michaeala: Apologies for this – is it possible it went into your trash folder? Things like this really annoy me too. Hope to see you at the next one in a fortnight. – Elliot

  3. Frederik McCourt

    Great event, I’m a big fan on Boozin’! Even though with this situation the event is online, we had fun and I had the opportunity to meet new filmmakers!

  4. Nina Romain

    Great Boozin’ and Schmoozin’ event, as much as I miss the real thing in the Century Club it was great to keep our tradition going online! Good to see some familiar faces as well and to see EG in the virtual flesh 😉 Very enjoyable.

  5. Nina Romain

    Really good to see some familiar filmmaking faces again! As we all miss our monthly Century Club catchups, it was good to see everyone, including Elliot, in the virtual flesh. Looking forwards to seeing you all IRL soon, as apparently the kids used to say.

  6. Moha

    It’s real a great chance to those who need to find connections in same industry, And share a talk with each other about spacific subject, but I think the time is not enough we need more time depends of how many person are attending

  7. Sophie

    Great virtual night out, connecting with other filmmarkers around the world – and you don’t even have to leave your house for this 🙂 definitely recommended!

  8. Sophie

    Great virtual night out connecting with other filmmakers around the world – and you don’t even need to leave your house for this 🙂 definitely recommended!

  9. Lloyd

    a great opportunity to meet people in the film industry, really enjoyed it, looking forward to the next meeting

  10. Mandy Steele

    I really enjoyed meeting up online with a mixed bunch of film creatives, the chat line is perfect for putting your contact details / latest work out there to the room, it has a lot of advantages over the actual room in Century Club, tho of course it is easier to chat face to face, highly recommended in these Zoom Times.

  11. Stephen David Brooks

    Went to my first Zoom Boozin’ & Schmoozin’ and thought it was fantastic. I love to talk film with fellow creatives from around the world. And Alex is a wonderful moderator. Well done!

  12. Maria Zani

    It fun friendly I have made great contacts I love it raindance are fab

  13. Marie McRae

    Loved it, met some wonderful people in the industry.

  14. Carlota Crespo (verified owner)

    Really interesting to get to know people from the industry in different countries, what their work is about and what they are up to in these strange new times. We also kept each other contacts for possible future projects.

  15. Marsel Roberge (verified owner)

    It is a great place for indie filmmakers, cast and crew to meet up and share secrets of the industry. I think we have all saved each other a ton of time and money just in the hour or two we meet up online. Highly recommended and the only thing in the world of its kind!

  16. Alton Arends

    I must have missed it even though I was looking forward to having attended it virtually is there any recording. I am in SA. Looking forward to 14 Sept

  17. mm

    Elliot Grove

    Hi BAck – we dont record the networking events! See you on the 14th

  18. Ferzana Akram (verified owner)

    Unfortunately I missed it last night, however I was still able to catch up the chat.

  19. Micha Strecker (verified owner)

    Great event to have a talk and meet up with follow filmmakers

  20. Ian Wilson

    It was a great way to connect with other filmmakers. The hosting was excellent but the format doesn’t really beat the eyeball-to-eyeball of live networking events. That said, I applaud Raindance for organizing these events.

  21. Nina Romain (verified owner)

    Fun night as always, good to keep the tradition going during lockdown!

  22. Lily Streames (verified owner)

    Really enjoyable evening! It was really relaxed and easy to connect ( something which surprised me due to it being on zoom). Thank you all! x

  23. mm

    Elliot Grove

    Thanks for your comments Lily – and it is interesting to me to see how we are all adapting to the new normal!

  24. Peregrine Wade (verified owner)

    Despite nearly getting mauled by my own cat during the event, I had a great time! Who needs real booze when there’s the virtual kind?

  25. David China Woolf (verified owner)

    The virtual session was interesting. Even if I could not find the representation I was looking for. The discussions were conducted in a matter-of-fact manner and I will probably participate in meetings of this kind again in the future. In my opinion, more recommended for all production professions and probably less for screenwriters.

  26. mm

    Elliot Grove

    Good to meet you China, and I am hoping to see you again soon!

  27. Marc Galmoud-Aziz (verified owner)

    As an introvert, I like this version better than meeting at the pun. Got to simultaneously listen to an informative conversation about festivals and distribution while networking a bit with others. Something like this should be made permanent.

  28. William Booth (verified owner)

    Met lots of interesting people and learned a lot! You get out what you put in

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