Boozin’ N Schmoozin’ New York – Networking Filmmakers’ Drinks

Monday 15th October from 7.00pm
 Tir Na Nog Penn Station, 254 West 31st Street (31st St & 8th Ave, directly across from Penn Station), New York, NY 10001



Our monthly schmooze is the best indie networking filmmakers’ drinks  evening in town. Bring business cards and chat with who’s new and who’s next in the independent film industry.

Great indie filmmakers with the next breakout film come to our monthly Schmooze: Networking filmmakers’ drinks.

So do writers, producers, gear providers — and the exact sound guy or gal, actor, cinematographer or production designer you’ve been searching for. Look no further!

How to attend?

It’s FREE – but you must get on the list.
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What they’re saying about our Networking Filmmakers’ Drinks

It was great seeing everyone again last night! As always, Raindance meetings are fantastic!
– Edward S.

Over the last weekend I shot my first short film. I met my director of photography at the Booze ‘n’ Schmooze along with a very talented actress that were key people in making the shoot a success. Its a blessing to have a collection of very talented passionate film cast and crew in one location ready to get on interesting projects.

It was perfect networking. We need more and more like this in future.
– Shah


5 reasons you should attend Boozin’ N’ Schmoozin’

1. Raindance brings GREAT filmmakers together!

In the big city, you live and work far away from one another. It’s hard to break out of your immediate circles and expand it. You need a place to go to where you feel you’re home with close friends. Raindance Boozin’ N’ Schmoozin’s pull you into a community of professionals, hands on filmmakers to hang out with, start a friendship, find potential collaborations. Raindance NYC has managed to gather a strong power house of industry figures in  a very short time!

2. Raindance IS people. Networking Filmmakers’ Drinks

We’re a web. A network of people. We all want the same thing: to make movies, tell stories. So we share info, swap experience and laugh at mistakes. And pass the good stuff on to you.

You need these people. They watch your films. They tell others about your films. They help you make your films. You can’t get around the fact that if you want to make movies, you need friends.
It’s a people industry. Meet. People. Here.

3. WE are the people.

We are filmmakers, professionals, volunteers – inspiring YOU to make your movie. All stripes, shapes and colors. Come chat with us. Together, we’re creating a platform where you can feel comfortable to share your experiences, the projects you’re working on, find teams and actors that you connect with.

4. MORE people. Both established and up-coming.

We’re a family here. We know, as a filmmaker, you have talented friends who would enjoy our mixers. So don’t hesitate bring those wonderful friends with you to this Networking Filmmakers’ Drinks

5. The Booze.

It’s good, cold and fun.

*A tip for networking: How introverts break the ice at filmmaking socials like Boozin’ N’ Schmoozin’