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Basic Legal Contracts for Filmmakers

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  • Discover the basic legal principals filmmakers need to consider prior to filming
  • Presented by a top lawyer with 30 years dealing with top talent
  • Part of the Film Producer’s Foundation Certificate class.

With: Tony Morris
Next Date:
Tuesday 27th July, 19:00 – 21:30 UK Time
Venue: Live Online via Zoom

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About Basic Legal Contracts for Filmmakers

Once your film is finished and ready to be sold, you will have to show the “chain of title” to any prospective film buyer. If you fail to do this you will never be able to sell your film.

This class is all about the basic legal contracts for filmmakers. Basic Legal Contracts is designed to answer fundamental questions about the rights attaching to a film and its component parts and the contracts required to acquire, clear and protect those rights.  View it as vital health insurance for filmmakers!

What you will learn

  • Copyright  explained and the rights of creatives and performers
  • The key elements of a contract
  • Provides practical guidance on negotiating film contracts
  • Demystifies commonly used legal terminology

What will you achieve?

By the end of the class, students will have a good understanding of the legal contracts and documents they will need to have drawn up before going into production.

How will you be taught?

This class is taught lecture-style with opportunities for students to ask the tutor questions.

Who should attend?

Basic Legal Contracts for Filmmakers is suitable for beginner film producers and screenwriters, as well as those interested in finding out more about the legal side of filmmaking.

About the tutor

Getting Your Film's Legals Right
Tony Morris 
has more than 35 years experience in advising on a broad range of transactional and contentious matters. He primarily focuses on the TMT sector and the creative media. Tony’s clients include film, TV, record companies, music publishers, composers, musicians, book and online publishers, as well as brands and other creatives and media companies. He is also active as a qualified Arbitrator and an Accredited Mediator. Tony is the principal legal advisor for Raindance Film Festival.

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  • This is part of the Film Producers’ Foundation Certificate
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About Basic Legal Contracts

  • Discover the basic legal principals filmmakers need to consider prior to filming
  • Presented by a top lawyer with 30 years dealing with top talent
  • Part of the Film Producer’s Foundation Certificate class.

With: Tony Morris
Next Date:
Tuesday 27th July, 19:00 – 21:30 UK Time
Venue: Live Online via Zoom

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29 reviews for


Basic Legal Contracts for Filmmakers

  1. Katie Emma

    A really informative class. I learnt a lot. The questions from other people that were also attending the class were very helpful. Tony is fantastic and breaks down all the legal jargon very well.

  2. Tom

    Learning about Film Industry Contracts: Very informative from a industry professional who has worked on some big films. Will keep a note of some of the information for future projects.

  3. Nasreen Cullen

    Very engaging class. The structure is such that each topic flows nicely into the next. Lots of detail but delivered in a way that is easy to understand and put into real life scenarios.

  4. Bruno Catarino

    Great source of info, from a very knowledgeable professional, who used many of his past experiences as concrete examples. He certainly made law accessible to everyone.

  5. Serena C Gardner

    Easily accessible through the structure and language. I found this easy to follow and definitely gave me a bigger insight into the legal world of film! Highly recommended

  6. Annaís Berlim

    Was great! Tony Morris know a lot about legal issues. It was really helpful to understand some UK laws and also terminologies. I wish we had more time to still learning.

  7. Zak Brilliant

    Very direct and to the point, as it should be. Tony Morris was great.

  8. Peter Williams

    Tony was an excellent tutor, covering a vast amount of material in a relatively short time. I think the course provided an excellent introduction to the trials and tribulations of legal contracts in film production.

  9. Magdalena Zielinska (verified owner)

    Tony’s session, on ‘Legal Issues for Filmmakers’, was a treasure trove of information!
    I can’t wait to finish his book The Filmmakers’ Legal Guide, which is an invaluable resource for any aspiring filmmaker.

  10. Just

    I attended the session as Elliot had recommended it and was glad I made the effort after work to attend. Tony really knew his stuff and brought a much overlooked but essential perspective to low to no budget filmmakers and those with aspirations to grander heights. Get the rights and get it in writing, even a string of what’s app messages, can if needed prove you were hired or own the work you’ve written or as a key creative contributed too. Tony’s book is must have reading for any would be producer, writer or director! Equip yourself for success to understand our industry a little bit better. Now to practice what I preach and get it in writing and recording my efforts and achievements.

  11. Simon Craven (verified owner)

    Getting your legal issues and contracts straight may sound like the boring side of being a creator, but not when Tony covers it! He uses decades of front-line legal experience to put the relevant principles into context, and it all comes to life as a subject that is essential to understand if you want to succeed as a creative artist and keep yourself and your co-workers safe. It’s a highly recommended use of an evening, and a longer all-day version would be an equally good use of time. Well worth picking up Tony’s book, too.

  12. Sophia

    Very useful and accessible, however the class needs to be longer or split into two in order to cover everything fully.

  13. Barbara Vonau

    SO useful, should have done this earlier! I previously had the misconception that if you don’t see yourself as a producer this is a marginal requirement to know about legal issues in the film industry. Very entertaining and digestible as well. Highly recommended!

  14. Tony Price

    I hadn’t expected to enjoy a lecture about legal contracts but I did despite Tony’s inability to resist weak jokes. It has given me the resolve to get on with Release Forms unapologetically. They are dire but I do see the necessity….and I learnt much other stuff and am now plundering the book and its astonishing lack of jargon. Thank you Tony.

  15. Miguel Garrido

    Tony Morris expertise on film production legal issues is vast. Attending this course together with his book ‘The Filmmakers’ Legal Guide’ will safe you a lot of trouble along the way. This course is a must.

  16. Mark Brome

    Fantastic session with Tony Morris, this is a guy who knows his stuff! Some great tips and advice.

  17. Jaye Nolan

    I’ll admit I wasn’t looking forward to this part of the Producer’s course, thinking it would be full of jargon that would sail right over my head. How wrong could I be? Tony was knowledgeable and informative without blinding you with science and it turned out to be fascinating. It took a lot of the mystery out of a side of filmmaking I was a little bit scared of.

  18. Nina Kojima

    It was very appreciated! Very good lecture and I would strongly recommend everyone in film making to get some of this knowledge as well. I participated in Tony’s lecture over zoom because of Covid19, and it was exact; he answered my additional questions and after the course I bought his book, ‘The Filmmakers’s Legal Guide’. It is a very useful “bible” to me at this time, I am in preparation to produce and direct my first feature.
    I actually participated 5 weeks course in “production base”. Very good! Very useful!

  19. Rhoda Wilson (verified owner)

    Good refresher course for me. Informative and precise. Highly recommended.

  20. Daniel Shehata (verified owner)

    An experienced, professional lawyer tells you how to avoid nerve wracking legal battles in the film industry.

  21. Uri Mizrahi

    Tony is a true professional who manages to pass on his vast knowledge in an easy to understand format combined with anecdotes and humour. Very useful course and a must for every filmmaker. Thanks Tony.

  22. Mike McKenzie

    I Have just finished 5 Legal Lockdown Lectures with Tony Morris and at this time of Corona Lock down I was able to afford the cost. The topics were on point and if you’re working in film you need to do these types of courses. Doing this course does not make me a legal expert but I feel as a film maker better equipped
    to asked the right questions of my producer/team. Also the fact that the group was large we had some great questions coming from other people.
    Very please I did the course.

  23. James Knowles


  24. Balbeer Bahi

    Excellent, Tony Morris knows how to pack in the information and communicates what could be very dry in an entertaining manner. Extremely beneficial and could save a lot of headaches in film work. Cheers.

  25. Marthe Taylor

    Great to hear you enjoyed the session Balbeer! Your feedback is really appreciated.

  26. Vanda Ladeira

    Outstanding! I enjoyed how much Tony took us though the legal maze in a very clear way, full of advice based on his huge experience and delivered with humour and many tips. I recommend not only to Producers, but also directors, directors and other content creators. Thank you again Raindance for organising such a great course, so fundamental for independent filmmakers!

  27. Bainz Fiorella (verified owner)

    Tony was very informative and articulate in his class. He answered all our questions and it was well worth the price. It’s a must class for anyone in the film and music industry.

  28. David Lawson

    Considering this is one of the legal lectures of the Producer Course, Tony expertly navigates through many of the legal points relevant to filmmaking and puts them in a language that the average person on the street can comprehend. Armed with fictitious and real world examples to help demonstrate his points, he puts them across in a straight forward and sometimes humorous manner and is always willing to answer your questions. I’d highly recommend this course.

  29. Marianna Settimi (verified owner)

    It’s incredible how much you can learn by attending one lecture alone.
    Tony’s way of presenting is lively, thorough, competent and never pedantic or academic. He mixes perfectly explained basic legal concepts with actual situations or practical examples where those concepts apply, allowing for better understanding as well as easy remembering. It’s all fixed in my brain now!
    I also enjoyed how he manages to keep the attention up for over two hours while looking at and answering the many spontaneous questions that get asked during the live session. I recommend to have a go at any of his classes to see for oneself, including the recorded ones. Immensely helpful and … unexpectedly fun.

  30. Alice (verified owner)

    Extremely informative, very accessible Tony made difficult ideas much easier to follow. Instantly transferable to work.

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