Hands On Basic Cinematography

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Upcoming Start Dates: Tuesday 8th October, 18:30-21:00 / Tuesday 10th March 2020, 18:30 – 21:00
Duration: Three consecutive weekday evenings and the following weekend
Address: Raindance Film Centre, 10a Craven Street, London, WC2N 5PE
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About Basic Cinematography

Launch your career as a Director of Photography, and create a striking look and feel for your films and screen work with Raindance’s practical Basic Cinematography course.

Learn how to successfully transfer the visuals of the film from your head onto the screen via the tools you have at your disposal, such as lighting, lenses, filters, framing and much more.

The course will run across 5-days: Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday will take place 6:30pm – 9pm, and Saturday and Sunday full days of 10am – 5pm.

What will it cover?

Day 1: Aesthetics (Tuesday 8th October, 18:30 – 21:00)

  • Attributes of the visual image
  • Framing
  • Lighting
  • Lighting set-ups and variations
  • Three-point setup
  • Creating the look

Day 2: Film  (Wednesday 9th October, 18:30 – 21:00)

  • Film camera
  • Film stock
  • Lenses
  • Filters
  • Contrast
  • Light ratios
  • Light meters

Day 3: Digital (Thursday 10th October, 18:30 – 21:00)

  • Digital cameras
  • Comparison of film and digital cameras
  • HD and SD formats
  • Digital exposure
  • Digital signal
  • Timecode

Weekend: Hands-on workshop (Saturday & Sunday 12th / 13th October, 10:00 – 17:00)

Over the weekend, students will then have the opportunity to put into practice the theory they have learned by setting up and shooting a short scene with a specific “look”.

Watch what students get up to on Basic Cinematography:

What will you achieve?

Upon completion of Basic Cinematography, students will have acquired the skills, knowledge and practical experience to then undertake cinematography, director of photography, or camera assistant roles.

How will you be taught?

A mix of lecture-style, demonstration and also practical instruction with tutor guidance. In addition, students will set-up and shoot a short scene.

Who should attend?

Basic Cinematography is suitable for those new to the art and science of cinematography, as well as directors, 1st ADs and camera assistants who want to gain a better understanding of film photography and lighting. It is also suitable for those seeking to refresh their existing knowledge.

Suggested Reading

Cinematography by Kris Malkiewicz and David Mullen
Masters of Light by Dennis Schaefer and Larry Salvato
Film Lighting by Kris Malkiewicz

About the tutor

Zoran Veljkovic was classically trained at the Faculty of Dramatic Arts in Belgrade, where he studied cinematography with leading European film-makers.

Zoran has been working as a Director of Photography since 1985. He has shot films which have won prestigious awards at film festivals around the globe, including America, Italy, Japan and Yugoslavia. He is continuously in demand as a DoP, and has worked with directors such as Peter Howitt (Sliding Doors) on his award-winning film Dangerous Parking. Zoran has shot 6 feature films in addition to numerous shorts, dramas, promos and commercials.

Did you know?

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Hands On Basic Cinematography

  1. antonio

    Dear Elliot Grove ,
    I found the course really interesting, with an extraordinary tutor Zoran Veljkovic whose deep knowledge about the magic of light is amazing. Cinema is a question of light!

  2. Jon Morby

    An excellent course, presented by a real professional!

    Zoran goes through the basics in a methodical and yet detail fashion ensuring everyone comes away with a solid grounding, ready to become a true alchemist of light!

    Our class was apparently the largest Raindance Zoran had seen, with 23 students – which meant it was a little packed, which also meant Zoran couldn’t spend as much time as he had wanted / we would have liked with everyone on the course and we had to split into two groups for the final 2 day practical.

    That said, the knowledge gained was excellent and I still think the course was great value for money!

  3. Lucie Goodayle

    This was an amazing short course! Zoran’s experience, creativity and wealth of knowledge were simply awe inspiring. I learnt so much in a short time due to Zoran’s generosity and enthusiasm for the field. Everyone got some hands on experience with an array of lighting and we even got to handle a Red camera. On the last day we didn’t want to leave. I would definitely do a follow up course should the opportunity arise at Raindance. Some of the best insights were not just from excellent practical practice but also with examples from Zoran’s work with detailed explanations of set ups and tricks. This gave it such an individual personal touch. Hands down favourite short course I have been on so far and highly recommended to anyone interested in film. I came away enthused, inspired with a thirst to know more.

  4. Alison Wilson (verified owner)

    I think I could found a new religion around Zoran – he is that freakin’ awesome! He has a fantastic cinematic education and 30 +years working history, he didn’t brag about it but shared his knowledge and incredible kit with equal vigour and enthusiasm. I came over from Spain for the course as I was disappointed with a Cinematography course here BUT Zoran as an individual, artist and DOP completely exceeded my expectations. I would take any of his courses again without hesitation. Raindance are incredibly lucky to have such an incredible human being as a guest lecturer, a true artist.

  5. Olly Poulter (verified owner)

    This course packs not only the basics of cinematography but also years of on set experience from the course Tutor Zoran, into what is a substantial learning experience.
    It levels knowledge for the first few days but come the weekend the hands on use of Digital Cinema Camera (Red Dragon), full lighting array turns your small class ( I was in a group of 12) into a functioning crew on set. I am very happy with my time at Raindance and would recommend it to those interested in becoming a Cinematographer, those interested in film production in general as well as people who are currently shooting wanting to improve their skills.
    I have also met a group of individuals who have a strong interest in film making who I will be keeping in touch with.

  6. Sergey Shishkin (verified owner)

    Great course with lots of useful information, tips, and an opportunity to practice skills

  7. sonnyshs (verified owner)

    The course was very informative and well paced. Zoran is unbelievably knowledgable and clearly gifted in what he does. I joined this course as an absolute beginner and got so much from it. I understand much more about cinematography now and as a result, I think quite differently about lighting and how to approach a scene, or how to solve a lighting problem now. It was an eye-opener. Zoran adjusted the pace of the course continuously, ensuring that everyone could keep up and he did this with a good portion of humour as well. The class size was a little large, which is of course completely out of Zoran’s control, but other than that, I have nothing negative to say.

  8. Nick Wood

    Zoran starts with three evenings of preparation which give a grounding in technical issues and then let’s you loose on the equipment. Zorans approach is to tailor the course to the student and this is excellent because he is able to illustrate his answers to queries with a video.
    In practical exercises he is able to show tweeks to lighting which vastly improve the look. Highlights are examples of how he improvised to get certain effects. By distilling his ample knowledge, he is able to give any elementary cinematographer a head start.
    Large class size only negative . See Jon Moresby’s review 29 January.

  9. Mazlum Bahceci

    Zoran was absolutely amazing! So much knowledge and using that practically throughout the weekend to perfect shots was really brilliant! Really skilled DoP, thank you. I would love to see a part 2 if possible. Its exactly this kind of practical guidance that Zoran provides that helps me the most and I really enjoyed it!

  10. Maggie V. (verified owner)

    I would highly recommend this course! Zoran is an amazing teacher. His passion is contagious. He goes through all the basics of cinematography in a clear and inspirational way and encourages you to keep on learning and practising. After those classes you have an idea what the role of a cinematographer is and what you need to expand. The knowledge he shares is extremely useful. Also the practical part and the exercises were very good. They helped a lot to truly understand what we were learning during the course.

  11. Jason Sedon

    This course is highly recommended as an introduction to cinematography; Zoran has just 5 days to teach you his decades of experience in the craft and this introduction was invaluable to me not just in teaching the basics of lens, lighting, composition and the differences between cameras but also how much more I needed to learn, practise and know; Zoran lit the way forward if you can excuse the pun! A fantastic course by a highly accomplished teacher!

  12. Martin Kentish

    I found this course one of the most useful cinematic courses I have been on. Its informative whilst being fun, and extremely hands on whilst teaching you the theory. I found Zoran’s Technical breakdown of things that used to baffle me very easy to understand as he is an excellent teacher. I’ve found new film friends and contacts that I have already worked with since I took the course a month ago!
    I would thoroughly recommend this course to anyone with any interest in cinematography whatsoever.

  13. Emma Frayne-Ford (verified owner)

    Zoran is a great teacher and this is a fantastic course that enables you to get a good cinematic grounding.

  14. Theo (verified owner)

    The course was amazing. Zoran is an excellent tutor, very knowledgeable, experienced and passionate about the subject. He is very patient was answered every single question thrown at him on the technical, creative and business aspects of the subject.

    The course content was well chosen and structured and a great introduction to the subject.

  15. Ivan Phillips

    This course really helped with providing me with a solid foundation for cinematography. It was fascinating to have our lighting direction critiqued and improved on as practical exercises using objects needing a particular set-up were used to show how the power of light can transform what is showed on the screen. Zoran knew exactly how to do this, and was happy to show us, as well as dealing with any questions we may have had about camera equipment, lighting or theoretical aspects of cinematography.
    I would definitely recommend this course to anyone who has interest in learning more about cinematography, camera operation or the technical detail of film-making.
    I know that I’ll never look at a wine glass the same way again!

  16. Sean Palfrey

    This was a wonderful course. As someone who is completely self-taught and tends to work in isolation it has been fantastic to work with someone like Zoran who has a huge amount of experience and expertise on every aspect of the craft. The balance of technical information and hands-on practical work was great and I feel inspired to put all of these techniques and ideas into practice. I’m looking forward to Cinematograpy 2!

  17. Sheridan Morley (verified owner)

    Zoran is an amazing teacher, he freely shares all of his expertise and experiences which leaves students enpowered and very well informed. His passion for Cinematography is infectious, a true professional in every sense. Thank you

  18. Marina Pires (verified owner)

    It was a great experience! Zoran is really passionate by the craft and is truly inspiring to his students. Also, the course is hands-on, and you can learn a lot by operating these cameras; I only wish we could have more days like these. Totally recommend it.

  19. Rowan Grove

    Great enthusiasm and great knowledge of all things cinematography from Zoran – the teacher of this course. Breaks down the components of a camera and makes you realise how important lighting actually is. Amazing tips from an industry professional and the course teaches you things that you wouldn’t think you needed to know and would take ages until you come across it online. Really good exposure to the hands-on side which is what you want from this course and need when first getting involved in cinematography! Zoran was happy to explain everything asked!


  20. LPD

    Zoran is a really engaging teacher. Getting to experience how the equiptment works in the flesh is great. All of the example video clips are invaluable as are his anecdotal experiences that you simply can’t get in a text book. His enthusiasm for the subject area is infectious. I really recommend

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