2020.05.16 The Assistant Director as Production Partner – Vancouver


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Date: Saturday 16th May – 10.00am – 6.00pm

Location: Brightside Cinema 1193 Grant Street Vancouver BC V6A 2J7 

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UPDATE: With the World Health Organization declaring the COVID-19 a pandemic we feel it is our responsibility to do our part in trying to stop the spread of the virus and make the health and well being of our community members a top priority.

Therefore we are cancelling this course for this upcoming Saturday, March 14. We are tentativelly scheduling the course for Saturday, May 16th but we will look at the situation closer to the date and keep all those interested informed.

Thank you for your understanding and please stay healthy and informed. 

Have you ever tried to assemble furniture without instructions? Or taken a journey without a map?

The Assistant Director’s role on a movie production is to create the map, calibrate the compass, and draw the safest, most effective route.

That’s where Anthony Epp steps in. In this introductory AD course he’ll show you what the “movie production map” looks like and how to make one for your next production.

Perfect for anybody planning a web-series, short or feature film.

About The Assistant Director as Production Partner
– an intensive one day course.

Location: Brightside Cinema 1193 Grant Street Vancouver BC V6A 2J7

The day will be a mixture of lecture, case studies and exercises.

We will cover the tools of the trade – including software and gear that every Assistant Director should have, breaking down a script, the various paperwork involved in production and why it’s important, scheduling a film production, the anatomy of a call sheet, and going through production day.

In-class exercises will ground the technical and logistical aspects of AD’ing, while discussion will cover case studies and real life examples.

In the end, each participant should be able to leave this intensive day with the tools, information, and practice necessary to properly Assistant Direct a short film.

Who is it for?

This course is for filmmakers who want to go beyond the “idea” of a movie and get into the weeds of how to actually make the film. It’s for people interested in getting into the industry to get a framework of the logistics of production.It’s for aspiring producers and directors who want to understand more concretely the ins and outs of properly scheduling and running a film set, problem solving, and understanding logistics.

Ultimately if you want to make a short or feature film or a web/tv series, this course is like the instruction manual for assembling furniture. Assistant Directing is about planning logical and realistic production schedules, keeping everybody organized, and getting the movie from beginning to wrap.

Who Should Attend?

This is a wonderful entry point for people looking to make a short/feature length film or web series, for producers and directors looking to up their game and understand how to organize and run a film shoot properly, and anyone with an interest in how movies are made.

What will I get?

You will leave the workshop with an understanding of the tools and techniques you need to plan for and run a safe, effective, on-time and on-budget film production.

What you will learn:

Part 1: The Roll of the AD and Breaking Down a Script

Where do we begin? With the script. It’s the blueprint for the production, and once it’s in your hands as an AD, it’s your job to turn it into a series of tasks and elements needed to realize the director and writer’s vision of the script.

  • The roll of the AD
  • Components of a breakdown sheet
  • Marking the script properly
  • Organizing the elements using AD tools like scheduling software and good old-fashioned pen and paper.


Part 2: Pre-Production – One Liners and DOOD’s.

The real work is pre-production. The more time we spend here, the smoother the production will be.

  • The AD’s responsibility in Pre-Production
  • Working with the Director, the DOP, the Producer, and the various departments
  • Scheduling the production properly
  • The basic rules of how long a scene takes to film.
  • Meetings, field trips, show and tells, and more meetings
  • Staying organized, and keeping everyone organized.
  • Tools of the trade.
  • Communication!

1 Hour Lunch

– bring your business cards and network

Part 3: Call Sheets

We’ve gone from a script to a schedule, and now it’s time to get granular and organize the day. Learn what matters on a call sheet and why it becomes the most essential document you create every day.

  • The “Anatomy of a Call Sheet”.
  • Tools to use.
  • Who is responsible for making it? Who to collaborate with in building it.
  • When does it get distributed and to who?


Part 4: On Set! The Train is moving and you can’t stop it.

The Production Day starts with the AD and ends with the AD. You’re the “First Officer” and you’re job is to make the train run on time. Learn to deal with on-set dynamics, the protocols for each set-up, safety on set, lunch, crew and cast moral, politics, fire, rain, stunts, snow, and all the possible scenarios. Hint: every day is going to be likely something you haven’t run into before.

So how do we get through the day? Anthony will guide us through the set rules, and also provide some tips and tools that will help you through numerous scenarios, even the unanticipated.

  • Call times and the Safety Meeting.
  • Timing and working with each department.
  • Shooting protocol.
  • On set protocols.
  • Common leadership approaches.

Networking drinks

We retire to a nearby bar for networking drinks. Discuss your ideas with fellow participants. find collaborators. or just come and hang out. the beer is cold and delicious.

About the Instructor – Anthony Epp

Anthony Epp has been an Assistant Director for independent movies, television, web series, short films, commercials and promotional projects for Netflix and various government agencies.

He started his career producing documentaries and as a Script Coordinator for the TV show “Sanctuary”, working as the bridge between the production and the writing department. He carried that experience over to the tv series “Primeval: New World” and “Motive”

He is currently in post-production on his first feature film, “13 Miles”, set to be released summer 2019.

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