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[NEW] Filmmaker Intensives: Secrets of Screen Directing Part Three


With: Patrick Tucker
Next Date:
One Afternoon – This course is ONLINE only and will be presented on Zoom.

This is the last of three parts on Screen Directing including Secrets of Screen Directing Part One and Secrets of Screen Directing Part Two

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By the end of his two Hands On Directing Workshops for Raindance, which Patrick has run since 1997, the participants have been given The Golden Rules of Directing, and The Golden Rules of Screen Grammar.

For this third Zoom presentation on Screen Directing each participant is sent a copy of these Golden Rules in advance, and the during the two hour presentation each item is gone over, described and elaborated on, illustrated as before with screen shots, many of which have been prepared especially for this Workshop.

The main headings for these Directing Rules are Preparation; The Shoot; Working with Actors; Shooting Tips; The Crew; and Editing. For Grammar Rules the headings are General; Specific Trouble Spots; Preparation; Solutions; and Epilogue.

At all stages of the Presentation questions are allowed and answered, It will also be an opportunity for Patrick to cover more fully any topic from Parts One or Two that suffered from time constraints the first time round.

Who should attend?

This presentation is ideal for those who want to direct performances for the camera, who want to be performers on camera, or indeed anyone connected with or interested in screen drama who want to know more about what really goes on when creating those memorable characters we all enjoy watching so much on the screen.

About the Tutor

Patrick has been presenting his Workshops for Raindance for well over twenty years, with courses for both actors and for directors, and has been directing professional actors on stage and on screen since he went into the profession in the 1960s. He has worked in Germany, Ireland, Jordan, the UK and the USA; and in their own languages in Denmark, Israel, Latvia and South Korea.

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[NEW] Filmmaker Intensives: Secrets of Screen Directing Part Three

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