2018.11.24 Build Buzz for Your Film – Vancouver


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Date: Saturday November 24th, 10.00am – 1.00pm
Location: 1193 Grant Street, Vancouver, BC V6A 2J7

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Publicity, Press Kits & Social Media for your film.

Looking to build some buzz around your film? Not sure where to start? This introductory course will give you the tools to start spreading the word about your project! You will learn:
1) How to build a press kit: what should you include? How should you format it?
2) How to write a press release to garner media coverage of your project: how do you write a release that will get noticed? How do you distribute it to media?
3) Tips for using social media to market your film: which accounts should you be using? How often should you post? WHAT should you post?
This is a hands on workshop and you will walk away with a press release about your film and an outline of your next press kit!

Who Should Take this Course

Canadian independent producers, writers, directors, actors, technicians making movies today – or wanting to make movies – in the Canadian independent film landscape; New and emerging Canadian filmmakers who need to better understand these marketing tools available to the independent filmmakers. Film & Marketing Fans.

About the Instructor – Zlatina Pacheva

Zlatina is a local filmmaker with a background in communications and publicity. She has worked as a unit publicist and social media strategist on award-winning projects such as the STORYHIVE web series NIGHT OWL HIGH and feature film THE DEVOUT. She loves spreading the word and building buzz about film.

For additional filmography: Zlatina Pacheva IMDb


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