2018.09.08 Cinematography Foundation Certificate Vancouver

This hands-on cinematography foundation workshop is offered in an immersion weekend, two full days on Saturday and Sunday at the well-equipped BRIGHSIDE CINEMA Studio, located 5 minutes from Downtown Vancouver.

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Brightside Cinema Studio
1193 Grant Street Vancouver, BC V6A 2J7

Learn the theory and practice of cinematography in one intensive weekend!

The Raindance Vancouver Cinematography Foundation Certificate is an intensive two-day course that demystifies much of the practical world of cinematography. As a participant you’ll learn the key lighting techniques that are the bread and butter of every working cinematographer. You’ll also get hands-on experience with some of the world’s best and most relied-upon digital cinema cameras.

Fuelled by the experience and energy of instructor Jan Klompje, and hosted by BRIGHTSIDE CINEMA  Studio, located 5 minutes from Downtown Vancouver, this CINEMATOGRAPHY FOUNDATION workshop provides basic technical theory and practical hands-on learning. Discussion and role play will guide participants through this intensive weekend course. This course gets your hands on the gear, but also focuses on learning the language of cinematography to create good communication between directors and cinematographers.

Bring your own camera if you have one, but it’s not necessary as you will get access to studio camera and lighting equipment for demonstration and practice.

Who should take this course?

Filmmakers, directors, producers, screenwriters, aspiring cinematographers or anyone wanting to learn the language of cinematography and understand how to light and frame shots for the screen. Anyone who wishes to demystify the technical aspects of shooting.

This is a dream course for self-taught indie filmmakers working in factual/documentary, narrative film or corporate video who are interested in learning the language of cinematography and simple camera and lighting set up. The course is especially helpful for film directors to learn how to communicate with cinematographers to convey cinematic vision and translate it technically onto the screen. Film producers will gain practical knowledge in order to better understand the artistic and technical considerations of directors and their DOPs.

Advance Reading:  

Prior to the course you’ll receive handouts with theory & the language of cinematography to prepare for the weekend:  Image attributes; framing for composition; lighting; creating the look; designing the shot; where to start with a director’s vision.

Day 1: Saturday   10 am – 6 pm*

Explore camera and lighting, basic framing and composition —

  • Discussion and demonstration of the basic language of cinematography
  • Lighting and Composition: Practical Application
  • Group Work: students will stage, block, light and shoot several scenarios under Dale’s supervision.

* Refreshments & lunch will be provided

Day 2: Sunday   10 am – 6 pm*

Learn the key creative roles of director and cinematographer, how they work together on set, and how a director can best communicate his/her cinematic vision to translate technically onto the screen —

  • Discussion about the role and interplay between director and cinematographer
  •  Role play discussing a vision and working through a scene set up
  • Group Work including the construction, blocking, lighting, recording and review of several scenes. Each student will have the opportunity to direct and shoot their own scene.

* Refreshments & lunch will be provided

Hands-on access to equipment, refreshments and lunch is included in this course price.

What you’ll need to bring:

  • note-taking materials
  • your downloaded reading materials
  • your own camera if you wish (not mandatory) and the accompanying cards and cables

(Wear comfortable clothing!)


About the Instructor

Jan Klompe 

Jan Klompje is a classically trained cinematographer. After acquiring his Honors degree in cinematography, he went on to work as a film loader and eventually progressed into 2nd AC, 1st AC and camera operating. As a technician, Jan has worked on films such as GI Joe: Retaliation, The A-Team, Twilight Saga: Eclipse, Rise Of The Planet Of The Apes and many more. This gave him the foundational skills he needed to take the next step in cinematography – that of DP. Jan has many MOW’s and independent feature films under his belt, as well as a wide variety of commercials and music videos.
Course made possible with the support of our PARTNER – BRIGHTSIDE CINEMA

Brightside Cinema Inc. is an equipment supplier to the film industry specializing in cameras, lenses and accessories.
CONTACT:      Jan Klompje     |     604 251 0680      |    E-mail     |    Instagram
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This product is currently out of stock and unavailable.