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Throughout the history of film, the idea of the Rebel has been imagined, challenged and transformed. At the 26th Raindance Film Festival, we are showcasing many different interpretations and explorations of Rebels. As Raindance Founder, Elliot Grove, said in his festival opening statement, ‘Raindance films are the dances of protest and our short films and documentaries are the poems of insurrection. Raindance films edify dissent’. We are interested in Rebel figures. Here are some examples of films exploring the Rebel at this year’s festival.


Dykes, Camera, Action!

A history of queer cinema from the women who made it happen. Filmmakers including Barbara Hammer, Su Friedrich, Rose Troche, Cheryl Dunye, Yoruba Richen, Desiree Akhavan, Vicky Du, and Jenni Olson share moving and often hilarious stories of their lives and how they’ve expressed queer identity through film.

Tickets and Screenings
Wed 3rd Oct 15:15
Fri 5th Oct 20:15 (includes a Q&A with Caroline Berler (director))


In The Name Of Your Daughter

Terrified by stories of girls bleeding to death, young Tanzanian girls like twelve-year-old Rosie Makore face a terrible choice: submit to Female Genital Mutilation and child marriage, or risk their lives and run away from home, not knowing if they will ever see their families again.

Tickets and Screenings
Thu 4th Oct 18:30 (includes a Q&A with Giselle Portenier (Director/Producer) & Rhobi Samwelly (Main Cast))
Fri 5th Oct 16:00


Kaiser! The Greatest Footballer Never To Play Football

Carlos Henrique Raposo had one dream – to become a professional footballer. Despite having no footballing talent he managed to con a professional career within the game in Brazil for twenty six years, while never playing a game. This is the tale of the greatest sporting fraud of all time.

Tickets and Screenings
Sun 30th Sep 20:45 (includes a Q&A with Louis Myles (Director) and Tom Markham (Producer))
Tue 2nd Oct 15:30


Luna’s Revenge

When Luna’s family is killed while on holiday in the mountains, she barely escapes. She discovers she’s been living a lie – her dad was a Russian secret agent, and her family was just a front. Luna has the opportunity to flee the country. But first she wants revenge.

Tickets and Screenings
Wed 3rd Oct 20:45
Thu 4th Oct 13:15



CHI-TOWN follows Keifer Sykes on his meteoric rise from Chicago’s West Side to his improbable shot at the NBA, a journey punctuated by personal loss, debilitating injury, and tragic violence. This is an intimate behind-the-scenes look at a true champion — and what it really takes to make it.

Tickets and Screenings
Tue 2nd Oct 21:00 (includes a Q&A with Nick Budabin (Dir) and Terry Minogue (Exec. Producer)
Ted 3rd Oct 16:00


The Last Fight

THE LAST FIGHT is the story of mixed martial arts pioneer Marloes Coenen, chronicling the last years of her career, fighting in the Bellator MMA Featherweight division and gunning for the belt once more.

Tickets and Screenings
Wed 3rd Oct 21:00 (includes a Q&A with Victor Vroegindeweij (Director)
Thu 4th Oct 16:00


Wild Heart

An exciting documentary following Jan ‘Monchi’ Gorkow – frontman of the anti-fascist punk band Feine Sahne Fischfilet. WILD HEART is about young, committed musicians who, with their songs and actions, prove that opposition to xenophobia and fascism is the only way to keep one’s own dignity.

Tickets and Screenings
Wed 3rd Oct 12:45
Fri 5th Oct 17:45 (Includes a Q&A with Sebastian Schultz (Director) and Lars Jessen (Producer)




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