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Films, as we all know, are wonderful means of storytelling, and Raindance comes out this year with another showcase of films exploring all that stories can tell and yield. But what about showing how these stories are told in film? What can we learn from the entire production of film, of the personal journeys experienced by those behind-the-scenes? 26th Raindance Film Festival presents 6 thought-provoking features in the Films on Filmmaking strand, focusing on the complexities, trials and surprises the mind-boggling world of filmmaking brings.

In Reality

Directed by Ann Lupo Ann is an aspiring New York filmmaker tied up in romantic preconceptions of love and relationships. Surrounded by happy couples, she stumbles in her search for her perfect love, eventually consumed by unhealthy relationships and refusing to accept her eventual place in the “friend zone.” Her disappointments and emotions are chanelled through her film work, tackling her worst fears and criticisms about herself.

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On The Corner of Ego and Desire

Directed by Alex Ferrari

Don’t we all dream what success means? Fantasy, desire and outrageous egos are all we encounter in On The Corner of Ego And Desire as we trek with three hapless filmmakers to Sundance Film Festival in search for a producer to buy their independent film. What begins as a trip making their dreams come true turns, through a series of mishaps, into a living nightmare. An interesting exploration of every filmmaker’s artistic and personal struggle to become successful in the film industry.

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The Ghost of Peter Sellers

Directed by Peter Medak

Peter Medak is haunted. The director has been stalked by a ghostly ship for 45 years, following him his entire career. This is not the Flying Dutchman, but rather the pirate ship from his 1973 comedy Ghosts of the Noonday Sun, which promptly sunk the first day of shooting. An energetic and touching documentation on a piece of film history and a director’s struggles to achieve world-fame with a production so disastrous as to be the stuff of legends.

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The Settlement

Directed by Drew Rosas & Kevin Toomey Hollywood set designers Evan Murphy and Ben Spiegelman restlessly try to create a human settlement on the Planet Titan a few miles outside of Los Angeles, in the Mojave desert. This ‘Settler Corporation’ blurs the lines of fiction and reality, involving participants in a mixture of live action role-playing, camping and artistic retreat, transporting them to a filmic world of boundless possibilities.

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The Things We Keep

Directed by Alessandro Cassigoli & Casey Kauffman

Ever wanted to film the story of your friend’s life? This is what Italian filmmaker Alessandro Cassigoli began doing with Casey Kauffman during their time as housemates in Rome. His plan however changed when Casey began sending him tapes from his travels around the world as a TV journalist. For the next 15 years, Alessandro collected Casey’s personal and journalist stories, from the backs of smuggler trucks in the Sahara to the alleys of war-torn Gaza. The Things We Keep is a moving portrayal of a permanent friendship in the face of constant mobility.

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Wolves Unleashed – Against All Odds

Directed by Andrew Simpson

In the heart of Mongolia, world-renowned animal trainer Andrew Simpson takes a number of tiny wolf puppies under his wing, shipped to him in wooden crates. Together he and the wolves work behind-the-scenes for three years on the 2015 Chinese film Wolf Totem. We accompany Andrew as these small pups mature into fully grown fierce predators all the while maintaining a playful and loyal familiarity to their adopted owner.

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