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With an industry that is dominated by men, here at Raindance we aim to examine and spotlight the experiences and contributions of women in the film industry. Showcasing films by female filmmakers from around the world, Raindance Film Festival celebrates the work of women in film.

Today we are highlighting the events and films at the 25th Raindance Film Festival that will examine the female voice both behind and in front of the camera.


Women in Film Panel

What does it mean to be a leading female character on the big screen?


Hosted by Women in Entertainment President – Cynthia Landon – this panel will explore films and narratives in which female characters and stories are placed front and centre. Featuring Kelly Davis and Kim Hudson, this panel will discuss what it means to create work with a leading female character and explore hour audiences are receiving this work.

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Written and Directed by Zornitsa Sophia Popgantcheva

Voevoda – the term given to female leaders of rebel gangs – charts the life of Roumena, a feisty young tomboy, as she navigates life in a men’s world. Despite becoming a wife and mother, she makes a choice to join the rebel cause in the footsteps of her father – and pays the consequences. A breathtakingly atmospheric drama celebrating female heroism.

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I Still Hide To Smoke

Written and Directed by Rayhana

In the heart of the hammam, far from the accusing gaze of men, mothers, lovers, virgins and Islamic fanatics, butts and burqas mingle and mix, confront one another, with laughter, tears, rage, the Bible and the Koran… before the flash of a dagger and the silence of God.

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Dark Blue Girl

Written and Directed by Mascha Schilinski

The world of seven-year-old Luca is rapidly changing. Her parents, who broke-up two years ago, fall in love again while renovating their soon-to-be-sold house in the volcanic island of Santorini. This dark and frightening story takes you deep into the psyche of a child trying to cope with the loss of a high status, being left to twist in the Aegean wind. Will she accept the new situation or will she burst the bubble she has created?

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While Waiting

Written, Produced and Directed by Paola Villanueva

Lola lives in a public nursing home, where even the only coffin is a shared commodity. Calling her mom and taking care of her husband, both now long gone fro her life, are part of her daily efforts to give value to her existence in a world that otherwise would be completely impersonal for her.

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