Cinema 2.0: Top Cine Jewels for 2016 - Raindance


These are some of the jewels out there that can help you make your own Cinema 2.0 a reality. From script to release, these sites offer a dazzling array of paid and free support for the microcinema artist.


  •– Free basic screenwriting software plus an added subscription base that allows filmmakers to create a virtual production office. Script, schedule and then budget your entire production online and share with your nextgen collaborators. A must for budget-oriented filmmakers like us.
  •– What the mainstream writers use – and it works fine. It’s been around forever for a reason. It works. It’s also expensive.
  •– The new kid on the block but it can import Final Draft scripts and costs a lot less.  Well-featured and robust breakouts make this a winning program for Mac users only.
  •– Outline, organize and detail your research materials. Perfect for outlining and building larger story arcs or web-series bibles. I use it all the time for everything I write.


  •– Using cellular phones (emphasis on IPad and IPhone tech) for filmmaking. Boasts a robust App Section and a book of Do’s and Don’ts for this ever-expanding next generation cinema tool. Informative and must-have info for phone based filmmakers.
  •– New Director insider “How-To” information. Master Classes available on The Art of the Director and Scheduling Motion Pictures.  Well made and highly recommended with a treasure trove of clips, info and updated every year. One of the best bargains out there for developing your skills. Recommended.
  •– Jason Brubaker has long been an evangelist for making and marketing your own Indy movies. Jason knows his stuff and is an aggressive and VERY insightful professional offering premium advice. Recommended.
  •– Despite the silly name, all the latest news in low and hi-tech production and distribution can be found here. Updates, essentials and fast-breaking news can be found here. Recommended.
  •– German production scheduling software that is fast and cheap.  Various prices to fix any budget and a great way to schedule your work.  I’ve used it a number of times when I had to get a schedule out fast.
  •– One of my favorites. Call Sheets, Story development software, Scheduling & full Budgeting – all at a variety of cost conscious prices. I’ve used this software on countless productions and it works. Highly recommended and a great way to keep everything in line all the time.
  •– What the big kids use. Scheduling and Budgeting and Payroll software designed to keep you organized.  If you want to play with the big dogs, you need to know this software.
  • – I love these guys. The best rubber props, blood and monster bits out there. Buy their film props, rent them – just use them. Top-notch stuff for film. Great corpses, lab equipment, and more. Recommended.
  • – I get my on-camera microphones from them. Dependable, price-friendly and well made. Great for DSLR and no budget single system shooting. Recommended.
  • – makes the best recorders for micro-budgeted cinema. Fabulous handheld units you can plug into a variety of cameras or operate independently with a boom pole and microphone array. Recommended.


  •– Time saving templates, After Effects files, music, stock footage – the list goes on. I adore Videohive and use it on ever show. Add this site to your postproduction workflow today. The best there is.
  •– The kings of graphic and specialty stock overlays and footage. Couldn’t live without their Action Essentials pack. Another ‘Must Have’.
  •– The go-to spot for VFX and specialty Motion Graphic Plug Ins for a wide variety of programs. Film looks, Sync Sound assistance, Particle Animation – the list goes on and on.


  •– This is the motherlode of fast breaking news on SVOD and new domestic and international distribution strategies. Subscription site. Invaluable resource.  Free resources for new visitors. Highly recommended. Not to be missed.
  •– Jason Brubaker’s turn-key online package for getting your film online and developing a viable presence for your film. Worth every penny. Take control of your own distribution today.
  •– ‘Who’s Doing What’ in the independent cinema world. Topical, timely and updated hourly. The resource for the industry at large. Invaluable news and best practices evaluated here.
  •– Both print and web versions offer insights, stories from the front and a continued focus on outsider, DIY and independent microcinema.


  • – FREE online hosting for your feature film content. Design a complete campaign and pay on rental or streaming by audience. Fast, robust opportunities and an excellent interface make this a must use. Paypal and Credit Card friendly.
  •– Top end access to chain stores, iTunes, broadcast TV and more. You pay for it – but it’s worth it if you know your audience and have a strong brand to market. Highly recommended.