Cinema 2.0: Sell Out Now! 7 Ideas You Need Now - Raindance

Having effectively decided on a consistent and recognizable public persona with a continuous message, how can you then encourage audiences to respond to your original material?

By using the success of the smartphone based application world as a model.

We all have ‘Apps’ on our phones and we buy them on a regular basis. How can you learn from the candy-crushed games, words with your friends and other portable, digital games and support programs you carry with you every day? How can you leverage the interactive pricing of smart phone pricing to enhance your own digital cinema?

How will you take advantage of impulse purchasing and then establish a platform of cost-reflective buying that audiences are already using every single day?

Here are 7 Ideas You Need Now!

1. Be like a Smartphone App! Think Mobile.



Emulating best practices from the Smartphone world, you can take a page from both the Apple ™ and Google ™ marketplaces and investigate/ utilize Popular ‘App’ marketing to promo your work directly to your audience. How do they sell their most popular Apps? How do they market them? Where does your audience shop for cinema and how?

2. Price your films like an App. Be Mobile.SELL_OUT

Impulse pricing ranging from .99 to $4.99 can be adopted to allow impulse purchase and deeper engagement with your work. Is your film really going to sell for the same price as a mainstream picture? How many ‘Apps’ do you buy? At what price point? How high a price is too much for an ‘App’ for you

3. Stream Your Work To Your Audience

Will anyone buy your work if you are priced too high? As we now seem to be moving towards a LEASE TO OWN model (as DVDs join the videotapes and film cans of yesteryear) of filmed content, audiences worldwide are abandoning hard goods and streaming media from recognized and branded suppliers they have an invested relationship with. Can you stream your content to your audience directly? Do it. Now.

4. Build on Branded Partners

If your content is not available a recognized online platform and not available for instant or direct streaming, it does not exist in today’s multiverse of content. A recognized retailer such as – make it easy to get your feature film online. does not. Niche distributors are now emerging to help get your branded cinema a digital showcase – but like the terrestrial distributors common to the industry in the past not all are alike.

5. Take The Long View & Grow Your Fanbase

The goal is to look beyond the initial financial perceptions and comparisons (with established brand artists) and take a longer, more entrepreneurial view of the expanding cinema landscape. If you are an unknown filmmaker creating original content without a recognized star, you need to be online in as many venues as possible. #getonlinerightnow

If you want to sell your cinema, you need an impulse price point so its a ‘no-brainer’ for your buyer. #knowyourmarketworth

Will I buy Zombie Beach Massacre for $14.99 or $2.99? If it’s by a filmmaker I’ve never heard of, I’m not spending the same money that I would for a recognized artist. Are you? At $2.99 I’m willing to gamble. Just like when I gamble when I buy a low-priced ‘App’ from Apple ™ or Google ™. I’m willing to lose that money or not worry too much as the buy-in is low. At $14.99, I better know the artist and be familiar with their work. I have some high-priced ‘Apps’ on my phone but not many.

You can develop a healthy, reciprocal and open interdependent dialogue with your engaged and responsive audience/ collaborators who will be integral to your continued development as an artist by selling directly to them at a price they can gamble on. #beagambler

6. Don’t Price Yourself Out Of Your Market

How much is too much for your work? You need to look to your audience as a collaborator and a friend or family member rather than just a faceless customer to develop a cost-effective fiscal relationship with them in the future.

7. Sharing Is Caring. Think Like A Dealer

Be like that guy who gives away party favors so you will come back and buy more. The more you share your work at first, the stronger your community will then grow. Audiences love to provide insights and comments and input on your work. Trolls will attack and provide useless chatter. Concentrate on the creative criticism and compliments and keep moving forward. Don’t bother to be confrontational with those that don’t like your work. Ignore them and they will go away. Never rise to the bait. What have they done lately anyway? #ignoretrolls #screwhaters

As a singular, committed and personal auteur, you can create audience driven imperatives as suggested or advocated by your audience – or choose not to listen to your support group and fans. Do you wanna sell out?

The choice is yours. #selloutnow