Cinema 2.0: Microcinema Manifesto: #cinehack - Raindance

Welcome to my new blog on Cinema 2.0.

Cinema 2.0 is A NEW APPROACH TO DIY FILM PRODUCTION, MARKETING and DISTRIBUTION working outside of the accepted mainstream cinema industry. It’s about leveraging your peer-to-peer marketing and online digital distribution for your own original cinema making your authentic, artisanal and original programming for enjoyment worldwide.

DIY pictures made with little or no money suffer from a wide variety of faults. From appalling amateur acting to the low-rent copying of successful Hollywood formulas, badly made microcinema tends to be a turn off for anyone not directly associated with the film’s production. Regular movie fans expect true mainstream production values with everything they watch. Even big industry insiders balk at pictures that don’t look like the mega-budgeted stuff they produce. That’s your cross to bear.

So, why make microcinema then?


When you no longer have to answer to a committee of critics or businessmen intent on keeping their jobs, you have a newfound freedom that can’t be beat. Today, technological advancements allow both aspiring and established filmmakers the tools to now create and deliver their cinema worldwide without bothering with the movie mainstream industry. When you actually free yourself from the tyranny of the mainstream, you have an incredible array of do-it-yourself resources available. Why pander to a boring, mainstream industry and a jaded audience that doesn’t want you?

I make my microcinema my own way now and I’m willing to spend my own money to tell my stories and get them out there.

I deliver my interesting and unique motion pictures to dedicated niche markets and I know whom I’m making the work for (besides myself).

Are you ready to do this? Do you know whom you are making your cinema for?


The hardest part of the Cinema 2.0 ideology is coming to terms with abandoning the shopworn traditional mainstream mindset of gross excess and success. For years the gold standard has been distributing and maxi-marketing your work through known and established powers-that-be with their brand label endorsement.

Filmmakers often judge themselves by the clout of their distributors and the Ad money spent on marketing the theatrical experience. If you weren’t distributed at a multiplex, your work wasn’t as good as the other movie that made it there. #bullshit

Truth is, those days are long gone – with today’s audiences consuming their media online with new, authentic and inspirational cinema finding a place in the digital realm. Theatrical cinema box office is still important – but there’s rarely a spot for big mainstream movies nowadays. There aren’t a lot of options for the truly independent cinema artist working outside the mainstream.

I want to give you a toolkit for success that you can use when you make and market your own microcinema. I want to show you the Cinema 2.0 Manifesto designed to leverage your independent online status and make authentic and original cinema today.

Cinema 2.0 is all about you producing, distributing and marketing your own microcinema directly to your new audience worldwide using new digital resources to expand your base.

You can do it – I do it every year – and the results are fantastic. Cinema 2.0 allows you a chance to control your own creative destiny and create a body of work that is uniquely yours.

The only thing stopping you is you.


Starting today, embrace these tenets as the cornerstone of your work.

  1. I am in search of an authentic, microcinema I can share worldwide without excuse or apology.
  2. I shall distribute my fabulous finished films myself in any way possible and do not expect to become rich or famous for my art. I’ll take it if they give it to me. I’m not stupid.
  3. My work shall be unique, personal, authentic, rich and varied as I determine what I have to contribute to world cinema.
  4. The Internet, self-distribution, crowd sourcing and peer-to-peer communication is critical to my ongoing evolution of my own niche-branded NEW cinema.
  5. I shall make outrageous, audacious and personal films that the mainstream wouldn’t dare.
  6. I will not overtly copy what has come before.
  7. I shall do my OWN GREAT THING!

I’ve produced a new e-book dedicated to exploring the Cinema 2.0 ideologies and will continue to share and excerpt this material here for you. Designed as a micro-cost e-book with an accompanying podcast, you can use these tips, tricks and hacks to get your work seen worldwide today.